Gossip Girl Episode Preview: Down Goes Dan!

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Next week on Gossip Girl, Dan has figured out who is publishing his book, and seeks help to stop it, but ends up in the spotlight anyway. It also looks like he takes a spill trying to come to Blair's aid.

At the same time, his new ally Chuck helps Dan come to terms with his fate, just as Dan continues to try to help Chuck break through his emotional block. It'll be fun to watch them work together.

Meanwhile, Serena and Charlie/Ivy return to the Upper East Side from California, and Nate must decide whether to cross moral lines at Diana’s request. How do you think that will turn out?

Read our Gossip Girl review from last night, then check out the promo below for "The Jewel of Denial" and sound off on what you predict will go down next week in the comments below ...

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This was meant to be, Dan has wound up getting involved with Blair and Chuck in one way or another since Day 1, I look forward to seeing what happens next. Yes, of course Chuck being the father is obvious, but who else could it be (okay fine it could be Louis). If Dan is the father that would just be ridiculous, I'd be annoyed if that ended up being the case and besides when would they have had the chance? I'm thinking the way Dan freaked out over a kiss and Blair remained relatively calm there's no way they've had sex.


@pty i agree and disagree with some of your points but it was a good discussion. the show in itself is pretty awesome that it can get us to DISCUSS in length how certain characters effect us so personally. this is a great drama and i think season 5 has actually brought back a bit of the oomph from season 1 which was much needed. i'm looking forward to the new episodes and blair's storyline. i used to love chair in the beginning and i do understand there was love and passion and kindness - that's why i loved them; there was also pain, hate and destruction. love isn't easy. but i do believe there's not just one person in the world for you. and chuck was blair's opposite but so is dan. i think the dan/chuck/blair storyline is going to be a big part of the show. i was merely commenting on the hardcore chair fans which have arisen in the last few months who refuse to accept change. obviously i do not mean they must accept that dair will end together.. of course not. it is just my oppinion. i relaly like them as friends and more. with the writer's storylines i gave up on chair after the agression and hurt it caused blair so i needed the change from chair and looked forward to something completely different. DAIR is my main couple since i've grown tired of Derena and Serenate. I also LOVED Jenny especially with Nate. I wonder if Kristen Bell will be cast as GG in person? The only guy i like for S was Carter but I think S needs to be alone for a bit. isn't just a little crazy that suddenly characters are sleeping with one person and then another in the space of like a month? i know it's a show but this always puzzles me. there's nothing bad about single women - sometimes they can be strong awesome women. maybe blair won't end up with either dan or louis or chuck... but i'll be watching to find. @andy good debate also. i liked reading your justifications and agree with a lot of them as a fellow dair lover. for the sake of chuck who could be so much better than who he is now - i hope we see another side of him - perhaps the one that cares abour dan? ALL FOR DUCK! p.s i really like eva and her 'Henry'


Oh and comment below @pty... :)


I agree we each have the right to ship whomever we like of course.
I also think that we can't accuse the writers of miswriting chair as what they wrote is what they chose the 'characters path to be', ie. The outcome IS chair's story. Maybe it's not what some would like it to be but it's what it was written to be.
It's not that the writers always get it right as such, but it is ultimatley their story to tell.
I realise that in telenovelas characters are up to very effed up things which is why I avoid telenovelas. I don't seek absolute reality in my tv shows but something relatively sane is a requirement.
I'm basically saying that however we might have wished that chair turned out differently- they didn't. They are what they were written to be and if it was the writers intention to end them well then they succeeded.
They in turn started writing great stuff for dan and Blair and it works very well in my eyes especially since chair were becoming stale and Dair are very exciting to watch.
S1 and S2 will always be the best chair seasons and we'll always have that so maybe it's time to let go and allow the characters to grow and change according to the writers vision.


