Dexter Review: A Lack of Urgency

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For the record: I dressed as Dexter Morgan for a Halloween party last night. So let it be known that I have been a loyal, massive fan of this Showtime hit.

But, man these past few episodes have been exceptionally boring and aimless, with "The Angel of Death" the season's lowest point yet. Allow me to pose a few questions that illustrate my frustration:

Surfing the Shady Web

Did we really spend time on a murder/suicide just to lead to Deb getting a deal on a new rental?

Did the show really waste a drawn-out storyline of Quinn hooking up with Gellar's ex just to prove what the viewers and the Miami PD strongly suspected, that the professor is behind the killings?

What newspaper would ever run a front page photo and story, replete with definitive headline that screams THE DOOMSDAY KILLER, when there's absolutely no evidence linking that individual to the crime?

If Gellar had already seen this story, why would he go out in public to begin with, just to then tell Travis it was a bad idea once he also saw the newspaper?

Why is Dexter keeping his work on this case a secret from his co-workers? We've seen Dexter work against the police department before, but only when he had a personal stake in the crimes being committed. In this case, he saw Travis, he has suspicions... and he's just working on his own because he wants to commit the kill? That's not typically how Dexter operates. He finds his own victims. Why not do his actual job here?

Overall, there's just been no sense of urgency this season. Is any viewer on the edge of his/her seat because Brother Sam got shot? He's not connected to the main storyline, he's just been a prop to shove this whole faith issue down our throats. If the lesson Dexter learns from Sam's death is that he's bound to live a life of darkness... isn't that the lesson he's learned every single season?


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I've been a fan since season 1 episode 1. I am disappointed in this season... and find myself falling asleep during the endlessly long talking scenes. The writers need to step it up... give us something that keeps us awake!

Matt richenthal

@dexter fan: But that simply isn't true. We've seen Dexter work with the PD on numerous occasions, including on this exact case earlier in the season. Suddenly he sees Travis and only then he decides to go on his own?
Typically, Dexter does find his own victims: the high school reunion this season, the teeth-pulling old guy. He only combines his Dark Passenger with his job when there's something personal at stake, such as the Ice Truck Killer, which you cited. In that case, the killer was actually stalking/targeting/taunting Dexter and making it into a game.


"Why is Dexter keeping his work on this case a secret from his co-workers?...
That's not typically how Dexter operates. He finds his own victims. Why not do his actual job here?" He's keeping it a secret because He probably wants to kill the doomsday killer himself.
He'd rather kill the doomsday killer himself rather than let the police arrest him because this is WHAT THE DAMN SHOW IS ALL ABOUT.
DEXTER KILLING OTHER SERIAL KILLERS. Plain and simple. Its not about finding his own victims. Its simply dexter killing very bad people, especially those that have great skill and complex motives that rival his own (e.g ice truck killer)
If him doing his job well meant all these killers would get arrested and he's satisfied , then this wouldn't be Dexter. This would be CSI.

Matt richenthal

@J: I go out of my way to NOT watch previews. Please refrain from spoiling anything based on them in the future, for those who wish to go into each episode fresh.


I think the problem is that Dexter's search for the divine/religion/spiritual connection is such a general thing. There's no connecting that personal quest, if it is a quest for him he seems pretty firmly atheist to me, to what's happening with the other characters. There's nothing to make it personal or desperate which makes it seem more like a procedural than the show Dexter. I might have given it three stars though. It was still a decent episode even if the overall arch of the season has not been up to par. Dexterite to the end!


Brother Sam is not dead yet, if you watched the preview you would have known that.


Ouch 2 stars?


another great ep. loving this season.

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