Desperate Housewives Review: A Scandal Exposed

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Desperate Housewives is known for storylines that center around betrayal, deception, juicy scandals, and even murder. 

With those in mind, "Watch While I Revise the World" definitely delivered. From the one-line zingers to the OMG moments, it was certainly vintage Desperate Housewives.

Fun Night Ahead

First things first, though. I absolutely hated the Carlos and Susan’s insinuating affair storyline. Sure, they were feeling vulnerable and lost, and nothing really happened. Still, I couldn’t stand the thought of them cheating with one another and thought Mike rightfully punched Carlos. Those moonlight strolls? Sneaking around and lying? Carlos deserved it. By the way, why on earth would Carlos and Susan run and hide in the van if they had nothing to hide? Their little rendezvous and heart-pounding moments were ridiculous.

Then again, I thought that Carlos and Susan made the right choice by telling Mike about the murder. Have you ever heard of the saying: Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead? Well, way too many people on Wisteria Lane know what happened now and it can only be a matter of time until everyone knows. The plot continues to thicken.

As Mike stormed off after hearing what Carlos did, I couldn’t help but wonder if he would really report what happened, considering his wife was also involved. What do you think?

Elsewhere... poor Chuck! I thought that what Bree did to Chuck was incredibly heartbreaking. I have really grown to like him, and thought that, in spite of everything, she still loved him, too. To say the least, Chuck was obviously upset and believed that there was another man. I couldn’t agree more when Chuck told Bree that she made a mistake by dumping him.

On another note, I totally knew why Chuck had a picture of Bree’s hand. In fact, I thought it was unbelievably predictable when Bree found the envelope with her name on it. 

Meanwhile, Lee and Jenny finally made an appearance. Too bad Bob was MIA in Tokyo, though. I’ve missed Lee and Bob’s constant banter. Thankfully, we had Lee and Renee’s quick-witted conversations to take their place. It was a touching moment when Renee reassured Lee that Jenny had two loving parents who were doing an amazing job.

Moreover, I liked seeing Renee revisit the mother idea. It was obvious that Jenny had fun hanging out with her. I smiled when Renee even admitted to enjoying it, too. I would surely look forward to an actual storyline for Renee. That reminds me, where was Ben?

It was nice to see Lydia return and help Lynette through her difficult time without Tom and the kids. As one of four daughters, I found the sister moments hilarious and touching. Despite their differences, Lydia helped Lynette recognize her problems with Tom while Lynette ensured that Rashi gave her sister another chance at finding bliss. 

It comes to no surprise that the residents of Wisteria Lane know how to cover evidence, mistakes and much more. I loved this installment and can’t wait to find out what Mike does with news of the scandal.


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I so completely agree with the points made about Chuck. Boohoo for the break-up! Script-wise, it came totally out of nowhere that Bree doesn't love him enough to even consider his proposal. I'd have liked to see some more soul-searching there. I'll dearly miss them as a couple, they had some of the funniest lines plus an amazing on-screen chemistry (reminding me of very early Susan and Mike) and their scenes were real show-stealers in season 7.


In my e-mail from late last night, somewhere towards the end of it, I accidentally left out the word is in-between the words this and the. It should have read this is the. It was something I felt the need to clear up. Also, Gaby has been acting like a HOUSEWIFE GONE WILD!!!!! Gaby, calm down. And, Gaby SHOULD NOT be PTA President (or whatever)!!! Sorry, but I'm just NOT buying it. At All.


As a longtime fan of Desperate Housewives since the beginning, I might be in the minority of what I'm about to say here but I think that Carlos and Susan SHOULD have an affair. Ricardo Antonio Chavira and Teri Hatcher have an on-screen chemistry that is so natural, honest and (most of all) ELECTRIC!!! WHITE-HOT!!! Mike and Susan have gotten WAY TOO BORING as a married couple. And, Mike has been behaving like such a JACKASS lately!!! FYI...James Denton is such a WONDERFUL ACTOR who deserves WAY BETTER material on-screen!!! Furthermore, Gaby has been trying WAY TOO HARD to spice up her marriage to Carlos. Most of all, Carlos and Susan have such a refreshing respect and all for each other. HOLLA!!! P-E-O-P-L-E, remember...this the FINAL season of Desperate Housewives!!! The Bottom Line for me: (ROMANTIC) TEAM CARLOS AND SUSAN ALL THE WAY!!!!!


Loved Gaby's comments on how adultery taught her to pick locks, pickpocket, disguise her voice, etc.


Why oh why does the show have to end I've been watching since day 1 there's so much more they can do please keep the show or can another network pick it up like Lifetime they do all the shows now


Ummm season 1... did Mike forget his own shady past... or when he wanted to cover up and protect his own dangerous, weirdo crazy son in a later season...
Mike is one of the last people that should be judging Carlos and Susan


I love Mike but if he will dumb Susan because he learned about the murder that will be very immature,selfish,stupid and many other bad things!Do u remember baxk in season 1 that Mike had truble with the law and he was a suspect for a murder (actually i can't remember if he killed anyuone but hey i'm sure he covered a murder as susan did) Susan accept him despite what he had done and forgave him and forgot everything and fell for him no matter what!Also i love them together so i will be very angry!!!!


I agree with the review.


I am not Mike. However, I know exactly what I would do if someone told me they committed a murder. I did nothing. I thought it was a reasonable thing for this person to have done. Twenty years on from the conversation, I sometimes wonder if he has managed to deal with it. However, it does not bother me personally to know of it. This is a TV show, entertainment, with a very loose hold on reality. Bree's second husband tried to kill Mike. He may very well have a different view of it from mine. However, I would hope that he would at least sit still to listen to the details and the reasoning before doing anything rash. Mike has always seemed like a thoughtful guy, aside from his addiction problem.

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I hate to see people crying. It reminds me how little I actually care about others.


I can pick locks. Adultery gave me some valuable life skills.