Gossip Girl Review: Who is the Father?!

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Gossip Girl has been all about Blair Waldorf this fall. Sure, there are some other developments, but B's pregnancy and all her resulting quotes and facial expressions have been the defining story.

Tonight's episode, "The Jewel of Denial," was no exception. Although the episode had other intriguing and funny aspects, everything else seemed less relevant as the anticipation slowly built around that pesky envelope. Finally, thanks to the inaugural Chair scene of the season, we finally learned the identity of her baby's father.

Or did we?

S, B and C

When Blair revealed to Chuck and Monkey that she was pregnant with Louis' baby, the tension was so thick and the heartbreak so evident, I believed her too. But a couple of scenes soon gave her away.

That glance at the envelope didn't look like something one with closure would give. Did she even open it? If she had, she'd have just tossed it after, right? Or does she actually, secretly know it's Chuck's?

"Part of me really hoped it was yours." Blair wants to be with Chuck but feels she can't. The surprise pregnancy combined with the fairy tale convinced her of this, and with this lie, she tried to let him go.

By doing so, she can embrace her new life, for better or worse. Lying may not be right (you could see it hurt her), but it is as good a solution - in her mind - as she can find for an impossible situation.

That's my theory. It could be wrong, and there are still several directions the show could go with this as the season progresses. Only time will tell, but three things are undeniably clear right now:

  1. Chuck, as evidenced by his awkward o-face/heart attack/emotional breakdown at the end, can feel again. His four-legged friend may have twisted the proverbial cap, but Blair's bombshell opened the bottle. The question, obviously, is what he does now, and when and if Blair's "situation" changes.
  2. Dan's bond with Blair grows stronger weekly, romantically or otherwise.
  3. Leighton Meester is carrying the show this season.

I love Leighton and the way she conveys a wide range of emotions with such authenticity. I'm genuinely wondering what happens with Blair every scene, no small feat with storylines that stretch belief.

[Don't get me started on the practical impossibilities of having a paternity test done on an eight-week-old fetus without the potential father's involvement, or the publishing plot ... or Charlie, in general.]

Dan's involvement with both Blair and Chuck, independently of the other, was a highlight tonight. We can only hope for more scenes of Duck trading advice, constructive criticism and good-natured insults.

It's pure gold. As for Dan and Blair, if next week's promo is to be believed ... did they actually have sex, or did he just invent that in the book because he wished they had? If it's the former, he's still alive in the poll below! What else did he embellish (besides making you-know-who gay) and what is real?

Will Lonely Body be more lonely after Inside's release than he was in Season One?

Crazily enough, I actually liked Noah conning Dan into stepping forward and claim authorship. Come what may, that Muppet needed to man up and reap what he sowed ... be it acclaim, abuse, or both.

Nate and His Lovah

The rest of the episode, sponsored by Jenny Packham, featured the full-on ridiculous Charlie story taking even more twists, Nate starting work at the Spectator, and Rufus and Lily actually playing a role!

I realize watching Gossip Girl implies a certain suspension of reality, but something about the Ivy/Charlie story just does not click with me. At some point, I keep think she'll become interesting. Not yet.

Ivy getting paid by Carol to masquerade as Charlie, then wanting to stay in this affluent world ... fine. I just don't care. Thank goodness Nate found Ivy's phone, which could finally raise the stakes a bit.

Speaking of our favorite intern/boy toy, his hair and sleuthing were both surprisingly slick this evening. The good news is that our boy finally impressed the boss with something other than stamina.

The bad news? It's legally questionable, to say the least.

At least he made sure Blair and Dan's phones weren't among the ones he and Diana combed for gossip, a la Newscorp (great reference by the way), but wow. How far will Diana push him next?

We learned that she will stop at nothing to remake the paper and compete with Gossip Girl, and that Nate may prove invaluable in that endeavor. Invaluable and so easily manipulated.

Will he be forced to go up against his friends? I'm guessing that in future weeks, we'll see him in a situation where protecting the NJBC isn't as easy as stashing phones in a separate drawer.

Seeing Nate in a situation of real significance and struggling with a moral quandary, bolstering his career by blurring professional and ethical lines? He may not use words that big, but we're intrigued!

It was good to see Lily and Rufus too. I missed them. They don't need to dominate the show, but it's nice when they're around ... and the first shot of Lily being her ankle monitor was pretty classic.

