Gossip Girl Review: Who is the Father?!

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Gossip Girl has been all about Blair Waldorf this fall. Sure, there are some other developments, but B's pregnancy and all her resulting quotes and facial expressions have been the defining story.

Tonight's episode, "The Jewel of Denial," was no exception. Although the episode had other intriguing and funny aspects, everything else seemed less relevant as the anticipation slowly built around that pesky envelope. Finally, thanks to the inaugural Chair scene of the season, we finally learned the identity of her baby's father.

Or did we?

S, B and C

When Blair revealed to Chuck and Monkey that she was pregnant with Louis' baby, the tension was so thick and the heartbreak so evident, I believed her too. But a couple of scenes soon gave her away.

That glance at the envelope didn't look like something one with closure would give. Did she even open it? If she had, she'd have just tossed it after, right? Or does she actually, secretly know it's Chuck's?

"Part of me really hoped it was yours." Blair wants to be with Chuck but feels she can't. The surprise pregnancy combined with the fairy tale convinced her of this, and with this lie, she tried to let him go.

By doing so, she can embrace her new life, for better or worse. Lying may not be right (you could see it hurt her), but it is as good a solution - in her mind - as she can find for an impossible situation.

That's my theory. It could be wrong, and there are still several directions the show could go with this as the season progresses. Only time will tell, but three things are undeniably clear right now:

  1. Chuck, as evidenced by his awkward o-face/heart attack/emotional breakdown at the end, can feel again. His four-legged friend may have twisted the proverbial cap, but Blair's bombshell opened the bottle. The question, obviously, is what he does now, and when and if Blair's "situation" changes.
  2. Dan's bond with Blair grows stronger weekly, romantically or otherwise.
  3. Leighton Meester is carrying the show this season.

I love Leighton and the way she conveys a wide range of emotions with such authenticity. I'm genuinely wondering what happens with Blair every scene, no small feat with storylines that stretch belief.

[Don't get me started on the practical impossibilities of having a paternity test done on an eight-week-old fetus without the potential father's involvement, or the publishing plot ... or Charlie, in general.]

Dan's involvement with both Blair and Chuck, independently of the other, was a highlight tonight. We can only hope for more scenes of Duck trading advice, constructive criticism and good-natured insults.

It's pure gold. As for Dan and Blair, if next week's promo is to be believed ... did they actually have sex, or did he just invent that in the book because he wished they had? If it's the former, he's still alive in the poll below! What else did he embellish (besides making you-know-who gay) and what is real?

Will Lonely Body be more lonely after Inside's release than he was in Season One?

Crazily enough, I actually liked Noah conning Dan into stepping forward and claim authorship. Come what may, that Muppet needed to man up and reap what he sowed ... be it acclaim, abuse, or both.

Nate and His Lovah

The rest of the episode, sponsored by Jenny Packham, featured the full-on ridiculous Charlie story taking even more twists, Nate starting work at the Spectator, and Rufus and Lily actually playing a role!

I realize watching Gossip Girl implies a certain suspension of reality, but something about the Ivy/Charlie story just does not click with me. At some point, I keep think she'll become interesting. Not yet.

Ivy getting paid by Carol to masquerade as Charlie, then wanting to stay in this affluent world ... fine. I just don't care. Thank goodness Nate found Ivy's phone, which could finally raise the stakes a bit.

Speaking of our favorite intern/boy toy, his hair and sleuthing were both surprisingly slick this evening. The good news is that our boy finally impressed the boss with something other than stamina.

The bad news? It's legally questionable, to say the least.

At least he made sure Blair and Dan's phones weren't among the ones he and Diana combed for gossip, a la Newscorp (great reference by the way), but wow. How far will Diana push him next?

We learned that she will stop at nothing to remake the paper and compete with Gossip Girl, and that Nate may prove invaluable in that endeavor. Invaluable and so easily manipulated.

Will he be forced to go up against his friends? I'm guessing that in future weeks, we'll see him in a situation where protecting the NJBC isn't as easy as stashing phones in a separate drawer.

Seeing Nate in a situation of real significance and struggling with a moral quandary, bolstering his career by blurring professional and ethical lines? He may not use words that big, but we're intrigued!

It was good to see Lily and Rufus too. I missed them. They don't need to dominate the show, but it's nice when they're around ... and the first shot of Lily being her ankle monitor was pretty classic.

At some point, Serena is going to step into the forefront again. Chances are her storyline will also involve Ivy/Charlie and Lily in some capacity. Cross your fingers that it's entertaining.

As for Rufus, he'll fire up that waffle iron for more than two people if nothing else.

