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With Dan's novel taking over this week's episode of Gossip Girl, fans were given a brief reprieve from the question that has dominated this season so far: Who got Blair Waldorf pregnant?

The latest Gossip Girl promo shows Blair revealing to her mom that she's about to make her a grandmother, with the obvious implication that the father of her unborn child is fiance Louis.

Fans, however, know that's not exactly a sure bet. Far from it, in fact.

On the subject of who the father is, TV Line's Michael Ausiello writes:

The Gorgeous Blair

"I honestly don’t know. What I can say, however, is that there’s a kiss coming up. A kiss that will whip a passionate ‘shipper base into a frenzy ... A kiss that will have office water coolers buzzing for weeks to come."

He continues, even more cryptically, "A kiss so hot it’s followed by a [spoiler alert]!"

Well, that's certainly a lot of hype, but the show has lived up to it so far this fall.

We have to assume the kiss involves Blair, given everything else going on... but who will she be locking lips with? Furthermore, what will bring about this epic kiss, and what implications will follow?

Share your theories below, and vote in our ongoing survey:

Who is the father of Blair's child on Gossip Girl?

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People who like Chair
We used to love em too, they were hot, sexy, passionate, etc etc
But their storyline has been dragggged way too much. Give Dair a shot. And luckyBastarda: agreed! :)


@juicystargirl I completely agree with you. although I've always considered myself a chair fan I was fairly open to the idea of dair until this episode. that seen was dan's fantasy and it wasn't even hot! could you imagine in real life (so to speak)? they honestly just don't suite and I can't see why dair fans are still going crazy for their union. their meant to be friends, that is the extent of their chemistry, nothing more and if the writers go down that path it will ruin the show! if it's a kiss to end all kisses, assuming the spoiler is not being overdramatic, it has to be a chair kiss. and honestly it's about time! I'm sick of Louis he is the biggest pain! please give us back the chair we know and love!!!


just please be realistic! stop saying that blair and dan could have been spleeping together after their kiss, writers can't come back to something that could have happen almost 10 episodes before! it's juste impossible!


Can someone please post a link to the UK promo everyone's been talking about?(a)


LOL, dan and blair kissing is not hot. its nasty. I finally realized what the dair craze is all about, and I think i got it. people seem to have asoft-spot for "star-crossed lovers" as in 2 people that wnat to be together but cant..but what all of you have to realize is, dan and blair in a relationship/kiss is just...wrong. I'll admit, i THOUGHT i was a dair shipper at first..but after watching dan and blair kiss in the last episode...blehh..not hot at all. awkward/lacking sexual chemistry. &louis a sweet guy and all..but not for blair. they just dont work. then comes the epic pairing. chuck&blair. althugh the writer's seem to have completely ruined chuck's character these past 2 years(all the horrible things hes done to blair) &without giving him any redemtion whatsoever, and then theres the fact that shes engaged, STILL, there will always still be something there between chuck&blair. and i cant really put my finger on what it is, but they belong together for some reason.


Chair and Derena


hello again, I've just rewatched the UK promo and I think the few seconds of Chuck kissing Blair was actually from the bar miztvah scene from season 4...oops sorry guys, guess we are no wiser as to who is going to have the epic kiss!!


@LuckyBastarda - I agree! I think that the majority of unanswered questions revovlve around Dan and Blair. Why have wwe not scene an uninterrupted real kiss? Why does it feel like they are always hiding DAIR kisses in dreams, on phone screens or on a this-is-just-a-test situation.




DAIR is hot and steamy.... BRING ON DAIR -0 I want a for-real kiss. I have had it with all the teasing....

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