Gossip Girl Promo: Dan Drops the G-Bomb!

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"Memoirs of an Invisible Dan."

That's gotta be Top Five all time in terms of Gossip Girl episode titles, and it's certainly an appropriate one, given the bombshells about to be dropped by the ultimate Upper East Side outsider in Inside.

Bombshells with creative liberties, of course. He apparently made one of our favorite characters gay, while possibly embellishing the extent of his romantic dealings with Blair Waldorf. Uh oh ...

If Lonely Boy felt like he was out the outs with the in crowd while writing this acclaimed novel, imagine what he'll feel like now that it's out in the open, with his name affixed to the book jacket.

To sound off on the events of last night's episode, "The Jewel of Denial," follow the link to read and comment on our Gossip Girl review. Then check out the promo for next week below ...

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I like Chuck in this promo.
He is hilarious.


I love that Chuck is just so calm in the middle of all the chaos of screaming girls, lol! I like the new "numb" Chuck much more than the "I-am-going-to-destroy-you-and-I-am-drinking-alcohol-and-feeling-sorry-for-myself-"Chuck. Nice improvement writers!


I may not like Chuck, bt his line in the promo is fantastic. SEE alone!Chuck is so much fun!


the scene where dan and blair kiss is definitely going to happen! look at their clothes and haircut, they're not the same as in the episode of season 4 when they actually kiss... blair has the same dress and haircut as during the book presentation in that fourth episode... i think they're gonna make out for real!!


@ chair: I guess you are right, I can't imagine any other reason why she would be upset. It kinda looks like her feelings could have been hurt but I'm not sure and I hope whatever it is she's not that upset or hurt that she can't get over it on the next episode after this one since it seems Serena and Dan will have more interaction on 5x5.


@pty: so I was thinking about it, maybe he writes Serena as a bitch? rather than Blair and thats what gets her mad? what else could he really write about her that would get her mad?

Uncle jackass

Warning Speculated Spoilers events to follow.... a.) Serena eventually forgives Dan for whatever he writes about her in the books and starts a either fake relationship or friendship with him to build a movie from the novel. Thus also leading to Serena's boss in stating that she is getting too close with Dan... b.) Rufus is not happy? Ans: probably about how he directed some of that mis-directed anger towards Lily and the adults who didn't always behaved appropriately. Perhaps, in his novel, it was Rufus who seduced Lily out of a marriage from Bart? c.) Can't imagine Blair forgiving Dan for their imaginative fling? Ans: Probably true. d.) Nate is the G-bomb? Does this affect their previous season build up of a bromance? Ans: Maybe Nate will try to exact his revenge elsewhere using his newscorp skills. e.) Duck implications? Chuck is proving an almighty fellow and just finds the whole satire funny. And what was originally a Nate/Dan bromance will begin a Chuck and Dan bromance. f.) No mentioned of Charlie? Ans: best left out of circulation.


@ chair: I too want to know what has Serena so upset.


Cannot wait!!! I have a feeling this episode will be amazing and top-favourite! Dan's amazing, so I can't expect any less from his book (without counting whoever they hired to write the excerpts, which are terrible..). Gay Nate? Hell yeah! Dair kiss/sex? GIVE ME NOW!


yeah, it does look like fun!
the little part of chuck & blair standing together at the end was nice, i love it when she amuses him. its good to see they can be in the same room without angst & heartbreak. i think they'll both try to let each other go and move on, each in their own way. UNTIL DAN THE MAN gets them back together somehow, you GO DAN!!

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