Dancing With the Stars Results Show: A Surprise Exit

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This week, Dancing With the Stars offered a major results show surprise.

Chaz Bono had the lowest score for the second straight week, while Ricki Lake had the highest. Nancy Grace was also near the bottom with Chaz, as was Carson Kressley. None of that mattered, however.

It was Kristin Cavallari who was given the pink slip this week.

Ricki Lake on Dancing With the Stars

Ricki Lake remains the woman to beat on DWTS.

She had talent. She had the good looks. But apparently not the fans.

The former star of The Hills performed admirably all three weeks, even posting a total of 24 points Monday night. But it was simply not enough, as she didn't endear herself to the voters.

That, as we've learned, is what it's all about.

Do you think America made the right call ousting her? Who do you think will be in jeopardy in week four? Who's your pick to make it all the way to the finals to battle for the Mirror Ball?

Discuss by leaving your comments below!

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I think it is courageous of Chaz Bono to speak out and represent a population that does not get much visibility. However, I question Dancing With The Stars becoming essentially a kind of political platform. Let's face it. Chaz tried, but he really was not very good compared to the competition. It was pretty obvious that Chaz had some great help from others, including those who share his political agenda. The message here from Dancing With The Stars is that it really doesn't matter whether you can dance or not. You can be at the bottom of the talent competition and still make it if enough of those who support you call in or text for you. Maybe you can even win the whole thing.


During week 2 Chaz Bono could not even do his dance or any part of it, yet he received 17 points from the judges who are "experts". The next worst dancer got 18 points and danced circles around Chaz. If that does not look like a "fixed" program, I do not know what one is. Things need to change quickly. Maybe a higher percentage for the experts and a lesser percentage for the viewing audience (that kept Bristol Palin and Kirstie Allie way past the time they should have been eliminated), and now Chaz Bono.


we enjoy the beautiful dances and the people working so hard to put them on.its a super show. BUT, the voting situation is a joke. please give thought/consideration to just having the 3 professional judges doing the voting. letting the public vote, votes off good ones who should still be on the show and letting the "bad" stay because they are popular.....
not good idea. AND Brooke is a beautiful woman, but not too
intelligent when comes to interviewing ..... that part could be left out. again, thank you for the beautiful dances....SUPER !!!!!