Gossip Girl Canadian Promo: You're Having a Baby?!

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In the Canadian promo for Monday's Gossip Girl, we see Eleanor's reaction to Blair's pregnancy reveal. She'll feel good getting it off her chest, no doubt, but let's just say it doesn't go over swimmingly.

Blair's mother's reaction sums up what a lot of people are thinking. Her baby was conceived out of love (whomever the father might be), but she's still so young. How will this affect our girl's future?

The drama will only increase between the Waldorfs and Louis' family, too, given the baby on the way. There's still the matter of that pesky envelope, as well. Do you think its contents will be unveiled?

For full coverage and commentary on this week's episode, check out our Gossip Girl review and Round Table of "Memoirs of an Invisible Dan." Then watch the latest promo for "The Fasting and the Furious":

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@ CrAZychicke: I guess we could be grateful, I don't know if they'll ever bring them back but I guess there is hope.


@pty hey - i guess we could be greatful they weren't killed off like many other tv shows. is there a possibility then they could come back? another show where the writers have gone down hill is 90210 (new gen). luckily the CW have Ringer, The Hart of Dixie and Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries to keep me entertained


@ CrAZychicke: well I don't like when original cast members leave a show, so I wasn't happy with Jenny and Vanessa leaving this show. With Vanessa they really put an effort in make us dislike her in the last season so we didn't miss her, but with Jenny I think it was a little forced, like it could have been a better planned exit, not the idea of them leaving would have made me happy either way. I agree that Nate seems to prefer blonds, even if ocassionally he has gone for the brunettes, I guess this explains why he had a thing for Serena for quite a while before the Sheppard Wedding.


@pty hmm yeah ok. i watched this one vid where some awesome vidder had done nate and dan's reactions to seeing jenny in a band (the pretty reckless) and it was EPIC! i wish taylor all the best with her career and after the treatment in the show i'm glad she did get out, i will just miss her role on the show, she was my fav. so wierd tho that i hated blair because she was SO mean to jenny and now i'm shipping dair! lmao! also nate seems to have a mild obsession with blondes! (first S, then little J and now Ivy?) lmao.. (not counting diana, raina and blair). sadly i think the writers have manipulated me into liking ivy and chuck now. not heaps i will forever remain faithful to Jenny, Dan and Blair but thank god for the puppy idea.


@ Crazychicke: when it happened I was mad with both of them. I think Jenny's exile and later her departure from the show where more due to real life reasons (Taylor Momsen wanting to leave the show/ the show sorta wanting her to leave) than an absolute necessity to the storyline.


@ Kookakicha & @pty love your points. really interesting. just from my opinion .. i loved jenny humphrey (one of the few) and i particularly disliked blair i think because she was so mean to her in the earlier seasons. i also want to comment on the chuck/jenny drama that enfolded at the end of S3 which i thought ws completely unfair. i think the fact that chuck slept with her was utterly stupid, i get that he was sad about blair but this is his little step sister - and going back from s1 when he almost kissed/raped - raped is too harsh a term i think - but anyway.. these two kisses were the old chuck bass, when chuck bass could have been so much more! he was protective of her and appologised and this is thei chuck bass that i liked. but then the writer's threw in this horrible thing and ALL the chair fans hated on jenny. what i meant to say is it was a mutual decision at the time but chuck should have been a better man and not done it in the first place!! i was so hoping nate would fight for jenny but that never happened. no one really fought for jenny. dan punched chuck but this was wayy too late, no one knew anything about what had happened to jenny because they were all to self-ish to care. nice. i seem to have gone off my point. if chuck wanted to marry blair he would not have or shouldn't have thrown his love for her away by sleeping with jenny! and then jenny get's expelled but blair forgives chuck? i just never understood it. AND blair gave her crown over to jenny as queen B... i think Jenny and blair could have had a great friendship but reputation seemed to get in the wway. damn social classes. i'd rather live in brooklyn than UES.


'Shes suggesting I move to Monaco and leave my life here behind!' Really Blair what did you expect? Stay in New York after marrying a prince of another country? Grace Kelly moved to Monaco, you really thought youd be the exception. I honestly dont think shes thought her whole fairytale through.


diana payne is a really dangerous woman!! She is destroying all charaters on Gossip Girl One By One,especially Gossip Girl!!!
she is really smart and schemer and dangerous..! hahha love her so much!
she should be a regular character!
diana anda beatrice grimaldi being a team ! :O


@ Kookakicha: yes I don't know why they had to do the Jenny thing, I don't even get why the hotel thing had to be used so you can imagine my reaction to the Jenny thing, in my opinion talking in terms of the plot it was completely unnecessary, he was already isolated because of the hotel. If you read the TWOP recap of that chapter you get a sort of explanation where the recaper said it was related to nihilism, still I don't think they needed to go there. For the people that have Twitter this might interest you: Smash2008Smasha @MichaelAusiello What kind of "spoiler alert" is coming after this kiss and who does it involve?
@MichaelAusielloMichael Ausiello @Smash2008 Get me to 1,150,000 followers and I'll tell you.


The Jenny thing was spoiled by the UK promo I admit. I was a Chair fan back then and hoped with all my heart that it wasn't going to happen but I knew it would. That or something as shocking as that. In any case, the whole Jenny drama is what turned me off forever. It was too ugly, too weird. Especially considering he almost raped her in season 1. I know it was consensual but still, I thought it was bizarre and twisted. After that, Chair was officially over for me and I tuned off Gossip Girl until someone told me about Dan and Blair's friendship which I thought was finally something interesting.

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Life isn't a fairy tale, and happy endings are few and far between.

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Rita: Luckily, Robin was working with me in New York this week and able to bring along a very special video of Blair.
Tiffany: What is it?
Penelope: A Jack Bass sex tape?
Tiffany: A Nelly Yuki snuff film?