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Blair Waldorf's pregnancy was revealed to several, but not all characters on last night's Gossip Girl (see our review from earlier). What no one knows, including B herself, is who the father is.

Now, here's a new mystery for you, courtesy of E! Online:

Next week, the beautiful B totally makes out with a guy.

A guy that is NOT the prince OR Chuck. While we caution that this scene "is not what it seems," it is not a dream.

Confused/intrigued yet? Make of that what you will and sound off with Dair-related theories for next week below.

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Regarding who is gay in Dan's book? It's not Serena. It's not Chuck. That's all we have for now on that front, but rumor has it Rufus in particular is extremely displeased by Dan's book. So ... there's that.

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Who's the father of Blair's baby?

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So... who did Blair make out with in 5.3 'Jewel of Denial'?


I agree with all the DAIR supporters below. DAIR for endgame. Can't wait to see them together.


PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS A SHOW AND NOT REAL LIFE SO PLEASE DON'T JUDGE ME ARSHLY.... But I totally hope Blair trips and falls down the stairs and loses the baby because I just think a baby would ruin everything and make the show awkward.


Baby won't be Dan's but Dair for endgame anyway!!! :)






Lots of people are saying chuck and Blair are meant for eachother. but I disagree I mean they put eachother thru pain and heartache while season 5 Dan and Blair actually care about one another. I'm mean Blair has always seemed like she was being someone she's not I think Dan brings the real Blair to surface. and I think it would be funny to see Blair try and adjust to normal lifstyle haha :) but this baby could be anybodys it's a show anything can happen:)dair


@ AdriannaNavid: I've been saying the same, it should be Nate, after all there was scene that the GG boys filmed in a dog park like a month ago where Nate started to complait about something to Dan, and bystanders swore they heard Dan say "I'm sorry that I make you .... in my book". People didn't heard the word gay so they assumed it was something about the cougars, but Nate looked pretty upset with Dan so it should be the gay thing, specially that Chuck is now out of the race thanks to this spoiler. I had never believed it could be one of the girls (Serena and Blair) since he has had or has feelings for them and Vanessa doesn't make sense to me because she's out of the show so no drama there, same thing with Jenny plus is his sister, as you say Rufus would be odd because is his father, Lily would be odd too and unless he made himself gay in the book only Nate is left.


I know Dan isn't the baby's father, but i hope we get a real Dair kiss, i really hope it doesn't turn out that the kiss is just the scenarty from Dan's book...


If it isn't Serena OR Chuck that Dan has made gay, and if he has told the tale of B in a flattering light, and if Jenny isn't returning (which let's face is, she is not), and Eric i already gay, then that leaves Nate, Lily, Rufus and Dan himself. Obviously it isn't Lily -she has proven her love for the male species on FAR too many occasions to be gay, and why would Dan make himself or his own dad gay!?
That only leaves mister Man-bangs, which frankly only makes sence because Nate has never really got much to do in the show PLUS he sure SEEMED pretty gay in the pilot back in season 1, when he though having sex with the Queen B herself would be a BURDEN (I know he was in love with S but STILL: Come ON!)

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