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I'm a big fan of Community, so it's sad for me to have to give this week such a crap review. In "Competitive Ecology," the study group spent an episode arguing over who should partner up for a group project. Chang also lost his mind.

When the episode kicked off, Chang was living in the boiler room and had a mannequin's leg as a girlfriend. He named her Veronica. I found myself wondering if Chang is always this creepy because normally I find Ken Jeong hilarious.

Detective Chang?

Sorry to say it, but Chang has straight up gone bonkers. I mean, none of his dialogue even made sense here. it was complete jibberish.

Not only was it incoherent, but it was boring. I could barely pay attention to those scenes after a few minutes. Maybe it's the job as security guard. He is taking himself too seriously. I prefer my Senor Chang as the bitter, backbiting lunatic who greases himself up and crawls through the vents. What about you guys?

The new professor pointed out something quite true: the study group is the mean clique. Poor Todd, the eighth partner this week, had to endure the brunt of their meanness. It just seems like they're always fighting lately. Sweet Shirley even felt like everyone hated her!

I know people might take issue with this negative review, but it's only because I have seen this show at such a better level! C'mon writers, you can do it. Give Pierce some more good lines, put Jeff in an awkward situation that makes him squirm, give us more Abed and let Troy and Britta explore that chemistry they have going on.

Anybody else feel like there was some heat between those two?

Community will bounce back. I'm sure of it! In the meantime, check out the best quotes from this week's mediocre episode.


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Disagree heavily with this review. The episode was hilarious, period.


Community isn't for everyone, that we have seen through the ratings. but for those who really get the meaning of every line, scene, dialogue, its a wonderful thing to watch.


@piecar. im sorry, but it seems like you don't really get community. the christmas episode wasn't supposed to be funny; they were trying to do something more than just have christmas hijinks. and the whole point of chang is to have him be completely insane; it was a spoof of film noir.


I didn't think the show was very funny either. And the comedy strayed deeply into Seinfeld territory. Our core group are a bunch of nasty dinks who dislike everybody who's outside their circle. I don't like that dynamic for the characters I've grown to love.
The Lego monologue was strange. I liked it, and the group's reaction to it (Jeff pulls Annie's hand down to allow the Prof his moment) but it wasn't comedy or setting up comedy.
The Chang thing was out of a different show or something. Chang on his own. Just a crazy Asian guy. They've misused him since he stopped being a teacher. His one big saving grace last season was the aforementioned "greased up in the vent" moment.
All of the characters are becoming caricatures of themselves. I hope the showrunners can see this and start to pull back...because if the show is going to be like this, I'm gonna be sad. And, maddie. I didn't like the claymation episode either. It spent all it's time trying to be clever, instead of funny. Reviewers, especially good ones, give their opinions without trying to pander. The former reviewer was a HUGE supporter of this show. He just didn't like some of the eps. That can happen.
Ms. Raines, I thought your review was spot on. Thanks


This ep was very funny , my fav part at the end when they are sharing the microscope and still fighting and then come to the conclusion it was Tods fault and u see Tod behind them with a tear .. This is comedy its supose to be sarcastic and mean , not sensitive


I actually liked this episode! I enjoyed the Professor questioning modern day LEGO. I liked the subtle banter between Jeff/Annie, the hints at Troy/Britta, Abed being chased by Jeff, and Chang's inner monologue. I didn't enjoy the teasing of Todd at the end but you can't like it all, can you? Mostly, all good from where I'm sitting!

Leigh r

Last year's reviewer just isn't writing for the site anymore. It's nothing personal. Everyone has different opinions. I too think the professor really stepped it up in this episode. He's done a lot of great work on other shows too.


ok, well that's just confusing. swapping reviewers around find of makes it seem like nobody likes the show. i mean, reviewer last year didn't like abed's uncontrollable chistmas. what was that?! iunno, i thought this episode was back to basics- i thought the biology professor was a lot funnier than in the pilot with his speech about lego. and the chang part only got funnier, especially as it cumilated with the other security guard pointing out that they're all nuts


Haven't been blown away by this season, but I still love Community! Anyway, I thought the best part was when Magnitude did his "pop, pop" and the teacher gave him that serious stare and told him that his theory is that everyone is laughing AT him. First GREAT line from this new character.

Leigh r

@maddie I actually wasn't the reviewer for this show last season. I liked season two, I love the Pulp Fiction episode. So all that stuff wasn't me, sorry.

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