Gossip Girl Episode Synopsis: "The Fasting and the Furious"

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"The Fasting and the Furious" is Gossip Girl's fifth episode of the fall, and its most hilariously named installment of Season Five by far, as the play on words also incorporates events of a particular Jewish holiday.

In the midst of celebrating Yom Kippur with family and friends, Blair and Louis find themselves in a power struggle with Louis' family, according to the CW's official synopsis of the October 24 episode.

Cyrus and Eleanor Picture

A Jewish holiday must mean the return of Cyrus. It must. We hope.

Meanwhile, Serena's boss (guest star Michael Michele) puts her in the awkward position of choosing between her new job and her relationship with Dan, and Diana prepares to debut the New York Spectator.

An unfortunate last-minute surprise delays the launch, however, and Diana expects her intern / plaything Nate to do whatever it takes to save the day. Poor Nate. Always somebody's pawn. Can he pull it off?

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yay! this was the best episode yet!
loads of snooping and royal family evilness
more chuck in it and more dan/chuck banter
finally some bff moments between serena/blair
and finally there's a little hope for DERENA!!!!!!
the only thing that could hav made the episode better would be chair i know that everyone rlly wants dan/blair together now but i really can't give up on derena and chair those 2 couples were magical! dunno what to do with nate maybe he should go to ivy or something just saw the promo for the next episode hav to admit they look pretty cute!


BTW i really don't want dan and serena now. dan & blair are the only thing on my mind now. derena only worked in season 1 and 2, i do not want them nor need them. s always let dan down and he is much more suited to b. bring back carter for s or hook her up with the annoying work - intern or bring back ben but no more dan please. as for chair you know my thoughs - i loved them from s 1-2 but now we need a break. DARE to DAIR please.


I don't think it's means there relationship as bf/gf. I read somewhere that they want to make Dans book into a movie and I'm sure Serena both is going to try and get Serena to play the friends card with Dan.

Uncle jackass

@all, you're probably imagining now from last time there was Derena action was from Season 4 "The Townie" that the next time Serena and Dan got together that they would either sink or swim? Any guesses on how them pairing up again in this season will turn out?


DAIR better happen! DAIR! DAIR! DAIR!


NOOOO no more serena and dan they are sooo boring and done! serena needs to save nate from the couger!!!


What the?? Serena and Dan?!?! PLEASE BE TYPO!! I NEED dair to be together!!!!! :'(


Wtf?? Dan and Serena?? Isn't Dan in love with Blair?? I ha te so much the writers and producers right now!!


From Juliette What the? Serena and Dan....Arrgh Serena and the baby are ruinning any chances of a Dair relationship


What the? Serena and Dan....Arrgh Serena and the baby are ruinning any chances of a Dair relationship


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