Castle Review: The Cold and the Creepy

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Well, that was strange...

The latest installment of Castle, "Head Case,” dealt with a missing head, rejection for Alexis and lots of screen time for all of our favorite detectives. Let’s dig in.

Rejection Is Not Failure. The model teenager faced the dream-crushing realization that she did not get into Stanford. This plot line gave Alexis an arc that is relatable for everyone. Who hasn’t been devastated about not getting something they have worked so hard for? Although it looks like Alexis won’t be leaving us anytime soon, it’s the best move for her. The girl needs to find her own way. Plus, this gave us viewers awesome father/daughter scenes that had me reaching for the phone to talk to my own dad. There is nothing like being a daddy’s girl.

In the Coroner's Office

“I got it, I got the head!” This week’s case was a little odd... to say the least. It had the typical Castle twists and turns, but somehow they didn’t work out as well when dealing with a missing head. Personally, I didn’t know anything at all about cryonics prior to “Head Case.” Thanks to the ever trusty Wikipedia, I have to say the controversial subject is pretty, ummm, different. 

What do you think, Fanatics? Does the idea of freezing your dead body creep you out, too? Who else jumped when they discovered the people in those shiny space ship like tubes? Regardless, this gave Castle the platform to spit out some of the best quotes from the episode, such as:

“Cryonics? That explains the human popsicles."

Overall, not the best Castle episode, especially compared to last week’s “Heroes & Villains.” Sometimes there is just one too many twists and this felt like just that. Even though the case wasn’t amazing, there were still plenty of Castle/Alexis and Castle/Beckett scenes to make up for it.

Some After Thoughts

  • Gates? Turns out she is just doing her job. Makes it a little harder to hate her, huh? But I do not think I am at all alone in disliking the constant “sir.”
  • Where are the Lanie/Esposito scenes? I miss this couple.
  • Martha? We are still looking for a purpose for you.
  • Who else can’t help but smile when Castle straps on that writers vest? Season four and it still gets me.
  • We got another episode end filled with longing glances and smiles between Castle and Beckett. I’ll take these emotional moments until we can get a hook up.
  • Check out the official promo for next week's installment NOW!
So what did you think, Castle fans? Did you think this episode was a little bit of a let down or was it just as fun as ever? Sound off below with your thoughts on “Head Case” and give up some ideas for the official shipper name for Castle and Beckett. Although Caskett is fitting with their jobs, it just isn’t making the cut. We’ll choose the winner next week!


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I agree with some of the posters here, that the 'B' story - the Alexis arc - was the more interesting and moving one than A story case and the state of affairs between the leads. Have to say that Molly Quinn is such a smart, young, actor. Alexis' distress was so convincing I was gripping my pillow, thinking back to when I was a teen, and how something like that after working so hard could feel like the end of the world. Castle was spot on, as a working writer with memories of all his rejections (although I thought it should've been more like 25-50 rejections) Every writer I've met, when the subject of rejection comes up, is proud of that first letter, it marks the point in their lives when they put it all on the line.
As for the case, I thought, eh. Not the best, and I really didn't care all too much for any of the suspects. Caskett: I still see this interesting shift in the closeness between these two, even on what is essentially a throwaway episode. It goes to the performaces, for sure, and the chemistry between Katic and Fillion has never seemed more easy or sure. They are just a delight to watch.


Thoughrt it was a fun case not the best not the worst. Miss the banter between castle and beckett although the looks are priceless. However I am still thinking Kate must be some kind of super healer Just moths after that shot and surgery and no scar really? She wears so low cut stuff and we do not see any hint to that fateful shot. Weird.


AKA Castle Beckett :)
Too much contrived about their relationship at the present , with the looks Kate is giving Rick their should at least be some touching or kissing but for now it appears that the writers are sticking to smouldering looks and that's all, when in real life their should be some touching going on like a stroke of the arm a squeeze of the hand or a simple bump of the shoulders together. The sort of looks Kate's giving off require a natural instinct to touch in reply unless the guy isn't interested.
I don't mean full on boob squeezing action just a lot of small intimate touches. Now it's just contrived looks. Kates do I need implants? comments cracked me up lol
I did accurately predict that Kate was going to go into hot denial about the whole "Kate I love you" thing at the end of S3.
Stana has the whole Beckett character down so well it's easy to predict what she's going to do. They need to change things up a bit me thinks.
This story was a confabulated message about true love between the dead frozen guy and his wife and a whole twisted Cabett thingy going on which could have been written much better, however in the end we do get the point Cabett together forever?? or not :p
Don't expect Cabett to get together anytime soon there is a writers formula that's used frequently, make the characters happy then yank them apart with some drama, then put them back together again so I'm expecting some drama soon and I think they'll really milk the Cabett relationship till the end of S4.




Yep I think that Gates really needs an attitude adjustment I've worked for over 20 years as a contractor for certain departments and I've seen a lot of bosses and if I was Castle I'd simply ignore Gates, no trying to win her over, no trying to be nice just, yes Captain and stick to Kates ass.
If it were me I'd confront her about her rotten leadership skills and take my lumps but in Ricks case he has to watch out for Kate as well. I've always thought that they should have done with Rick what they did with Peter in fringe and make Rick a civilian adviser with NYPD id.
A good leader recognizes the strengths in their team and encourages it something that Gates has never done, the whole calling her "Sir" thing I wouldn't even address just call her Captain. Basically it's a power play anyway. Gates snarky quips to keep Castle in place really exposes just who she is
ALexis. Finally Miss perfect is taking the lumps of life I was under the impression she was already accepted into Stanford , I mean lets face it, she certainly acted as though she was. It's good to see Alexis finally taking some serious life lessons and I hope that Kate has a fair amount of input into her growth either directly or indirectly.


