Gossip Girl Photo Preview: "The Big Sleep No More"

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We've already heard plenty about the November 14 episode of Gossip Girl, a.k.a. the semi-annual mask-themed episode of the CW series. Now we have an official synopsis and photos for you.

The Upper East Siders attend a performance of Punchdrunk’s provocative NYC theater experience, “Sleep No More,” which translates to masks, anonymity and some surprising romantic twists.

Meanwhile, Diana sets her sights on Serena in her continuing quest to ruin Gossip Girl, and Dan is on his book tour, but things aren’t exactly as they appear to Lonely Boy's friends and family.

Nate and Diana Pic

Anytime the show introduces the element of disguise (which it does with surprising frequency), that raises the sexual tension and duplicity to even higher levels ... for a show already built on both.

Will Chuck and Blair kiss? Will Gossip Girl be exposed? Will Charlie be exposed? Will we finally learn the true identity of the man who fathered the future son or daughter of Blair Cornelia Waldorf?

Whatever happens, executive producer Josh Safran promises it will be significant - and potentially dark. "They’re dealing with adult issues. It’s sort of a big turning point episode for everybody.”

Click to enlarge photos from the episode and leave comments below ...

Cute Charlie Pic
Ivy or Charlie
At Sleep No More
Diana Payne Pic
Diana's New Minion
Diana Wants Serena
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ohh Dair fans need to give it up. That'll NEVER happen. Chair on the other hand, is the most passionate, true love I have ever seen portrayed on a television show. Their relationship carries the show, it's what gives it that spark and dynamic magnetism that attracts so many obsessive viewers. (& makes us even blog about it??) Yeah, they are basically inevitable :)




@Crazychickle What you're doing right now: pestering someone because they like Chair. I don't see how you're any better than @kendallf and who's supposed to believe that what you write isn't shit also?


@Kendallf everytime i see your name - all i see is shit about dair being crap. seriously, stick to your ship and be done with it. JUST STOP pestering people because they like dair. SERIOUSLY.


What? I thought there would have been a 10 page report full of chair quotes by now from a certain poster.


Ausiello just confirmed that the kiss will be followed by a slap. And the theme of the 100th episode will be the Blouis wedding. But the plot will be equally distributed between Blair and Serena since they are the core of the show. If you want to read this you need to go to the TV Line site and the Ask Ausiello section.


Furi, then ignore the comments altogether. You can't control what people say.


For all you people who don't understand that Gossip girl is just a FICTIONAL story and keep continuing this catfight about DAIR and CHAIR, YOU ARE PATHETIC!


@dairxoxo omg shut up dair are not soul mates and I bet u can't even give one logic reasons why. Chair is not abusive. Yes there relationship was unhealthy in the past Blair because chuck's daddy issues. Chuck has never hit Blair.
Btw dair fans are 12 year olds because they can't even explain why dair will work without talking about all the bad things that chuck did to Blair. All they know is:
"dair ftw"
"season of dair"
"Dan and Blair are perfect for each other"
"dair look cute together"
"dair forever"
(and more) I haven't seen one intelligent post from a dair fan explaining how Dan and Blair are perfect for each other.


I love Dan/Blair. Unfortunately I have lost hope that they will end up together. Chair ans have bombarded the writers and threatend them multiple times with their life. Dair fans can't compete with that. Anyone who isn't 12 years old can tell that Dan/blair are soulmates. Chair is unhealthy. I've been in an abusive relationship like that and let me tell you it scarred me for life. Someone like chuck isn't true love, and the writers don't understand that cause they haven't been in a relationship like that. So it's easy for them to say oh this is love etc, and its not. Dair Forever