Gossip Girl Photo Preview: "Memoirs of an Invisible Dan"

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"Memoirs of an Invisible Dan." You have to give Gossip Girl credit for these episode names, week after week. In the case of the October 17 installment, it's actually a descriptive title, not just funny!

After much deliberation, Dan decides to gather Serena, Blair, Nate, Chuck, Rufus and Lily to reveal the truth about his book in the fourth episode of Season Five (the second airs tonight at 8 EST).

He hopes that they will support him at his book party. But will they?

It may not be that simple. Blair and Louis reach a crisis point after Louis reads Dan's book, and elsewhere, Diana learns incriminating information about one of Nate's friends and uses it to her advantage.

Tonight's episode is "Beauty and the Feast" (see photos and videos). Next Monday's is "The Jewel of Denial" (see photos). Click to enlarge photos from "Memoirs of an Invisible Dan" here:

She's Back Baby
The Bassman Cometh
Serena Cleavage
Blair With Chuck
S Back in NYC
Blair at the Van Der Woodsens

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Uncle jackass

It just occured to me that this title might be taken from the 2010 Japanese film: "Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac" starring, Maki Horikita, Ken'ichi Matsuyama, Yuya Tegoshi, and Anton Yelchin (+Emma Roberts as well) about a Teenage girl who has forgotten if she belongs to either or all of the three guys in her life. I.e. Does Blair belong with Dan, Louis or Chuck. At least that's my understanding.


@ fan: the pics for the third episode were posted on this site, the episode is called the Jewel of Denial, they are the pics with Nate and Liz Hurley.


Dan is the most boring character on the show...... chair forever...
i also like nate with serena. to good looking pepole togheter!!!


AWESOME an episode dedicated to my fav character. looking forward to the drama unfolding here. guess they couldn't stop the publishing house then. i want to know blair's reaction... i will always love dan.


hey are you sure its the fourth episode? why don't you have anything for the third episode then :S
i saw a promo for the next episode on youtube and it had blair in that dress from the pictures?


@ Heddy: Thank you! I saw the Serena and Charlie/Ivy part and the Chuck and Dan part but I didn't saw the Blair and Dorota and Blair/Beatrice/Louis part, I'm gonna have to catch up online tomorrow because now is so late. Thanks again!


Certainly! It starts off to Foster the Peoples 'Pumped up Kicks' (yes!) and Blair is with Dorota at the doctors office to check on Dorotas baby. After Blair asks a series of questions "intended for Dorota", Dorota figures out Blair is pregnant and is very happy. Dan stalks Chuck on his iPhone so that he can ask for his help and finds him paying to get beat up which concerns him. Louis' sister arrives and Blair is nauseated by her perfume. Serena asks Charlie to move in with her since they're both away from their friends.


Can somebody tell what happened in the first 5 to 10 minutes of tonight's episode? I lost them!


I do not think they should support Dan because even though he did not publish it, he still went behind their backs and wrote stories about them


@ There is also a movie named "Memoirs of an Invisible Man", with Chevy Chase and Daryl Hanna, that was made at the beginning of the '90s, I think they took the title out of that one.

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