I don't know - I found the whole tragic love story to be a forced allegory of the Castle/Beckett state. At this point we know Castle and Beckett want a more than a lifetime, but they're kinda just ramming it in now. Like some of the other commenters, I miss the banter that the two had. I like how they've grown and are more tolerant of each other (or Beckett more tolerant of Castle,rather), but I'm not sure that their playful passive/aggressive potshots at each other needs to disappear because of that. The Alexis subplot was FANTASTIC. That was the best part of the episode. I think it's great, because Castle's growth as a person (through his relationship with Beckett) becomes apparent in other parts of his life, with his seemingly increasing maturity as a parent. And I still find Gates' "sir" to be's so utterly absurd that makes me laugh every time.


At first glance “Head Case,� Castle 4x3 is one of those convoluted cases which crop up of every now and then on Castle. The case is interesting enough, although sometimes I was left wondering just what was happening, but it is the dialogue between Rick and Kate and Rick and Alexis which makes this episode gratifying. As usual, Rick confides in Kate regarding Alexis’ rejection from Stanford; the two of them have this down pat, beginning their day together as they have done before, talking family, two parents struggling together, discussing their daughter’s happiness. With her rejection, Alexis now considers her existence a “life of lies.� She claims she is a failure. Speaking to her dad at the precinct, she asks her father how he does it, how he keeps a rejection letter hanging in his office. Rick explains that the “rejection drives him.� He has had twenty or more of them. “Rejection is not failure,� her dad explains. “The failure lies in giving up.� And we know that Rick will not give up…on life, on hope, on his writing, on Alexis, and on Kate. Alexis’ struggles: “What is my life about?� This is the universal question governing Head Case, (with all of its sight gags and silliness), Alexis’ future, Rick and Kate’s future… our future. Rick tells his daughter:�Give it time. You’ll figure it out,� echoes of his advice to Kate before, when she needed encouragement and hope. Funny, the guy who touches everything, who cannot be quiet, who jokes too much, understands the decisions in life require time, work and patience. And Head Case, despite its convolution and lighter approach, is about eternal love and the opportunity to spend eternity together, something Kate is thinking about especially in light of her near death. In the final scene, as in last week’s episode, Kate and Rick reveal so much about themselves, a revelation which makes this case endearing and fulfilling. As a growing believer in love’s eternal quest, Kate, after observing the picture of the glowing couple clutched in the dead woman’s hands, readily gives her permission for the body to be removed and preserved. Later, when Rick asks Kate if this is a crime of passion, she replies, “Crime of love.� Both seem to agree there is a fine line between love and insanity. “Wouldn’t it be something if they reunited 100 or 1000 years from now,� Rick remarks, and given his belief in fate, the universe, magic and hope, he is serious. Without her often noted cynicism or reality checks, Kate responds, “Anything is possible.� Amazed perhaps, or certainly very aware of the territory he and Kate are exploring, Rick says, “You really believe that.� And then Kate utters this gem: “That’s what the great love stories are about, right, beating the odds.� “I hope they make it,� Rick replies. The last remark belongs to Kate: “Me, too.�

Linda comstock stewart

First, let me say that I have been a huge fan of Nathan Fillion since he was a teenager on One Life to Live. And, OMG, was there ever any one sexier than he was on Firefly. That being said, and, I have been pondering this ever since the first episode of this season; time to talk about it:
Nathan Fillion is getting FAT!!!!!!! I wondered when I saw him on Letterman, and then with every episode, I kept checking him out and his face looked puffy and his mid-section thicker, and I kept wondering - - not wanting to believe what my eyes were seeing. However, last night was it. That fire escape scene left no doubt. I searched the internet and other folks are mentioning it too and wondering. Nathan better get his act together and get fit or I cannot see them EVER getting to love scenes, etc. I mean come on; sure, he's getting rich and living the good life, BUT...


damn I hit submit by mistake..could a admin delete my post and this 1 and I'll get back to you later


Just reviewing part 1 and part 2 as I was under the impression Alexis was already accepted to Stanford maybe missed something, save my comments on that till later.
Ep was mediocre and predictable.
I would not expect any C/B hookup anytime soon their following the usual writers formula of 1 step forward 2 steps back. Right now C/B are in the honeymoon period but soon there will be a drama to hold them apart. Frankly with the looks Kate is giving Rick they should be kissing by now :)
About Gates;
Bad leader:In my time I've worked with a few ladies in charge and I've been partnered up with several and gates is your typical insecure leader who finds it necessary to be critical to keep the troops in place and they certainly hate being overridden.IE Castle and the Mayor.
A good OIC recognizes the strengths of their team and encourages those strengths, A bad OIC will simply recognize that this doenst fit into their "reality"

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Castle Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Rejection isn't failure, failure is giving up.


That's what the great love stories are about, beating the odds.