@ Andy: in the case of the situations that you pointed out and all the negative aspects of the Chuck and Blair relationship, I myself have opted for making the GG writers and producers the focus of my complaints regarding all those situations, after all at the end of the day they are the ones who write these characters and decide what are we going to watch on the screen. Their decisions regarding the characters have been indeed questionables, and this has affected all the characters, not just Chuck and Blair. The show could have reached better ratings and prestige if it had not portrayed the way it has certain situations like the ones that have bothered you. I myself have not been phased by all that has happened between Chuck and Blair, I'll tell you the 3 situations that did bothered me, they were the Hotel thing, because it was ridiculous to go to such length to break up this couple, is not like we didn't know that they were going to break them at some point, it happens in every show; the Jenny thing because it was completely uncalled for and unncessary considering that the Hotel thing was more than enough; and the punching of the window thing because it was such a shock, like it was designed with a purpose I can't even comprehend, I don't know yet what they were trying to achieve with that scene. As for the rest, Eva annoyed me mostly because she was the sympton of a delusional Chuck that believed being another person would solve his problemas, Raina and the whole sacred thing was downright stupid, and as for other situations well, they were in the range of things that you can expect from a teen TV show, besides I've seen far worse in telenovelas. You guys don't want to believe me when I say that the stuff you see in telenovelas are sometimes far more shocking than Gossip Girl, seriously men and women there have behaviours that are far more shocking yet you see couples ending together at the end, I'll tell you that people would eat Chuck alive. As for the epicness or lack of it in Chuck and Blair relationship, I guess it's a matter of perception, some of us see something there that others can't see, there is nothing anyone can do about it, everyone is different and will have different opinions about it, and it's not like we are going to change the other's mind about this, so to each one their own.


@pty Yeah there's quite a big gap between perfect and chair.
I realise nothing is perfect but some relationships are just downright unhealthy and chair is just that.
Even if it's a tv show and should not necessarily represent reality as is, I still think Chair's relationship is unpleasant to witness.
All your examples of them being able to read each other in a special way are actually quie common for any couple who have been together for a while or people who've known each other since childhood.
The bit where she knew chuck had found out about her and dan on the shoot... Well, she didn't invite dan and there's chuck standing behind dan giving Blair the evil eye! Anyone could figure that one out...
Basically I don't see the 'specialness' of chair's relationship as much as I see the pointless heartache, manipulation and turmoil that Blair had to go through.
I think that saying Chair's love is epic is blindly idealising it. Maybe it had great moments at the start (it did) but the bad moments have surpassed the good long ago.


I guess the guy is hugging blair might be jack bass


@ Amy: I get what you mean, this is not the storyline I would have chosen for any of the girls either, since it's there already I'm hoping for the best, but I don't see why it was necessary like the producers say.


@ andy: Dude, haven't you heard the phrase "the exception to the rule"? But actually I don't think the scenarios you listed should fall in that category. I said they could read each other well, I didn't said it was perfect, there's nothing perfect in this world. I was referring to situations like when she guessed how he had manipulated everything during the Cotillion (this should make you happy, it didn't ended well for them), or when she guessed what he had done with Dan and her during the 4x18 photoshoot (again, this should make you happy). Or when they both went for the phone when she was trying to seduce him during 2x8, they just had to look to each other to know what the other was going to do. Or in 3x15, when she knew that he wanted to settle the false allegations because he cared about what Elizabeth would think if she heard them, he didn't had to tell her all that, she just knew. Or before that, when she knew that he was closing off because he was torned by the idea that his mother was actually alive, even when he was denying this to be the case. Or in 3x4, when he knew that she was trying to remain tied to Constance because of NYU (I never quite understood his way of handling that, I think allying with Jenny was a weird form of shock therapy but I would have done it different, I'll give you that). Or in 3x6, when he guessed her nightmare was about NYU even though she didn't wanted to say. You'll see, I could go on too. And I wasn't going to say something about Chuck maturing, I would like that, sure, but I know that you can't have too many expectations with this show.


@pty "where 2 persons read each other so well that can anticipate the other's actions is interesting" Like how Blair anticipated when she went up to sleep with Jack to save's chuck's hotel that Chuck was behind the idea all along manipulating her.
Like how Blair anticipated Chuck would wait for her 3 min on the empire state and then end up sleeping with Jenny when she didn't show.
Like how Blair anticipated Chuck would stay in NY to screw a random girl while she was packed up ready to go on a romantic euro trip with him.
Like how Blair anticipated that Chuck had fallen for Raina when he was supposed to be waiting for Blair to become powerful.
Like how Blair anticipated that chuck would become the man he never was with her for Eva. I could go on. And on. Maybe Blair was actually hoping Chuck would become a better man all along and simultaneously nervous that she didn't deserve better anyway. Maybe its time for Blair to end the predictable cycle of hurt and bullshit and find someone who is truly worthy of her.
And before you say- 'Well, Chuck will mature!' I'll say- Its too late!!!!! "I'm Chuck Bass" does not work with a new, improved, caring and loving Chuck. Its either or.

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Rita: Luckily, Robin was working with me in New York this week and able to bring along a very special video of Blair.
Tiffany: What is it?
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Tiffany: A Nelly Yuki snuff film?