Charlie's Angels: Canceled!

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In an unsurprising move many within the industry saw coming, ABC has canceled Charlie's Angels.

Hello, Angels!

The remake of this 1970s series premiered to decent numbers - 8.7 million viewers and a 2.1 rating in the 18-49-year old demographic - but ratings dropped every week since then.

Look for ABC to continue to air new episodes of the Minka Kelly, Annie Ilonzeh, and Rachael Taylor-anchored program until figuring out what to place in that timeslot instead.


i Personally dont understand what the critics want..... if the show were to be as camp as the movies, it would get old really quickly. i think it was a great show with incredibly good-looking actors and actresses and a lot of action


no surprise there, it was a given from the first ep.


After a few episodes, they decided to cancel the show. . well, can't blame them, although I enjoyed watching the girls. . .


Never watched the show, so I am not bothered about it, but I hope and pray that they won't bring back Rachel's character to Grey's Anatomy.


I'm actually not surprised - much like everyone else! But I do feel sorry for the actors and actresses who worked on the show and the viewers who actually liked it.


Not too shocking considering the lack of ratings; acting was just shy of terrible.


finally on track and I wanted to know more about boseley's relationship with Charlies daughter.
I am definitely going to miss it, but it had such low views....can we not give it another shot? Why do networks cancel shows and leave us hanging? END IT with something.
Don't make me wait because I am goiing to never forget. URGH!


Good bye, Good luck, Good Riddance
Terrible show..


I personally thought the show was great and am very sad to see that it was cancelled so soon.

Uncle jackass

To me it just didn't push the envelope to make it contemporary; although it was never Al Gough & Miles's intention.

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