Fringe Round Table: "Subject 9"

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The fun never stops at TV Fanatic, and this week we meet again with Fringe review author, Carissa Pavlica, and her partners in every universe and fellow writers, Nick McHatton and Sean McKenna to discuss the extraordinary events that took place in "Subject 9."

Are we really psychic? Were you surprised at the past alluded to by Nina for she and Olivia? Was Peter Naked? Are these even any of the questions we will ponder? As always, we welcome your answers the questions, so please share them in the comments.


Last week our discussion almost predicted what we saw on the next episode. Predictions for next week?

Nick: I'm guessing Peter will be treated like a potential mole for the other side because of all the knowledge he has of both sides. Of course, Peter being Peter he'll begin charming the entire Fringe division slowly but surely.

Sean: A lot of confusion. No one is going to know Peter, except he’ll know everything. Who will be the first to believe him?

Carissa: Walter may be torn. Wanting his son to be alive and yet not believing it possible. Olivia will feel the pull to Peter, but she'll have a difficult time reconciling it, too. The Observers are going to go berserk. 

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Now that Peter's back, what do you think will happen with the current and past timeline?

Nick: I'm guessing the two biggest clues were Walter's experience with a timeline lapse with Astrid and the Fringe poster. On the poster there are lines of different widths and I think that best describes the timeline, the current one is in the forefront and as Peter is slowly reintegrated back in the old timeline will begin to re-emerge. 

Sean: Nothing. At least not yet. I think Peter has to find a way to bring the original timeline back on track. Man, with so many timelines and universes, I’m just waiting for another one to pop up.

Carissa: I really hope that they merge bits and pieces of the with and without Peter universes. There was really so much to explore and left unsaid about the Peterless timeline, and to try to harmonize them would be really fun to watch.

What was your favorite Walter moment of the episode?

Nick: That's easy, the ice cream scene with him and Olivia.

Sean: I agree with Nick. That root beer float scene was a great way to connect the two together on a level that wasn’t hunting down bad guys.

Carissa: Learning about Walter's feelings for Nina. Her voice was like razor blades knocking around his ears. He said it with such passion and gusto. A perfect Walter moment.

Did you miss Lincoln being involved with the case?

Nick: I missed him, but I can see why he wasn't there. This was about the core three and the repercussions going forward with Peter back.

Sean: I did. I know that the Peter missing aspect is key for Walter and Olivia, but I’m not sure why he wouldn’t be there. After all, isn’t he a part of the Fringe team? Where was he?

Carissa: I did, and his being involved would have opened up a completely different dynamic. A "holy crap" moment, if you will. There's a guy coming out of the electromagnetic field? And you recognize him? His head would have been spinning. It was a missed opportunity. 

What's your theory on Olivia and Nina's relationship?

Nick: My guess is after the trials were shut down Nina/Massive Dynamic may have taken an interest in Olivia and she became a motherly figure in her life. Massive Dynamic is the only entity I can think of in the Fringe world that has the money and influence to help Olivia's murdering of her stepfather be swept under the rug.

Sean: Nina is probably some sort of surrogate mother for Olivia, especially since Olivia’s father died. Whether or not Nina has helped her for good intentions though, remains to be seen.

Carissa: That was one of the biggest revelations to me. Olivia had always been so alone. She ran away from the experimentation. To - where? Did Nina search for her and care for her? Nina is one strong woman, and without children of her own, it would be easy to believe she would take the fleeing girl under her wing.

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter and on Google+.


I like both Lincolns, and love the chemistry between Anna and Seth, but in this episode, with the focus on the relationship between Olivia and Walter, needed for the rest of the season to work, see preview 4.05, there was no place for him.
It looks like the writers are giving everything to Peter/J.Jackson, his part now is so much more fun then what they did to Olivia last season, all but destroyed the character by brainwashing, possessing and reducing her to a insecure , needy woman, and basically a zero because Peter has been made the hero from 3.11 onwards, on top of that Fauxlivia pregnant, what a way to treat one off the best female characters, and a fantastic actress like Anna Torv,especially after she had been sidelined for season 1 and 2 and it was all Walter/Peter Noble/Jackson.But it seems many critics have forgotten that, btainwashed by Jacksons complaining duringS3.
I hope they are not going to waste Anna Torv again, far too brilliant, and my absolute favourite scene this episode was the one with Nina, which has potential for a sort of mother/daughter dynamic, Anna and Blair always have great scenes, so I am hoping that that will be an important storyline, great for Anna and Blair.
I really loved the journey of Olivia and Walter, Anna and John are so great together and I never understood why the writers decided to completely isolate Olivia and only let her communicate with peter.
By far the best thing this season is Olivia having real contact with other people, Walter, Olivia, Lincoln and Nina, do not change that for Peter.
Finally: I have read reviews about this season, and am upset how they made J.Jackson so important as if no one watches unless he is in it.
Season 3 had several episodes on the otherside, without him, or very little of him, they were seen as Fringe and had high ratings, higher ratings then the finale 3.22 where he was central and the promotion was around him. So treating a wonderful cast with Anna, Blair, Jasika, John, Lance and Seth as merely servants to mr Jackson is really insulting.
This season has been set up from 3.11 for Jackson, for this they sacrified Olivia's hero status, hopefully it will return, I doubt it, and every castmember is playing another version of their character for that. they deserve all the respect and praise, and I loved the first 4 episodes of this season.


I'm so glued to the tv when FRINGE is on. If the phone rings, i ignore it, if my sister speaks i ignore her too ! I have to use every ounce of concentration to watch FRINGE. I'm extremely hooked on the show. It's just so out there.......


i'm glad Lincoln didn't show up!! that's the moment for only Peter/Olivia!! finally the Observer did something right,get Peter back!! i think Olivia might be the first one to believe him. it's easy to see how affected she was when she saw Peter's face!!


"The Observers are going to go berserk"
haha I have to say did miss Lincoln in this episode


I'm with you Dessy....I like Lincoln on the other side but he just doesn't fit in on our side. I don't really care for him on our side. No real personality, nothing to make him stand out as the other 3 have throughout the entire 3 seasons. He was good in the episode when Olivia was Bell & he helped Peter but other than that, he needs to stay on the other side. But, I'm sure to incorporate him in the mix, they will probably have him remember Peter first.


Really? you all missed Lincoln in this episode?

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