That's all for now, but "The Jewel of Denial" should give you plenty discuss with TV Fanatic as you hit the comments! Come back tomorrow for news, promos and our Round Table! Finally, tonight's poll:

Who is the father of Blair's baby?


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To "B's" defense, I think he/she refereed to "spanking the monkey", Chuck did patted with the monkey after all :) a bit rich? Yes, but it gets pretty funny when you think about it


I LOVED THIS EP!! GG hasn't had as good of an episode as this for a while. An finally got a chair scene:-). Ed and leighton were amazing as usual. Chuck and monkey had me in tears:-( @b wtf is wrong with u seriously you may not like chuck or chair but no need to be rude about an emotional scene. Anyways I hope blair is lying an the baby is chucks. next wks ep looks so much fun can't wait.:-) CHAIR


everything that was not chuck or blair related was just dull. charlie is boring, she's making serena boring, and i want her to leave. nate and diana were almost as dull, though i love that nate protected his friends


*they warned


@ b: that is disgusting, please show some respect for the viewers who do appreciate an emotional scene. I'm going to sort of repeat a tweet sent by GG writers over a month ago when the warned that no amount of tweets favoring Chair, Dair, Derena or Chivy (?!) were going to change the direction of the season, because they were far into it. So I don't think they look like kidnapped by the fandom or the shippers.


Chuck was crying in this episode?? And here I thought it was him masturbating


I'm so fed up with Chair thing i think it's too unreal ... though i think Louis is boring i really loved this scene when Blair told him about pregnancy he was so sweet.in real life he will be really great but in the show he isn't interested to watch but i don't think that it would be fair if Blair will hurt him, maybe he has to do smth terrible and the writers will make us hate him so i won't have the feeling of unfairness . I'm now team Dair i always hated Dan and when i first heard the rumor about Dair thing i was really angry with the writers as i was Chair fan but i think chair relationship is unhealthy . i hope everything will be fair!


also @ Superdole
you definitely being a hypocrite as I definitely see a whole bunch of Dair fans do the same exact thing. I am okay for happy debate but we Chairs fans are not the one going around stating a baby should die.
I am one of those Chair fans even of turns out Blair wasn't lying I hope she keeps the baby as I do think it is smart move to bring a baby on GG, as it something no one expects is right for Blair and if anyone ever saw Sex and the City, does that see like a Baby friendly show with the exception of Charlotte who wanted the marriage and kids but they gave Miranda who hates kids a baby before her. any way next week looks to be fun and Chuck is only one enjoying himself.


Umm maybe we are watching a different show but nothing shows me Dan has change and evidence of his usual hypocritical Vanessa like ways are still very present and for this find it strange how some Dair fans enjoy this pairing yet hated Vanessa when ever she was up in someone's business. Dan is Exactly like Vanessa except got more witty lines. I disagree that Serena misused him while they were together, I think it was the other way around he gets upset and high and mighty over stupid things he snapped at Serena for using her brain for once when they got trapped in the elevator and told him he should have mention she was with him cause commen sense wise her effing step dad at the time owned the building. But somehow that escape Dan and behaved like a jerk cause he has a hero complex and when he can't be the hero he becomes a dick. This is also a person who don't own their shit and like his sisters blames others for acting out.
I do like Dan but Dan is not this great guy people make hi out to be. He is a serial monogamists which is actually worst than a man whore.


I'm not in love with the show like I have been at some point point but I still like it BUT all the CHAIR fans are progressively getting on my nerves! Some people may say don't read comment then but I do love reading reviews and people opinion, but the reaction of Chair fans (even some Dair fans at some point) is upsetting me a little bit more every weeks. I did love Blair and Chuck story and connection, I actually kind of bored with it but still like it, I love Blair and Dan friendship (and I don't think Dan being "in love" with her as a bad thing. I mean, even if he is, she doesn't have to be too and it is still interesting to watch) anyway, I find their relationship, whatever it is, to be one hightlight of the show right now.
And I definitively like the Dan and Chuck scenes! I think Dan's character gains a lot to interact with him (and Blair). You can't say Humphrey is a bad friend. What I did not support from comments is the animosity of some fans, of what I almost consider as an hostage-taking of the writers by the Chair fans (not every single one of them obviously but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, I do not single out anybody) who claims EVERY WEEK that Chair is 'endgame' and are very upset when the writing doesn't not go in their way. Of course you always prefers some characters/couples better than other but they still belong to the writers and it's not really fair to them. Arrgh, I almost annoy myself with my complaining comment but I really wanted to say it for a long time. I also apologize for the mistakes I could've done, as english is not my usual langage and with a long post like that, I think they can be many of them.

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