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I did not care for this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries. At all. Find out why it my scathing review of "Ghost World."

However, the show knows the way to this fan's heart, as I have the utmost faith next Thursday's "Ordinary People" will redeem my affection for the series, thanks to one word and two syllables: flashback.

Through Alaric's discovery of ancient symbols, combined with the return of an angry Rebekah - who will go at it with Elena - we'll learn more than ever about the Original family via a focus on its origins. This will include the introduction of Klaus' mother. Excited yet? Watch the official CW preview:

Also on tap for next week? Stefan and Damon will be surprised by an "unlikely ally," according to the network tease. Who will it be? I'm calling it now: Mikael.

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lovethe ball. With everyone dresses up. And, elaine and damon dance. You can see the passion between them. You can see the closeiness between elijha and elaine. Elaine need to have sex. When is tylier coming back. What makes stephen think he got the right to tell damon and elaine they can not or should not be togather. The show final have elaine and damon kiss. Then they have damon sleep with a crazy bitch who wants her dead. Give us more damon and elaine closiness. And, another kiss.


I sure hope it's anyone but Katherine, helping the boys. I'm already growing tired of her push-me/pull-you with them...


I completely agree with lovestvtomuch. Stefan is great as far away from elena as possible. And can we get some delena lovin stat?


i liked the last episode and am so so so looking forward to this weeks episode cant wait to see where they are going with the stories....
and l really wold love some elena and damon time.... maybe a kiss or heck give me a pash...... stefan can stay as bad as he wants as long as he stays away from elena....


People are aggravated there was no delena. Just whar I've noticed, they're getting enormously popular. I've taken notice lol


one of the cave names said mikael! the first one was rebekah, i didnt get the second, but the thrid was definately mikael! i des think that mikael is klaus's stepfather, rebekah's real dad you know, thats why he's so intent on killing him! he wants to get rid of his wife's illegitmate child!


I agree with Lo. The Grams ghost was touching, Lexi's ghost was fun (It was my favorite character in this episode), Mason was great and fun. Concerning Anna it was repetitive, boring, until she finds the necklace (wasn't it in Katherine possession ?) and her mother. I should have cried but too much of Anna kills Anna. Elena got the upper hand on Stefan for the first time...As usual they're cute together.


@ Eva - I was thinking the same !!!


Ok so I have a couple of problems. Elijah said that his family was from eastern europe. the promo has alaric stating there are viking cravings of the original family in the cave. The originals also look like they are dressed in celtic clothing/ fashion etc. That makes no sense to me if this next episode is starting at the beginning of there story. On top of that it is well known that vikings were the first europeans to step foot on north american soil. however eric the red was only in Newfoundland Canada. That was the only part of this continent they touched. so please explain how viking drawings ended up in the american south? plot holes plot holes plot holes. and last episode pissed me off. so yes i am in critical mood


I can't wait to see Mikael helping Stefan and Damon! It will be interesting to see that, considering he EATS vampires!

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