Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Fasting and the Furious"

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Welcome to another Gossip Girl Round Table discussion! Below, our panel breaks down the most recent episode (see our official review from Monday night) of our favorite show in detail.

Below, TV Fanatic CEO Eric Hochberger (Gossip Guy), editor Steve Marsi (Mister Meester) and writers Courtney Morrison, Christina Tran and Leigh Raines discuss "The Fasting and the Furious."

Weigh in with your take on the following topics after reading ours!


What was your favorite quote from the episode?

Courtney: Definitely goes to Chuck after Dan gave him the dog collar: “I can think of a few girls who could look good in this.” Classic Basshole.

Christina: I loved when Serena’s boss cleverly called Dan “Dan F. Scott Fitzjackass.” Then again, I’m a fan of The Great Gatsby and appreciated such mentions as Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan.

Leigh: I'm going with a serious one this week despite Nate and Chuck's banter about how Nate speaks "Old Lady." Chuck new psych: "You never had a childhood so you behave like a child in the worst ways." WOW, calling it like it is on her very first appearance on the UES! I heart Chuck but it's about time he got some therapy.

Steve: I'll go the cheesy route and choose the heart-to-heart between Blair and her mom, and Serena confessing her feelings for Dan. Who knew Gossip Girl could make the room so dusty ...

Eric: Pretty much every word out of the exchange between Dan and Chuck. I once thought there could be no better banter than Dair, but then I met Duck. "Well at least this time it's because they hate you and not because they don't know you exist." A wise sage, psychic and hilarious to boot. What's there not to love about Chuck?

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Bigger stretch: Chuck and Louis talking to the same psychologist, Diana wreaking havoc at the Waldorfs with no one noticing, or Nate blinding trusting Ivy to put the files back?

Courtney: I'm going with Chuck and Louis talking to the same psychologist. She came out of nowhere and all of a sudden she is key in information for Louis and ready to help Chuck. Too much of a coincidence, even for Gossip Girl standards. Although Diana at the Waldorfs was a little extreme.

Christina: Diana wreaking havoc. If she was Nate’s +1, why didn’t anyone ever notice Nate was nowhere near her side?!

Leigh: Chuck and Louis talking to the same psychologist. This is Manhattan, there's more than enough therapists to go around. Also if she was in any way reputable she wouldn't see two patients who were a conflict of interest.

Steve: All good options, but what I found hardest to believe was Diana waltzing into a private family event, orchestrating those shenanigans and not arousing any suspicions. She's devious, but come on.

Eric: Nate. No matter how many seasons pass, I keep trying to give this guy credit as an intelligent human being. But seriously, you couldn't stick around for two minutes to watch someone you believe to be clinically insane put the files away? Yet you have hours to do your hair every morning? Not that I'm jealous...

Is this the beginning of the redemption of Chuck Bass?

Courtney: Chuck redeemed himself with me when he let Blair go, but hopefully this is the beginning of him coming around back to becoming a functioning person. He does need the help and if it helps him win Blair back, then Chuck Bass redemption is the way to go.

Christina: I’m not entirely certain, but if “the redemption of Chuck Bass” is needed in order to get Chair back together, I'm game.

Leigh: Yes, I kind of think it is. I don't think Chuck will shake all of his devious ways, and quite frankly he'd be boring if he did, but I think he'll get on a better path. Perhaps he'll be a little less masochistic.

Steve: Without question, something had to give with Chuck. He needs to step outside of his own head (and not in a drug-induced way) to see himself for who he really is. Hopefully this is the beginning of that process, whatever Eliza's true intentions may be. Only then can he be a better man.

Eric: No. Unfortunately this is the start of Louis and random dog-walking psychiatrist manipulation. Welcome to the manipulative UES, Louis. And welcome to having a personality. Possibly. That will be determined if my theory comes true.

The Waldorf Women

Will Blair make a good mother?

Courtney: Absolutely, she wasn’t queen bee for no reason. This character is one that has truly grown over the past several seasons. The one-time scheming mastermind now cares about her family and friends and will care about this baby. Hey, she already sent in her sonogram to Constance/St. Judes. The girl knows what she’s doing.

Christina: Most definitely. With her experience with the minions and a mother like Eleanor, she’s got a stellar resume to be a good mother. 