At some point, Serena is going to step into the forefront again. Chances are her storyline will also involve Ivy/Charlie and Lily in some capacity. Cross your fingers that it's entertaining.

As for Rufus, he'll fire up that waffle iron for more than two people if nothing else.

That's all for now, but "The Jewel of Denial" should give you plenty discuss with TV Fanatic as you hit the comments! Come back tomorrow for news, promos and our Round Table! Finally, tonight's poll:

Who is the father of Blair's baby?


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i thought i was watching ppl for a second when i saw the note from A with dan's book


Wow, so everyone pretty much shares my thought. Blair is the central, pivotal character on this show, and the reason I keep watching, I said this before but she is the only character who has grown and is continually growing. Every one in the Waldorf family are interesting, amusing especially Dorota. Ok so I will give that praise to Chuck too, when he began crying, I'm sorry I felt like maybe the Rapture is imminent. About the paternity test like most of the comments I too have two theories:-
1. Maybe it is chucks because of the way she placed the dna test in the draw but then when he commented on the dog being neuterd I kind of thought he was refering to himself. So him being the father is impossible, and those sheared tears was realising the loss, of his love Blair to another 2. Maybe she hid the parternity test to keep Louie from finding about her infidelity. Blair does sneeky, lying so well. Personally, I was glad when she said that Louie was the father, I like louie, his and Blair relationship are a pleasant change "for now" to the ebb and flow of the cantankerous relationship of Chair. Now the rest of the cast, I hate every single Vanderwoodsen from the older ones to the newer. They suck and make the soap oops yes they bring the cheese of soaps to the show. Most of all Serena can't stand that girl. Can they bring Juliet back to torment her, good times. Nate in just a few words, man whore, gigolo, high end escort, he is alway "hooking" up. Give him some depth please and a character tranforming storyline. "Oh and finally Dan Dan Dan, sigh, A Letter of Concern: What happened to you, in the first season you had an identity YOU WERE DAN HUMPHERY WRITER,INDEPENDENT now you are just the upper east side bitch lapdog to quote Blair "a Muppet" with the upper east side pulling your strings. Vanessa, thank goodness she left the show she had outgrown it, tried to redeem you but seeing how you have been brainwashed I fear there is no hope. NO HOPE, HOPELESS. Except wait is there a savior in Noah Shapiro?is Dan finding himself again? highly unlikely even with this impending possiblity of the novel. From a disconcerted viewer"


I don't want to be called out as a 'troll' or anything but even if it were Chuck or Louis, what makes you people think that Chair or Blouis are endgame because of the baby. There is such a thing as being an adoptive father so Dair or Chair could equally be endgame. I support both so... whatever :)


best episode for a while!Ingenius idea getting chuck a dog, soo cuutee to see he bonds with the dog at the end, love the scene between chuck and blair its nice to see that those two do still have strong feelings for each other. Now im hoping that Louis goes back to france and blair and chuck will be together. Also love the relationship between dan and blair those two seemed to have developed a really strong friendship.


i cant belive that it wasnt chucks baby, but did you see the way blair snuck it in the draw at the end i think shes hiding something and when that dog came running in her face dropped :


Just one thing- I'm SO SO sick of Chair. I Don't buy into it anymore.


Oh yeah and the Blair and Dan scenes were sweet. I love them as friends (personal preference). They are funny, and sweet. Kind of reminds me of siblings (that's just me though). Reminds me of my best guy friend and me, the way they squabble yet are there for each other.


Chuck is sooo the daddy. Even though I don't want a baby I just really have a feeling it's him. Awwww how sad was the scene with him lying on the bed crying :(, even though he does make some odd faces lol. That dog is adorable though, I'm so glad he kept it!!! : ). I hope it sticks around for the whole show, however much there is left... Can't wait to see everyone's reaction to Dan's publishing. And I too enjoy the Duck scenes, I think they should have more, they play off each other well.


WTF? Leighton Meester has been carrying this sinking ship since season 1! 99% of viewer wouldn't even tune in without her.


LMAO. There is no way Dan can be the father. Dan knows about Blair's pregnancy, if he had a chance of being the father we should already know. You can't get pregnant with a kiss people. And it's just amazing how CB makes the show. One scene and you just feel it they belong together

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