Gossip Girl Sneak Preview Clips: "Memoirs Of An Invisible Dan"

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"This is going to be fun." - Chuck

Indeed, Mr. Bass. Indeed. The "Memoirs Of An Invisible Dan" hit the fan next Monday, and in this sneak preview of the all-new episode of Gossip Girl, we see what that means for a variety of characters.

Spoiler alert: Expect the unexpected.

According to executive producer Josh Safran and writer Amy Harris, the book paints characters in a way one wouldn't necessarily see coming, given Dan's relationships with them in real life.

We know from this week's Gossip Girl promo what he writes about Blair, and how he took creative liberties with Nate. But how is Serena portrayed in the pages of Inside? Below lies a major hint. Watch this two-and-half minute preview of Monday's episode, the fourth of this season, and share your comments ...

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i have a weird feeling that a bomb is about to be dropped tonight. Does anyone else think Blair will like what is in the book, despite the (potentially) misleading preview? (Plus, Dan and Blair are totally dressed in the outfits from the book release party during the kiss shown in the canadian promo.) And what of Chuck? I predict another angsty, tearjerking Chuck and Blair moment! Gotta love those. Oh, Dramaramarama.....


Yes, I think we just love our ship too much so we can't help wanting the other to see why we feel that way :-)
I loved Vanessa's character at the beginning and it's a shame the writers did not give her proper storylines. It could have worked so well to see her connect more to the other characters instead of making her become more and more evil and annoying after each season. She had great potential and I loved her with Nate.
I want to see Chuck grow because I care about his character. How could I not? He is amazing and well-written and complex! Yet, I cling to Dan when it comes to Blair. I like Chuck alone now. With Raina, I was just waiting for the whole thing to be over. Chuck working on himself is great. The first episode of season 5 gaves us the fun Chuck, alone and amazing and I loved it. He seemed less, I don't know, troubled to me. As soon as he starts a relationship, he just changes. If he becomes mature enough, he could very well be good for Blair. I say that considering Chair seems set to be endgame but I still hope for Dair with all my heart, against all odds to happen *crosses fingers*


@kookakicha: it's alright, we are all entitled to our opinion, at the end of the day we are more like exchanging opinions, I think a part of each of us wants to convice the other that we are right but we know that's not going to happen, it's not realistic. Going back to the issue, since a few months ago, well since 4x20, I've been saying too that Chuck should be redeemend for his own sake, of course that would be beneficial to the other persons that relate to him including Blair but first and foremost he should do it for himself, I see we agree on that. I guess at some point many of us believed or fantazied that Chuck was the only one that "got Blair" and found it romantic, but is true that is not realistic, after all Serena is her best friend, they have common points, she has common points with Nate (they are both from old money families and the only childrens of their parents, and they were growing up, they were the only ones between the NJBC that apparently had estable families, unlike Chuck and Serena), there was a reason she was with him at the beginning. Even she and Jenny used to have common points at the beginning, even if it was ambition and fashion I guess, heck I think she even got to emphatize with Vanessa on 3x6 because they both managed to get isolated and it's kinda sad that Vanessa was used the way she was on this show because with her mother issues she could have emphatized with Blair if she had been used differently. So why can't she get common points with Dan? I think at this moment my opinion about the whole thing would be to say that I feel Chuck has the greater connection with her, the most profound, but that doesn't mean others can't connect with her, even in important and deep levels, but that's just my opinion.


I want DAIR....


Well I didn't mean they will lose their banter and passion, but it won't be angry games and angry sex and plotting and all that which used to be so characteristic of them before.


I think I have never read a better account of why someone likes Chair. I see where she is coming from with her argument and I agree they did love each other and they did have such great moments. I remember the time when I watched Gossip Girl solely for Chuck and Blair and where I totally forgot that he did seriously despicable things (like almost raping Serena and Jenny).
But that time is over for me now. Don't get me wrong, I still believe he needs to be redeemed. I love his character a lot. His one-liners are amazing but I don't think he should be with Blair. My reasons are that even when she was with Chuck, she wanted something simple (something like Dorota and Vanya) and part of me thinks she's with Louis because of that (and mostly because of the whole he's a prince fairytale). We know it's not going to work because Louis doesn't really know her. She isn't herself with him.
That leave us Chuck, who does know her. Yet, even when redeemed, Chuck and Blair will lose the aspect that most fans used to love which is mainly all their banter and passionate sex scenes. That's still allright with me because I pine for mature relationships over what they used to have.
Yet, I see Dan as the closest option to a Vanya and Dorota. I don't clame Real love should be perfect, not at all and I'm sure Blair and Dan would not display perfect love. Their banter is always there. Blair cannot choose who she is and Dan, even though he is less judgemental than before (considering he loves her :-) ) still likes to provoke her at times. The plus is that Dan also knows her. He's seen her develop and change and he's learnt to like her better than he used to. Furthermore, he's done so from another point of view. He's come from someone who hated her and barely knew her (even though the corridor scene had somehow given him a glimpse of the less scary side of former Blair) to a friend who loves her. That alone to me screams the need to develop the relationship. So it's not like Chuck is always the only guy who "gets her" or something.
I also don't like the fact that Chuck used to give her presents once in a while. I disagree that material things can be seen as a proof of love. It did fool Blair for a while. Ultimately it's actions and words that speak. And Chuck's did (a lot) which is why they're not together now. She knows he loves her but she also knows there is a reason why they can't work out properly.
I am convinced the writers are going to make Chair endgame so I'm reconciled to the idea because I don't think Dair will ever get its chance to shine. It makes me sad but the show remains good so I'm not going to stop watching. I hope Chuck gets to change at least before the endgame happens.


i actually think that dan and that publisher girl will get together...


