Bellamy Young to Play Hotch Love Interest on Criminal Minds?

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Actress Bellamy Young will guest in an upcoming episode of Criminal Minds as Beth, a museum curator who meets Hotch (Thomas Gibson) in the park while he’s training for triathalon.

Showrunner Erica Messer has teased a new romance for one of the agents this season, but has offered few details on who it is. This would appear to be a pretty good guess, however.

Messer has also hinted that she wanted this season to see a new beginning for Hotch, whose ex-wife was killed a few season ago. Might that new beginning come in the form of Beth?

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Young may be familiar from CSI: Miami, Scrubs and other shows.

“Hotch has been going through the motions of raising a child as a single working parent and mourning the loss of a great love,” she told Entertainment Weekly last month.

“Even though he and Haley were divorced, she was his first love, his life and all that. We’d really like him to smile again and let go of that. It’s going to be new and exciting for all of us and the audience.”

Young is also set to appear in the upcoming Shonda Rhimes-produced Scandal.


YES!!!!! NO H/P!!!!!


Personally I hope this romance isn't permanent. Glad no Prentiss/Hotch hookup.


Do we really want a other repeat of CSI


I think that he should have a romance with someone in his group. It would be more interesting because he needs someone who understands what he goes through in his daily life. The only problem is, i don"t think a romance with Prentiss would work out. They don;t look comparable.They should introduce a new agent who is more of a wild card and has her own demons to better relate her to Hotch. Plus I see Morgan and Prentiss together more than Prentiss and Hotch.... So please add another girl on there and bring Gideon back for a guest spot!!! If the guy is working on Homeland now, he can spare a moment on Criminal Minds to at least see what his character has been up too since season three.... Thank you.


IDK Hotch got over his wife death very easy if we all rememeber


Um, okay, while I agree that poor Hotch needs a little happiness in his life, I can't exactly foresee Hotch in a relationship with this lady that lasts more than two episodes. He's a single dad who's hung up on his first wife, not to mention he's a workaholic with an insane and dangerous job. What rando wants to take on that much baggage? The only type of woman that can put up with that is Jessica or someone who knows what the job is like.


no esta no!!!!!!!!!! tiene k ser con prentiss ello si son almas gemelas k se concen no esta no me gustaria si fuera asi...


There's no way that Hotch can have a romance with one of his subordinates, especially in a unit like the BAU. It has to be someone outside, like this character.


Ok people Reid did not go to cow tech Reid got his Mathematics doctorate when he was 17. He has attended both California Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has also stated that Yale University was his safety school.


Yawn, Hotch gets a romance with someone from outside? That does not interest me at all! Boring .... CM better focuses on the team and solving the cases.

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