Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: You Might Not Wanna Read That ...

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Monday on Gossip Girl, Dan finally came forward as the author of Inside.

Will he look back on this life-changing decision happily? Or rue the day?

In a clip from next week's episode, he looks like he's worried about the latter. Subtly encouraging Blair not to read his book, he knows the creative liberties he took aren't going to go over well.

We assume they're creative liberties. Is it possible that Dan and Blair actually did sleep together? Probably not, but we'll find out soon enough. Meanwhile, B is off to break the big news.

Be sure to check out our review and Round Table discussion of this week's episode, "The Jewel of Denial." Then take a look at the sneak peek from "Memoirs of an Invisible Dan" below ...

UPDATE: Check out the new Canadian promo for a few more snippets!

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She's gonna still read it! and find out that Dan is in love with her. I hope that it wasn't fiction that he wrote that they slept together. I know its a long shot, but i would much rather a Dair Baby than a Chair baby or Blouis baby.


Dair! Dan and Blair are flawless! Love them!




I'm a die-hard Chair fan but I'm really loving the Dair friendship...and the fact that Blair can still be her b*tchy self. The line about the punctuation and the font was hilarious! :)) So far, I'm pretty sure it's Chair as the endgame though because the writers and producers have been building on that tension for SEASONS now, and even if it isn't Chair, Dair as the final match-up would probably be a bit out of left field in characterization. There's a lot of healthy tension, but not enough build-up so far to make it that plausible. Still, this is set to be a pretty blow-away season, so who knows? And is it just me or was the scene with Chuck and his dog a bit...cheezy? Maybe if it had been shot differently it wouldn't have come off that way? I'm not sure, but even if we've seen Chuck's "sensitive side" several times, it seems a tad bit OOC of him to be kissing the head of a dog. Still, I'm loving Monkey! He's adorable, and I love how his name is definitely is a reference to the bookverse Chuck. =))


Is it me or did blair actually look sad when dan "admitted" she was painted badly?! :D
Wooooo *girly squeal* she cares, ppl ;)


Hahahah @Skinny you crack me up


Does no one have any giggles for Blair's statement that the novel is "well-punctuated" and she "likes the font"? It's hilarious.


ok well then I apologize. I just didn't appreciate the way she made the final scene of 5.03 sound petty and stupid. I don't come on here and bag out dair scenes and I think it should apply in the same way for dair fans. I admit maybe my comment was over the top, but it's so frustrating when dair fans freak out because chair fans FINALLY get a scene that shows all the tension and passion we love about them. I'm not worried the show is not going the way I want it to, in the end Blair will be happy and I couldn't really care less because the drama is good with both suitors.


Loved it!!! I can't wait for MORE DAIR!


god that scene was dull, dan and blair are so boring together (allo the time) they are good as friends though

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