Breaking Bad Season 4 Finale Preview: Who Poisoned Brock?

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Breaking Bad set the stage for a pulsating season four finale last night, delivering a tense Walt/Jesse showdown and posing a question that we presume will be answered on next week's "Face Off."

Who poisoned Brock?

Walt convinced Jesse that Gus was behind the dastardly plot, but many readers have proposed the theory that Gus turned around in the parking garage last night because he suspects something is amiss - and Walt is actually to blame for the Ricin incident. Will we get an answer on the fourth season finale?

Tune in. Find out. And get your first look at the episode via the following AMC preview:

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I don't see how Walt had the time to poison Brock the way the episode went. He was taken out the previous evening by Gus and that morning threatened to have his family murdered. He went to Saul right after that and had him call in the "hit" on Hank. He only asked for an hour before the call was made and even then Walt did not see the plant until the DEA had picked up Skyler and Hank JR. If you recall in "face off" they said the poisonous "red" berries is what kids eat, when Walt was looking at the plant there were NO red berries on the plant. Earlier in the episode Gus was insulted by Walt that he could not get Jessie to turn on him so that he would be killed. Who then had to work at getting Jessie to be on their side the most?


Then why does it show the Lily of the Valley in Walt's backyard?
I think Gus stole some of the berries from Walts backyard and poisoned
Brock with them in hopes to frame Walt. I guess next season Jessie is
going to see the plant in Walt's backyard and blame him!!


No-one poisoned Brock. He just got sick. However, the spinning gun is there for a reason. It reminds Walt of the ricin cig. and that he needs to get a hold of it from Jesse to use against whoever comes to kill him. He gets Saul to lift the ricin cig. from Jesse.Now Walt has it. But he doesn't know Jesse is coming to get him accusing him of poisoning Brock. Walt is genuinely unaware of who Brock is. He is not hatching a convoluted plot to regain Jesse's trust. He is more concerned in just staying alive right now. The ricin cig. will have consequences though. Maybe somehow ends up in Skyler's possession via that suspicious-looking DEA agent guarding the Shraeder's place. Then the 'oh-no' final scene


I think that Gus was thinking that his plan didn't work. Since Gus has Jessie and Walt followed, Gus knows they met but Jessie didn't kill Walt. Gus stopped in the garage because he realized that he now needs to be extra careful.


I think he turned around because walt's glasses are bugged. They keep showing the glasses... I think gus hears everything within range of his glasses real time. If Walt hadn't been talking to himself Gus wouldn't have known.


Could have sworn he turned around because (as the closeup on Walt's head showed) Walt had his glasses on top of his head. Gus saw the glare from the sun hitting the lenses from far away.

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