Dancing With the Stars Results Show: A Predictable Exit

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This week's Dancing With the Stars results were not much of a surprise.

Chaz Bono did well enough Monday night and was in the clear while Ricki Lake was not going to be out done by one off week and JR Martinez had the highest score for the second time this fall.

It came down to Nancy Grace, who was near the bottom again, Carson Kressley, whose efforts fell flat Monday night and looked like he was almost phoning it in, or possibly David Arquette.

In the end, and deservedly so, Carson was given the pink slip Tuesday night on the Dancing With the Stars results show. Given his low scores the last few weeks, it was fairly predictable.

Carson Kressley and Anna Trebunskaya Picture

Carson Kressley was ousted on Dancing With the Stars.

Despite the fact that everyone loves the guy, a sense of order returned.

A crowd favorite, Carson Kressley's departure was greeted by a loud "Nooooooo!" from the audience, but at the same time, he hadn't taken his dancing to the next level required to stay on.

"Thank you to everybody at dancing with the stars," he said. "This has been pure joy to me... I hope that I could make everyone laugh and smile along the way. It was great being here."

Mission accomplished, Carson. Congratulations on a very good run.

Do you think America made the right call ousting him? Who do you think will be in jeopardy in week six? Who's your pick to make it all the way to the finals to battle it out for the Mirror Ball?

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I will say Ricki, JR, & Rob will probably be the 3 finalists.


The winner needs to be JR or Riki. They are the very best and I thought Riki was elegant on Monday night even though some people saw some flaws. I guess I missed them.


I truly loved Carson he made me smile! My favorite is Rob I hope he keeps up the progress and wins, my least favorite is Nancy she has got to go and Chaz is doing a great job but Dancing isn't his forte good luck to all!


I think that J.R. and Rikki will probably finish in the top two spots, and if Rob keeps his confidence up, he may well finish third. Every week there is such improvement in Robs technique and confidence that I believe he has become a real contender! I would also like to say that I too love Carson and Chaz....Carson brought fun to the competition and Chaz brought incredible heart! His Mom was so proud of him after week 4's dance...bravo!


Nancy Grace needs to go.


Good morning,
J.R. Martinez and Rikki Lake have emerged as the top two contenders. Who takes the third final spot is anyone's call. As a middle-aged, beginner ballroom dancer myself, it's a joy to watch almost everyone embrace the experience. I say almost everyone because I've grown completely weary of Hope Solo's disdainful attitude. Even if she were a superb dancer running rings around the other competitors, her prima donna demeanor and obvious disdain for everything and everyone from Maks to the judges would be intolerable. I felt appalled at her rolled-eye look on Monday night when Len was talking to her. For someone who is supposed to be such a good athlete and team player, she's certainly not exhibiting a "sports-womanlike" presence. That being said, I give every contestant who goes on DWTS and gives it their all - even if their all isn't perfect - a Mirror Ball for effort and good sportsman-like conduct, except for Ms. Solo. She could take some lessons from Carson, Nancy, Chaz, David, and now Rob in how to cheerfully give it your all and respect those who know more than you do. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to state my opinion - this has been bothering me all season. Go J.R.!!!

Sue ann

I did not see all of the dancing this week, but I have seen enough of this season to believe that Rikki Lake and J.R. Martinez will finish in the two top spots, in some order. The only person still in this contest of whom I had ever heard before it started is Chaz Bono. He is not good enough to win it, but I do hope he can outlast Nancy Grace. He showed real heart last week running up those stairs at the end of his dance. As an old woman with gimpy knees myself, I know how much that hurt. He made me cry for him. Carson was adorable, and his costuming was brilliant. I will miss that, and I will never, ever forget their Pirates of the Caribbean theme dance last week. It was hysterical. David Arquette is a very strange person, but I do appreciate the improvement he has shown. I don't know who else is still in it. They have made no impression on me whatsoever.