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I really enjoy your thoughts and writing Ms Pavlica. I am with you 100%! Can't wait for the round table or the next episode of Fringe!!! A father who loved a son who would not acknowledge him as his father in the first years and now a son who craves his father's presence and a father who does not acknowledge his son's existence. This show is pure genius!!!


To me one of the most intriguing revelations of this episode involved Elizabeth's suicide. Earlier, it was suggested that she killed herself because of what Walter did, but now it seems she simply couldn't cope with the loss of her son. So, i think that means what kept Alternate-Elizabeth alive was the hope that her son could still be alive somewhere. It clears much of old Walter's guilt, i guess.


no! peter in their world and olivia not even knowing him? fringe, why do you upset me so?! now we're right back to the start of their relationship. how depressing


Corny Joke #1: "You could say that Olivia and Peter had a magnetic attraction"

More to come...

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