Gossip Girl Photo Preview: Chuck at the Dog Park?!

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Now we've seen everything.

The photo gallery below, from the October 24 episode of Gossip Girl, appears to show Chuck Bass with new BFF Monkey (plus Dan and Nate) at a New York dog park. Try to suppress that huge grin.

In one of the images, he's carrying what looks like a nice gift. Sadly, it's probably not for Dan, although they are getting close these days. We'd love to hear what you think of the scenes in question.

Meanwhile, Blair and Louis feud with his family over the Yom Kippur holiday, and Serena's boss puts her in the awkward position of choosing between her new job and her relationship with Dan.

As Diana prepares to debut the New York Spectator, she asks Nate to do whatever it takes to save the day when a situation arises. Check out pics from "The Fasting and the Furious" below ...

Dan and Chuck Pic
Blair and Cyrus
Chuck and Monkey
Charlie Slash Ivy
The Waldorf Women
Nate and Chuck Image
Nice Suit Chuck
The Parents To Be
Blair's Future In-Laws
Blair's Future In-Laws
Diana Bends Over
Meet the Moms

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No Dan/Serena. I hope he is only being with Serena to finally get closure on the couple. They shouldn't be endgame. Blair and Dan need to be endgame.


Love Duck and Dair.... kinda ready for Louis to go.


Awesome! Cyrus is back! Not enough!! Can't wait to hear the conversation he has with Blair, always intriguing.


Man, these pictures are too cute. I love how Chuck is wearing a $10,000 suit at a dog park. "Chunkey" is hands down the best name for a ship I've ever heard! lol


I especially love how Chuck was all: "Unlike Serena I meant it!"
Chuck's lines are always epic :-P


Who'd a thunk that the most interesting pairings on this show would be the most unlikely ones? Dair and Duck make for some very good television I have to say I am surprised how much fun it is watching these three interact. I loved Dan and Blair from the moment there relationship went from enemies to frenimies last season and now Dan and Chuck this show keeps getting better and better.


I like Duck and love Dair!:)


@ dee123: that is correct, and apparently they actually considered mentioning the monkey in season 1 but they decided against it.


@Mr.CharlesBass: Same here=)


They called the dog Monkey cause' he had a pet monkey in the books right???

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