Gossip Girl Preview: Producers Dish on "The Jewel of Denial"

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Gossip Girl is all new tonight and, as always, executive producers Sara Goodman and Joshua Safran discuss where our favorite characters are headed in their weekly episode preview video.

In the two-minute interview and clip montage below, Sara and Josh talk about what's going on with Charlie slash Ivy (which is good, since it warrants a lengthy explanation at this point).

Also, we see what happens when Serena returns to L.A., who Dan reunites with in the quest to figure out the origin of his book publication, what what Nate's first task at the Spectator is.

Check out the preview for "The Jewel of Denial" below ...

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Stop Hating on Chuck and Blair people!! Love is not all about 'as Blair says compatibility and stimulating conversation' and this is a T.V show, so you know they will eventually find their way back to one another!


Internships are not jobs. Stop pretending that they are, writers! Also, Nate has not been a character for over four seasons, but nobody catches on to this, for some reason. The whole Blair-will-have-Chuck's-baby bs that they will be dancing around for episodes and episodes is riddiculous. When did Chuck get redemption, anyway? Didn't they say he would last season, after he abused, threatened and violated his ex? Instead, he mirrored the "sell her for a hotel" move by giving her away to Louis, like he's her dad in the 18th century.
I don't dislike Chuck as a character, but he just shouldn't be in a serious relationship with a woman he's hurt and used for years. Love doesn't justify what he continues to do to her. Also, Charlie/Ivy is the most boring addition yet. She's just dull and unnecessary. Can't we have Georgina back? Why always these Bree, Juliet, hot-teacher characters noone will ever care for?


When are you going to stop punishing Chuck and Blair for loving each other in and unconventional way....Love comes in many ways their Love just happens to be the real kind of Love that excepts the other for who they are..... Most of you don't understand what real Love looks like, feels like or forgives like. When you find that kind of love you will understand.


omg, amazing episode. this is what needs to happen. blair and dan NEED to get together. but in the end, blair and chuck have to be together. i'm both a DAIR and CHAIR fan!!!


@ DAIRfan2011: funny thing, I'm actually more shocked by your message to Serena than by your message to Chuck, if I was in her shoes and somebody would tell me something like that I will be hurt even if it was a joke.


i like this episode was really good and yeah did blair even open it? It didn't look like it. I like Ivy and Nate this season their getting some back bone schemeing around and stuff sooo gossip girl and it's good to cause now Nate is doing more than just sleep with girls his helping the new treat ohhhh and Ivy damnnnn i bet u the real Charlie is a sycho bitch who ever she is. Lol love that part when Chuck's like, to blair meet my dog monkey lol


giggles at previous comments... this ep was one of my favourites of this season so far. i love dair and finally we found out who the father was - louis. i'm still not ocnvinced with certain signs - envelope being hidden etc. but i'm going to enjoy the ride. i think there is a chance it could be chuck's considering how many times she slept with him but i can't see how it could be dan's even though i would totally love that if it was! i really liked how blair told chuck he wasn't the father and of course chuck was rude and a complete basstard - i liked Monkey cuddling up to broken bass - this is the start of my liking chuck again. seriously chair needs a break. obviously dan loves blair but blair is in love with louis and she will always love chuck, but she needs to move on and thank god she did. i know this won't be an easy ride for B but i'm counting down to watch invisible dan - the promo looks hilarious! can't wait for more dair scenes.

Purple passion

I dont think blair even opened the test. Cause the envelope looked like it was still closed. I still think the babies chucks and she got to scared and lied to chuck.


Dear Chuck, Get over Blair. The two of you are better apart. You should meet someone else. You're a catch, but just not the guy for Blair. I think that girl from Europe was pretty awesome. Dear Blair, Can't you see what is right in front of you? Dan is your soul mate! The two of you need to get it on! Dear Serena, Prepare yourself to find out how much your ex-boyfriends loves your best friend. It might hurt. Dear Charlie, Welcome to the Upper East Side. You are a refreshing new face. Dear Louis, Thank God that you may be the dad of Blair's baby. I sure hope that Blair was telling the truth. I do not want her to end up with Chuck again. Dear Nate, stop dating all your mother's friends. Dear Dan, You are awesome. I can't wait to read your new book. Be ready to make your move on Blair. Don't be a coward when the opportunity arises to sweep her off of her feet.


I sure hope you're right :)

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