Glee Return Preview: Sue Sylvester Versus...

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The latest episode Glee did not satisfy our Editor-in-Chief, who found it to be a heavy-handed hot mess.

Whether you feel the same way as this critique or not, here is something on which we can all agree: Major League Baseball sucks! That sport's playoffs will place Glee on a three-week hiatus. What can fans look forward to when the series returns on November 1?

As previewed here, Mercedes will recruit others for Shelby's choir; Quinn will make a play for her daughter; and an opponent will be found to run against Sue for Congress...


Oh and @Katya the whole Brittany splitting up the family thing, we know Santana is going to follow Mercedes to the other glee club so Finn is probably worried Brittany will follow suit. Spoilers have been saying more kids are going to change allegiance.


I read a spoiler that strongly implied Puck and Shelby will actually (and I quote) have a 'bold interaction'
I hope Katya is wrong and Puck isn't doing it to help Quinn prove Shelby is an unfit mother, Puck has been so sweet this season (and not sickly and stupidly like when he kept hugging people like a 2 year old last season), I'll lose a lot of respect if he isn't being genuine (creepy as it would be it'd be less creepy if it wasn't to do with Quinn's plans).


If Quinn's plan to prove Shelby is an unfit mother by getting Puck to seduce her (assuming what was shown in the promo was not genuine), that's a really lousy plan. Also, how is Brittany splitting up the family? That was so out of context it shouldn't have been in the promo. Love the costumes on Mercedes and Santana. Shouldn't have shown she agreed easily. No point in teasing that. I can't believe we have to wait 3 weeks.


Shelby and Puck are NOT flirting, he's just concerned for his daughters well-being and he knows the only way she'll be in good hands is if Shelby has cusdity over her and not Quinn, he's simply trying to help his daughter, not flirt. He just doesn't want Quinn to get custidy of Beth because Quinn is a train wreck, and is only pretending to be good again untill she gets her child back.


We don't even know how Shelby would accept his advances, if indeed he actually does make any (which isn't confirmed).
We have no idea what he will actually do, we just know he has been slutty in the past and now he's being friendly to the adoptive mother of his child in a short promo, it's way too early to condemn poor Shelby when all we know is Quinn is going to try and get Beth removed from the only mother she has ever known. I think we should cut them both a break till the episode airs, Puck has been really sweet this season so far.
IF it happens (who knows) I think it's a given Rachel will give Shelby much MORE than a piece of her mind for diddling a lad Rachel herself has fooled around with.


i think that when finn was telling brit that they are a family means that she may also switched to shelby's glee c;ub... probably got talked into it by santana

Uncle jackass

I personally disagreed that the previous episodes were erratic because they centralized on individual characters that needed a plot. But as for the whole Shelby and Puck arc, I hope Rachel finds out to give a piece of her mind!!


I don't think it's 'gross' but a teacher potentially having an affair with a student IS creepy, how do we know if Shelby isn't teaching Puck? I can't believe she was hired solely for the 2nd glee club, no-one's been in it yet so what could she have been doing? I think, like Will, she's probably been teaching (or at least substitute teaching) while being there. It'd make no sense to hire someone to be coach of a glee club with only Sugar in it, it's not as if Sugar doesn't have other classes so is with Shelby the whole day. It's not impossible but regardless of whether she is actually teaching him is irrelevant, teacher/student romantic relationships I believe are illegal (not sure of Puck's age or how American school system work). At best it'd be heavily frowned upon. Flirting is one thing, having a relationship is another (now Gwyneth Paltrow rubbing herself on Artie WAS gross and highly inappropriate!).


I don't understand how it's gross, a father and mother of a child flirting with eachother. They're both at their sexual peaks, shelby isn't pucks teacher, and Puck likes older women.


There was also a fleeting shot of what looked like Puck cleaning pools again (saw the back of some blonde lady's head), I think he's going to return to his flirting ways.
While it's creepy if he DOES make a play for Shelby I'll enjoy the drama it causes for Quinn who I find deplorable, trying to get Beth back from a woman who has only loved and cared for her selflessly since she was born. I really don't want Puck in any way helping Quinn in her evil plans, episode 2 absolutely melted my heart by his new relationship with Beth.

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[to Finn] You know, I don't really know what's going to happen between us, but I know that you used to be the guy that would make me feel like the most special girl in the whole world, and it doesn't feel that way anymore. Now it just feels sad and confusing. And the worst part is that it doesn't even feel that bad anymore.


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