Gossip Girl Preview: Producers Dish on "The Jewel of Denial"

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Gossip Girl is all new tonight and, as always, executive producers Sara Goodman and Joshua Safran discuss where our favorite characters are headed in their weekly episode preview video.

In the two-minute interview and clip montage below, Sara and Josh talk about what's going on with Charlie slash Ivy (which is good, since it warrants a lengthy explanation at this point).

Also, we see what happens when Serena returns to L.A., who Dan reunites with in the quest to figure out the origin of his book publication, what what Nate's first task at the Spectator is.

Check out the preview for "The Jewel of Denial" below ...

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i still think that the baby belongs to chuck--you saw how she hid the test at the end. i think she lied when she saw his reaction to her walking into the building or something. or, the dnas got mislabeled in the lab and it is chuck's.


The last scene with Chuck was so sad :(


Sorry I'm not using any exclamation marks as I don't have much to be excited about. Kind of bummed really. Thanks gg :p Why couldn't it have been Chucks? And why doesn't this perfect guy Louis do it for me? I mean he's PERFECT. Too perfect I guess. It doesn't feel very gossip girly. I wouldn't want to be with someone who was a saint compared to me.


Nice nod to the book by naming Chucks dog "Monkey".


Noooooo. Oh well.

Uncle jackass

As predicted (but not by me), Dan is protecting Blair, but it is not necessarily romantic.


Niceee !!! DAIR!!!


haha well done to the writers, anything that comes out of blair's mouth these days is pure epicness!




Video not available :(

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