Leigh: I hate to say it, but Blair can barely take care of herself let alone a child. This kid has a chance if it's raised by Dorota. Otherwise all I can picture when I combine "Blair" with "Motherhood" is scenes from Mommie Dearest. Wire hangers everywhere.

Steve: Blair's flaws and poor decisions are too numerous to list, but she always means well and has strong maternal instincts. She's very young, but regardless of age, you're always ready and yet never ready to be a mother. Blair prides herself on being the best, and that should serve her well - whoever the father is. Plus, Eleanor is looking like a pretty strong role model for B in this department.

Eric: Of course. Did she not make a good mother to her minions in seasons past? Give the manipulative Queen B credit. She'll raise the perfect prince(ss).

Do you want Dan and Serena get back together?

Courtney: NO! Although these two were the heart of the show at one time, now it is just weird! Their parents are happily married and even though they are step-siblings, it’s still a little weird. Plus, Dan has built his own character, he is no longer Lonely Boy chasing after S. He deserves better. And Serena shouldn’t go after him for movie rights or because she’s jealous that Blair is the star of his book. There is a reason she isn’t.

Christina: Absolutely NOT. I’ve been over Derena ever since Rufus and Lily officially got back together.

Leigh: Yes! I still have faith in Derena. People love each other in spite of their flaws. They've still got the spark.

Steve: I loved Dan and Serena back in the day, and could feel that way again IF the relationship matures and is properly nurtured and developed by the writers. Part of the reason both Dair and Chair supporters are so passionate is that the characters really grew with each other believably over time - even if you're a Chair lover who hates Dair, you can't deny that and vice versa. I'll reserve judgment on Derena until we see where the next phase of their journey goes, although part of me thinks they are MFEO.

Eric: Oh no, I might lose my membership as official card-carrying member of the Dair shippers. But man, it was cute to see them revealing their feelings again. Plus it's been awhile since we've have some good incest on this show...

Blair's Future In-Laws

Who are the most underused and overused characters so far this season?

Courtney: Well Lily and Rufus fall into their own category, so if I’m picking out of the main characters, I’m going with Nate. Even though he has the storyline with Diana, he can do more. It’s admirable that he didn’t want to sell out his friends, but at least it would give him an interesting arc to go with. I mean, he was only half a character in Inside. That is saying something. Most overused? Ivy without a doubt. She is everywhere and is usually unnecessary. I miss the days when it was just about B, S, Lonely Boy, Nate the cougar-hunting pothead, and the incredible Chuck Bass.

Christina: Cyrus! I actually came across a rerun of Clueless this past weekend, and thought to myself how underused Cyrus was when watching all of Mr. Hall’s scenes. Are you reading my mind, Mysterious Question Giver? Overused: Ivy. I’m bored to tears of her already. How is she always anywhere and everywhere? She must have gotten tips from Vanessa.

Leigh: Overused: Beatrice. She's pretty but dull. Sorry but we already have someone in that role and his name is Nate. Underused: Cyrus. As he would say, "Not enough!!!"

Steve: Underused: Lily. Overused: Louis and his family. Courtney makes a great point about half-character Nate, however, and Eric's idea of the IUS may have to be implemented next time.

Eric: Underused? Cyrus. Man it was so great to have him back! I just want one of his signature hugs every time he's on screen! Overused? Ivy. She's the Vanessa of Season 5. IUS anyone?

What is Diana's connection to Bart?

Courtney: Best twist of the night, hands down. Maybe she is Chuck’s mother's sister coming to meet her nephew or she could be a former lover of Bart. I’m not really sure, but I’m willing to bet it will be juicy. And I can not wait. This should be the blast that puts Diana’s site on the map.

Christina: I’m thinking Diana is Chuck’s mom’s sister or for the sake of fewer words: Chuck's aunt! We should confirm with Lily, though. I’m curious to know why Bart would have a file on himself if he was investigating the family. Also, if that was really a picture of Diana, wouldn't Lily have recognized her by now?

Leigh: She probably banged him along with half the island of Manhattan. I'm thinking she was some lowly intern or something and he took advantage of her or they had some torrid love affair.

Steve: No idea, but if she has an ulterior, personal motive to infiltrate our UES crowd, that would at least make sense ... unlike the Spectator-Gossip Girl rivalry which sort of feels forced at times.

