Gossip Girl Sneak Peeks: Dog Park Style

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On Monday's episode of Gossip Girl, "The Fasting and the Furious," Chuck takes Monkey to the dog park. That alone would make for a memorable scene, but does he make a significant connection there?

A sneak peek released for the fifth episode of the season certainly implies that. Will this be a new love interest for Chuck, or merely a professional relationship? He could use help in that department ...

Also this week, Diana increases her efforts to infiltrate Blair's inner circle, with Nate and Ivy in tow, while Serena has to put on a happy face and suck up to Dan. Sounds like plenty of duplicity to go around.

Watch the sneak preview clip, along with the weekly producers' overview, below:

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Agreed with @Observer!


Oh for crying out loud, leave the actors out of your petty wars. Ship all you want but leave Penn, Blake, Leighton n Ed alone.


@veronica55 penn is the worst actor on the show... @I'llSayYes totally agree.


cant wait for tonight! bring on my chair


@veronica55 I have no clue which Ed Westwick interviews you've been watching but being a true fan of his, I know that he has expressed nothing but love for GG. He even said that he'd like to be working in GG for as long as he possibly can. Clearly I don't see how you can say that Ed is not into it but defend Penn for wanting to do other things. It is widely known that he'd be the first to leave the show if he got the chance unlike Ed who repeatedly acknowledges how thankful he is for GG. And while we're on the topic, whenever the show is brought up to Ed he always refutes his stance behind Chair (and cracks a smile when discussing Leighton) so I don't think what you said about him was plausible. You must value your own opinion so just respect Ed's.


Also, people who feel like Penn humiliated himself by talking bout Dair being soulmates - HA! He may not have explained himself so well.. and moved on to saying he enjoys working with Leigh, still you cannot for crying out loud, say he was only saying that to get back at Blake. He did mention her vaguely in that context.
Penn is a really good actor - I think it's okay for him to want to move on to bigger and better things, and hence he said GG isn't a driving force for him. I'd feel bad for any actor who would say otherwise. But my point is - he enjoys working with L and hence their chemistry is palpable. I feel like they're having fun working together and that makes watching them so much more fun than Ed and Leighton. Just what I think- Chairios don't have to agree.


@CrAZychicke- thanks :D
@QueenNoBS - I was actually getting thrashed while there were no other Dairers around here :P but no amount of thrashing is going to convince me I don't want Dan & Blair together. I said that Charios need to open their minds a little, is cuz is the situation was the other way around - if Blair was with Dan for the last 4 seasons (or 3.5) and was unhappy, and the r/s was going nowhere, then I'd want Blair to be with someone else (like Nate,, hehehe) especially if they had this awesome chemistry (which Chairios cannot see) And I seriously do feel that Ed Westwick is not even interested in Chair or anything.. or maybe he just seems so boring/bored in all his interviews.


@ ChairFans: iv loved chair, I DIED when the piano scene happened it was so killer! Admittedly that same level of passion will not be achieved in a Dair relationship, coz let's face dans not really the kind of guy whod do that, not just his style.. But the thing is, besides that, just why it is so attractive the Dair aspect of GG, because before it, the bitch was with the bastard and according to serena two wrongs became a twisted right, but during that relationship we never saw a Blaire who watched movies on call with a friend who visited art galleries for something other than buying a coveted art piece to please someone (season 3)
WHICH has suddenly opened eyes for many, that woah Blair has this side too, which was way too suppressed during this relationship, and with Dan its a perfect match for that with just a little PLAYFUL not HURTFUL touch of scheming, so WHY NOT, ignoring Dan, why not for the sake of BLAIR ( who I'm sure we ALL adore!) Give Dair a shot? Can't be toooo bad can it? :D


Will be interesting to see the developments of this new relationship between Chuck and the beautiful psychologist. I think Chuck needs a mature person at his side. I cannot see him with Blair anymore. I think Chuck will be experiencing the same evolution that another famous bad guy faced. I'm talking about the Lost "bad Guy" Sawyer that has found his peace and true love with Juliet (a very mature woman, also a doctor by the way) but continue to respect and be available for his 4 seasons soulmate Kate.


@ R. You think that was immature? HAHAHAHAHA dude i used to ship chair so much in season 1-2 but then i got over them and now i ship dair, and seriously i know i contradicted myself by complaining about the "shipping war" and then calling you guys immature but yes, sometimes it feels like that when we are getting HATED by liking a different ship. rant over, i like what they are doing to chuck and i like chucky and lilly. i really want to see this episode now.