Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Diana is Insane!

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Poor Nate. Guy is clearly in over his head here. Which isn't saying much for a man of such limited intelligence, but in this case, it's hard to blame him. Diana Payne (Elizabeth Hurley) is clearly a loose cannon.

Looks like young Archibald's first day as her intern gets off to an interesting start. His responsibilities apparently include certain obvious tasks that he's surprisingly not up for. At least not in front of a crowd.

Fortunately (or unfortunately for her staff), Diana's got a prompt, foolproof solution to that issue.

Watch this scene from Monday's Gossip Girl episode, "The Jewel of Denial" and comment below ...

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I still have a major girl crush on the new Hurley-character. Her firing everyone in the office was bound to happen (she is the new head and she wanted things to be more glamourous around her), so it wasn't simply to do the nasty-nasty with our favourite pot-loving bachelor. Think she is a brilliant addition to the cast. Way to go!


What's that song? Cal you tell me? I really need it.


So she fires all her employees so she can have sex with a 20 year old in her office? I really don't understand this character's motivation


so true @GG=life


I'm still getting Bedazzled flashbacks and thinking of her as my devil on the shoulder. I'm also thinking that Nate should be a pre-package item available in your local pharmacy...


His mind is in his crotch!


is Sara Paxton Gossip Girl? I know she well be a recurring on season 5 and a love interest of Nate but she kind of looks like Kristen Bell and well we know this season we well know something about the blogger so it could be her...


I can't help feeling really sorry for that little man with the glasses :(


I am sick of sering Nate being stupid!!!! Common 4 seasons were not enough for him to grow up or even start thinking ! Seriously where is this guys mind! Chair are mature than this guy! And then he gets an award !


I have to agree....she does sound like a man... And...we already knew that she's crazy...and that Nate is the thickest person on the planet.....I'm waiting to see when he will wake the hell up and realize that he's climbing all over her because of one (now two) good sexcapades....She can't be THAT good....seriously, Nate.....