Eric: OMG, she's Chuck's incredibly hot mother. Mostly because I don't remember, did we ever learn conclusively that fraud Elizabeth or whatever was his mom? 

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This is great. I always enjoy the roundtable much more than the episodes right now. All for Chuck growing and finding his way back to his love (and his baby) in Blair. What's with the royals? I feel royally screwed having to watch them! Derena was kinda' adorable even though I don't ship Dan anything. @Katie I don't know what you're smoking but Dair stink. It's why the ratings went down and not many really care about them except anoners online, the rest nope.


Christina: I’m not entirely certain, but if “the redemption of Chuck Bass� is needed in order to get Chair back together, I'm game. I'm game too, Christina! I think Chuck is making himself better and I'm so happy because I want Chuck and Blair back! Good Roundtable! You guys are funny!


"Chuck redeemed himself with me when he let Blair go" I love Chuck but seriously, it takes more than a little speech "letting her go" in order for Chuck to redeem himself after all the shit he put Blair through. He needs to seriously get to the bottom of his many issues before they get back together otherwise he'll probably just revert back to his old self. A person can't go through life one way and change just like that. It takes work. Here's hoping the writers a willing to make Chuck do the work.


DAIR FTW! Seriously though, I have to wonder what the round table authors are smoking. Eleanor, although I Love HER and she has made a great strides, was a HORRIBLE mother/maternal figure for Blair. Their relationship has caused some of the greatest damage to her emotionally and is part of the reason that she resorts to scheming and manipulation. Part of the reason I was so annoyed with Eleanor's over the top reaction to Blair's meddling last season was because it's not like Blair grew up with a kind and supporting mother. Granted, I think what she said was nice and true and that Blair really will have a family, but I think that Cyrus has really helped Eleanor to change her perspective. B + E have a long way to go before they have this idyllic relationship that everyone seems to think they have. As for Blair's future as a mom. I think that she is young but has the tenacity/determination to be a great mom. I have a son and was 23 when he was born, but that only deepened my love for him because of the hardships/struggles I had to face as I got my degree/worked two jobs etc. Blair's age really shouldn't affect her at all since she has the ability to afford health care, au pairs, the best food/clothes etc. Someone like me had to work hard and it was tough for a long time but Blair, theoretically, can finish school and start on a job easy as pie. I also think Diana is Chuck's mother. Elizabeth is beautiful and looks like Chuck....but there was too much shadiness surrounding her departure to make believe 100%. Also, wouldn't it be funny if she were an actress, like Ivy, paid to imitate his mother? She was kind of hussled around the way Ivy is by Diana, no?


No not Derana again, so boring...
I'm still hoping for Dair :)


Great line from Chuck about Jason Bateman movie
Nate telling Ivy about ethics
The shrinks speech to Chuck tough love
Nice scene btw Serena and Dan


Maybe Diana was Chuck's au pair! That would be amazing!


I don't think she can be the mom, coz we remember Elizabeth, from season 3, when she left, look at a necklace with Bart s and Chuck as a babys pictures inside! So that mystery solved. Diana, is definitly related to the mommy issue in a biiiig way! Can't wait Anddd I thnk the writers gave us a lot of Dair then just took it away! Is because they wanna drop a surprise on us, so I'm still hopeful for Dair


Bart wouldn´t have kept a picture of one of his many random lovers. I think Diana is his daughter, Chucks sister.


Christina: I loved when Serena’s boss cleverly called Dan “Dan F. Scott Fitzjackass.� I loved that too! OMG, summarized Dan in a perfect way!I liked Derena in this episode but Dan's a jackass and he doesn't deserve Serena or Blair or even long gone Vanessa at this point. Plus, Nate treated Serena so much better! Courtney: Chuck redeemed himself with me when he let Blair go, but hopefully this is the beginning of him coming around back to becoming a functioning person. Aww, I'm a Chuck lover and ,yeah, I think Chuck has redeemed himself with Blair in that act. The more I see Chuck growing the more I want Chuck and Blair back. Lose that doofus Prince already! Steve: Blair's flaws and poor decisions are too numerous to list, but she always means well and has strong maternal instincts. Blair is maternal and feisty but ,dude, if she's having a baby BASStard then she'll need to go buy some patience too! Great roundtable!

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