LOLs ok GG fans looks like we have prob 50% chair and 50% dair fans atm... some of these comments are just completely insane.. it's nice to read other people's theories and comments but really we all need to remember not to be rude... everyone's entitled to their opionions.. frankly, i cannot wait to watch this episode, i think it will definitely be fun and i'm so very glad how well this season has started because i was losing hope for GG. hopefully georgina will be back soon. also how crazy is this but i'm enjoying ivy's storyline which is bizarre considering how much i hated her, much rather have jenny back... i also love both dan and blair as individuals and as friends and possibly soul mates as penn has hinted however i'm here for the ride because the writer's are in total control of her they end up with.. now i was a massive chair supporter in the beginning and a derena supported and i HATED blair in season 1 - now look at me - HATING serena and LOVING Blair LOL it completely depends on what the writer's throw at us which manipulate us into liking a character... or hating them... long story short - i'm excited to see what drama unfolds at dan's book launch and i think this ep will be pretty great... i also would rather not see Derena start up again and i don't want to see chair angst.. i would like chuck and blair to be friends again but i think we'll have a while before that happens.. also i'm loving dorota / dan friendship and dair of course, and dorota/blair... and interested to see what happens with the wedding/baby etc.. and DUCK!!!


"However 4x02, was what made Chuck redeemable in my eyes. somewhere after he got shot i think, it dawned on him, the atrocity of his soul, what he was capable of. which is why i applaud 4x02 at all stops. what it meant for Chuck and Blair, i think only few understand it as profoundly as i do. I think the fact that he was able to convey how sorry and contrite he was without having to say it speaks volume to that fact…the simple fact that he was ashamed in front of her, unlike the smug apology he gave her before “please do this for me, please forgive me�, I mean do you hear how absurd it was, and yet pitiful. who did he think he was? how dare he feel as if he deserves her forgiveness? But then look how oblivious he was, how pitiful he was. However, now he was standing in front of her utterly ashamed and repentant of the man he used to be. of the man who was capable of hurting her this bad. i don’t think he needed to express how sorry he was with words. it broke my heart how sorry he was when she gave him the ring box and his face fell. it conveyed sadness and resignation, like it was his 25 years to life sentence and he just accepted it. didn’t question it. he knew he deserved it.. he was so ashamed of himself that he thought it was better to be somebody else: Henry Prince. so he settled to be somebody else. � A chance to live simply, earn people’s respect. maybe become a person someone could love�. because, Chuck Bass, after what he did could never be someone worthy of love. there it goes again, that word ‘worthy’. Perhaps, Henry Prince, as sadly twisted as it was, maybe Henry Prince had a shot at love. And this time he didn’t ask for forgiveness. He knew he could never deserve it from her. That’s the beauty of their love though, she forgave him in spite of it. No he didn’t deserve it and no it wasn’t easy for her. But it makes their love beautiful that she was able to give him something even tho he didn’t deserve it when he thought he was never ‘worthy’ of anything ungratuitous. But Blair’s forgiveness gave him is ‘worthiness’ of love back. maybe not from herself but maybe someone could love him. At his father’s wedding he had said that one day he hoped he’d be lucky enough to find someone who would be gracious enough to forgive him. And there she was, this girl he spoke of. this girl of his dreams. It was Blair who persevered in love with him and forgave his most unforgivable indiscretions."


"But why shouldn’t he be redeemable? He has shown great remorse and contrition over the things he did to Blair and although that doesn’t warrant her forgiveness, she had granted it nonetheless. Even if Blair should never forgive Chuck in her own heart, i believe he should be redeemed. The thing is, sadly enough, Chuck did not understand his action in 3x17. this is not an argument to defend him. it is simply a logical deduction. in fact, i don’t even believe Chuck had rationalized his actions at all despite how inaccurately he would have perceived the severity of his actions to be anyways. i don’t think he weighted it out at all. he was so secure in his relationship with Blair. The fact that Chuck didn’t think he would lose Blair as a result of his game of chess with Jack is highly indicative of something askew. Actually, i feel sorry for him. He just saw love through the wrong pair of eyes. So, no, the empire was not a deliberate sabotage of his relationship, though it cost him the same. deliberate or not he lost Blair and with good reason, i’d say. and in 3x18 he wantonly asked her to forgive him claiming that their love was magnetic, their pull as undeniable as ever. It’s very startling his ignorance in matters of love and morality. How much more could he offend her? after trading her for a hotel to offer up such an uncouth apology layered with self-aggrandizing verses. However, This is all further proof of how ignorant Chuck was of the magnitude of what he did to Blair. and although he did say he was “sorry�, smugly nonetheless, How could he possibly think he deserved her forgiveness? That’s when i realized that i couldn’t hold Chuck accountable for his offensive apology. he didn’t know any better. and the fact that he slept with Jenny because he thought Blair didn’t love him anymore because �i didn’t care if i lived or died� is simply the most tragic thing about him. Blair meant everything to him. he did love Blair. It’s not like he didn’t love her. he was hopeless. he would have died trying to hold on to that ring, to the memory of her and it would have been worth it. she was always ‘worth’ it."

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