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*how can Dan be the father? (sorry)


Hum, who can Dan be the father ?


the only reason i watch GG now is Dair! Everything else is kinda boring..


I really think Steve Marsi is Mr Leigh Meeston. Why couldn't you come out with a more substantive role for Blake Lively. Is she just a wall flower to you? she is a feast on the eyes and I am pretty sure that GG seasons 1-3 is really has more Serena storylines than 4. This early, all GG5 focuses on Blair


Gotta love serena, so ivy or Charlie wants to make it on her own without mommy and grandmommy money and serena uses her brain to get her the trust fund and be like her, this girl logic has a lot of issues, and her dedication to work was very clear in here.


Chuck is doing the male equivalent of 'cutting' but, conversion disorder? I don't think so...

Blair and Dan--that's an awesome friendship, and I don't see it going further than that, but Dan is President of the non-judgmental breakfast club :P

Ivy/Charlie--I didn't want her back last season. I sure as hell don't want to see her this season. The whole storyline feels forced, but I'm thinking that her b.f. (the hottie from SG:U) is going to follow her to NY and expose her, whether on purpose or by accident.


@ UncleJackass LOL at the supernatural reference!


And I personally refuse to believe that the devilish despo vulnerable sex craze side that blair showed when she was with chuck was the real her.. Seriously that's like serenas job, blairs too sophisticated for that! Just like dan, he might be poor but that guy is a class of his own!

Ooo and I'm thinkin now that ivy/charlies comin back that might make dan like her again :P plus the first thought that popped into my head when I saw beatrice that itd be cool if she showed a 'fling/one night only' sorta interest in dan, which made blair all jealous :P


"Title: The Superficial Beauty and the Feasts."

Personally, what was unbelievably annoying about this episode was how many characters were being "HANDLED," by a bunch of idiots! So, I agree with Steve, if you still like our fav characters, that's all that matters.


Blair handles Dorota's Doctor to vicariously gather info on pregnancy issues related to herself. So the pretense is gone and Dorota's quickly deduces that Blair is pregnant too. And so begins the fall of Queen Bee...

... with both lying in bed with the same nausea state. lol.

Ivy handles Lt. Dreamer:

Living in a fake actors lifestyle Ivy has been handling a Dan type dreamer in San Maria with barely any more funding. She eventually has to dump him after committing to a lifestyle lie with Serena (read onwards).

Serena handles Fake Charlie:

Were you expecting a new Georgina or master-mind UES like Blair in the new character Ivy? After, all wasn't that the point of her grabbing Georgina's card? I'm afraid, it seems she is out-of her league.

Imagine how comical it was that she was barely keeping her lie as being Charlie around Serena with every turn leading closer to the truth, but Serena is still not the bit wiser by the end. She even invites her back to her lifestyle in the UES full of cash and trust funds from Ceci. How accommodating :-)

Diana Payne handles Nate:

So he's got an itch that only a "mother complex" can scratch. And you thought it was just with Louis? Proof that Chuck was right that for people like them, a college diploma is just an accessory, he's mother has a line of internships ready for his 3 yr? But not clinging to he's unforgettable memories of Liz Hurley he finds her promptly with a job offer right in of he's door steps. Suspicious? Apparently not, not according to the "Book according to Nate."

Beatrice handles Blair... and the CLEARLY Fake French Father?:

Introducing a new beautiful brunette is the new character, Beatrice. Why isn't she speaking French? It's the Tardis, everything is translated to the simplest language for the UES, speak slowly otherwise it won't work.

So why would Blair allow this new Probie foe to ruin her? Well, Queen Bee has seen better days. Every food, movement, and weird musky African perfume translates to instant nausea. And naturally, a feast of many smells awaits her as well.

Beatrice isn't too bright with her deductions of Blair's state as well. Dumb luck leads to her finding out Blair's pregnancy. The thought never crossed her mind that "Brooke's" father could be anyone?

And the Father Cavalia? Not a Father by any imagination.

Go Team Duck!!! Dan handling Chuck:

So, it seems that even though Chuck would be extremely irritated and annoyed by the normal presence of Hum Drum Humphrey, it appears that either he does have a form of Post Dramatic/Stress Disorder or he lost his soul like Sam Winchester. Hence, his tolerance is now infinite.

Of course, Dan initially found the apathetic Chuck using the Chuck signal, but quickly found him hiring the Chair Basher goons to awaken his emotions.

Best Quote of the Episode: Dan: "I could tickle you?"
Chuck: "I rather get hire someone else, if you don't mind"

lol, charlie trout reference!

So what do I predict will come? I suspect more of the face of Dan Humphrey being punched in the near future. Every clue is leading towards the fact that Dan is going to be the "Advertised" father of Blair's baby, so that Prince Louis doesn't go ape angry that Blair slept with Chuck. In fact, every action in this episode sets up that Dan is growing up by protecting everyone from their own fates. The book will solidify that Dan might be the father in the eyes of the public; thus allowing enough time for Blair to take the DNA test to confirm that it is Chuck's baby.

On the friendship front for both Blair and Dan, it seems that it's fully solidified. Unfortunately, it's platonic. Dan is NOT going to make a move on a pregnant Blair, he chooses not to be heart-broken from the last tryst between Chuck and Blair, he helps Chuck go through he's emotional issues, and he's trying to prevent the book release for his family and friend's sake; this includes Chuck as well. I can also see "Team Chain" coming along as well. I.e. both Blair and Chuck needing Dan parasitically.

More to come...


Here's my take on what endgame will be.. Nate and Serena are obv gonna be together in the end, since they showed love towards each other b4 dan came in the picture, plus they get each other more, fam probs, trust funds, wh0ring around, trustin too easy, bla blaaa and one imp thing, dan always judged serena, nate dint..seems to me like dan was in love with who he wanted serena to be as opposed to who she was, secondly he is very acceptable with blair ever since he's started liking her anddd since serenas taken I'm thinkin hell be with blair buttt not sure for blair its 50 percent chuck n 50 percent dan! O and jenny and eric wudve been great.. If only

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