Castle Preview & Clips: Welcome, Kristin Lehman

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Kristin Lehman guest stars on this Monday's episode of Castle - and it's safe to say she makes an impression on both Kate and Castle.

The actress will portray Serena Kaye, an insurance investigator who has no problem inserting herself in the latest case, standing up to Beckett and flirting with Rick. But is she also hiding a key secret from the team?

Watch the official preview for "Eye of the Beholder" now, following by a pair of sneak peeks at Lehman's character and our favorite tandem's reactions to her:

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well after reviewing the above tapes I can already see the seriously bad moves and judgements in error Castle has made already in this Ep not excepting the kiss.
But regarding that kiss after all the declarations of love and caring about Kate that Castle has made to Alexis and Martha and the unspoken "I love you, Kate" declaration, for Castle to be kissing someone else without a good reason, is either a writers major cluster bleep or simply Castle is a scumbag who didn't mean what he said, haven't seen the full EP yet so reserve comment.
In either case I suspect the forums will be a buzzing lol.
If the writers hadn't have made such a big deal of the whole relationship back in 4.1-.3 then this would simply be another Castle being Castle thing and move on ....
if you read recent interviews with Stana she's very much for A Caskette relationship to happen now but the writers are holding things up. In actual fact Stana is a hardcore Caskette shipper ! She wants them to hook up!

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