Gossip Girl Spoilers: Will Chuck and Blair Kiss?

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This week's Gossip Girl gave us plenty to discuss in the waiting period before the show resumes November 7. See our official review and Round Table for a full breakdown of "The Fasting and the Furious."

Specifically, the future of Chuck and Blair - always a popular Gossip Girl topic, however you feel about them - has grown even more hotly debated than usual with the former couple at a crucial juncture.

So what's on tap for Chair, and will it lead to a full-blown reconciliation?

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According to E! Online, Chuck does apologize for something very big, but this scene may not have the outcome you're hoping for "unless you're a Dan + Blair or Louis + Blair or Dorota + Blair shipper."

Furthermore, it's not that the apology itself is epic, "but rather it's an apology about something that happened in the past that was epic." What do you think it is, and how will Blair respond to this?

Also, someone will go therapy with Chuck. Guesses on who?

Blair’s wedding shower is coming up, meanwhile, and two people will be conspicuously MIA from the shower invite list. Guesses on who got the cold shoulder from Ms. Waldorf's big event?

Meanwhile, TV Line continues to tease THE kiss coming up ... the major kiss so hot it will be followed by a [spoiler alert]. Well, we know know that the person on the receiving end of it is Blair.

And we now know that it’s followed by a ... **a*.

There are a number of good four-letter words we can think of to complete that sentence. Fill in the blanks and tell us who you think kisses Blair in the comments section below!

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Thank you @pty!!! Gosh, some of these arguments make no sense!!


@ L: this is not a reason for Blair to go back to Chuck, but seriously, Blair's morals are not high, they never have been, they are higher than Chuck's, sure, but not high like Nate or Dan or allegendly Vanessa's.


@ R ..the whole BLERENA thing you're pushing is kind of IRREVELANT. Serena has already pulled the plug on that by sleeping with Nate behind Blair's back and then dating Nate after they were over. And if you're arguement is that Blair and Nate were over then the same can be said for Dan and Serena. They're over. Have been over for awhile now. So just like Nate (Serena certaintly didn't ask Blair's permission) Dan is free game. Oh and for a side note for Blair to go back to Chuck would pretty much prove her morals aren't that high to begin with. No one, especially someone who is written to have as much dignity and high standards as Blair Waldorf, would go back to someone who has treated them that. I was a huge Chair fan when they first started and then sarted dating. But after everything that's happened and now the constant on and off they've lost their appeal. They may have great chemistry but the spark that made them so interesting to watch has gone away. For a couple that's supposed to be so unpredictable they're too predictable now.


@jenkins Word!


God, Please say Chuck and Blair are kissing. This show sucks without them.


Louis is not so good as it seems for that now it wants to damage Chuck
And Dan humiliated Blair for his birthday and he is an egoist because almost it ruins the happiness of Blair in the episode yes have zero and Dan did not do anything to defend Blair when Louis got angry for what he had written in his book
Chuck has done bad things that I do not justify but he is the man who more loves and understands Blair
So I hope that Blair kisses Chuck


Umm, Ausiello definitely said the kiss was to be followed by a "--AP" meaning that there's absolutely no chance in hell "SHAG" is still a possibility. And just for the record, Blair is still on the receiving end of the kiss unless Ausiello is a troll who gives false spoilers.


WHAT IF Dan is on the receiving end of the kiss and not Blair. yeah, what about that! and that kiss is followed by a "SH_G"
that would really change something drastic in the air enough believing in "make-believe" stories, they're only trying to mess with our expectations.. which they won't really give in the end. plus, too much damage have gone between Blair and Chuck. and it's all just YOUNG LOVE! what about matured true love?? give it to us. not just some poor old loving tricks. no matter how you turn the tides, it's passed out! so better make a new, fresh and matured adventure for BLair and the entire cast! coz viewers deserve that!


@Kendallf and @R I am 100% behind what you guys said!! Any possible romantic storyline that the writers could possibly conjure for Dair would be a been-there-done-that-don't-wanna-go-back. Watching movies? CB did that first, Chuck is nothing if not appreciative of Blair's favorite classics (examples: Summer, Kind of Wonderful and Enough About Eve). Like @Kendallf said, the whole Dan being in love with Blair and Blair supposedly in denial is basically CB seasons 1 and 2. And if you ask me, there's no way you could ever re-do that storyline and expect the same kind of outrageously positive response that CB got. I mean, they were NUMBER FREAKING THREE on EW's MOST ENTERTAINING list for goodness sake, GG will never be able to top that with Dair, or anything else for that matter. Anyways, Manhattan boy falling for the UES queen? Dan and Serena and even Rufus and Lily went there. Dan being Blair's shoulder to cry on in the midst of her wedding/baby madness? Again, a page out of the Lily and Rufus book. Except one minor detail: Lily actually loved Rufus and it wasn't always ABOUT HER PROBLEMS with them, they built off of each other's hurt. Blair and Dan is the most one-sided relationship I've seen on GG since Chuck and his call-girls. Does anyone really believe that Blair would drop whatever she's doing and go running to help Dan if he were in trouble? No, he has Serena for that. And the damsel in distress thing, Derena owns that too. In reality, the one healthy relationship Dan has been in this season WITH GIVE AND TAKE is with Chuck. You might even make a play for his publicist. Point is, Blair doesn't belong with Dan. Never have, never will.


Blair+Dorota Forever and Ever

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