Gilbert Gottfried to Guest Star on Law & Order: SVU

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Law & Order: SVU fans might wanna invest in a set of ear plugs. Loud-mouthed comic Gilbert Gottfried has landed a guest-starring role on the drama.

Gilbert Gottfried

The man behind the Aflac Duck will play a character involved in the precinct's IT department and producer Warren Leight explained to TV Guide Magazine why he wanted Gottfried for the role:

"Those scenes can be dry, so I thought he'd be interesting," adding that Gottfried's computer nerd might return "from time to time." He will debut on November 30.

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You're a bit behind the times. Gottfried was replaced as the voice of the Aflac duck after he tweeted a couple of ill-advised jokes about the Japanese tsunami. Too bad. He is really very funny. IMO, Aflac overreacted.