Gossip Girl Spoilers: Will Chuck and Blair Kiss?

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This week's Gossip Girl gave us plenty to discuss in the waiting period before the show resumes November 7. See our official review and Round Table for a full breakdown of "The Fasting and the Furious."

Specifically, the future of Chuck and Blair - always a popular Gossip Girl topic, however you feel about them - has grown even more hotly debated than usual with the former couple at a crucial juncture.

So what's on tap for Chair, and will it lead to a full-blown reconciliation?

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According to E! Online, Chuck does apologize for something very big, but this scene may not have the outcome you're hoping for "unless you're a Dan + Blair or Louis + Blair or Dorota + Blair shipper."

Furthermore, it's not that the apology itself is epic, "but rather it's an apology about something that happened in the past that was epic." What do you think it is, and how will Blair respond to this?

Also, someone will go therapy with Chuck. Guesses on who?

Blair’s wedding shower is coming up, meanwhile, and two people will be conspicuously MIA from the shower invite list. Guesses on who got the cold shoulder from Ms. Waldorf's big event?

Meanwhile, TV Line continues to tease THE kiss coming up ... the major kiss so hot it will be followed by a [spoiler alert]. Well, we know know that the person on the receiving end of it is Blair.

And we now know that it’s followed by a ... **a*.

There are a number of good four-letter words we can think of to complete that sentence. Fill in the blanks and tell us who you think kisses Blair in the comments section below!

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@Alice, I also am hoping for anything other than a steamy and GROSS chair kiss.


o and i hope the therapy dan goes with chuck! that would be so funny. or mokey. but dan would be halarious! and he needs it for thinking blair could ever like him more than friends... HA


give me chair nowww it feels like it has been forever! @kendallf hahah awesome comment. funny and true


I don't want to see any Chair action. Chuck is so pathetic right now. And I would love to see Dan and Blair get together. I think the two characters have grown to be perfect for each other. I do think that it may be a chair kiss followed by a slap (which makes the chair scenario better for me), but I so, so, so, SO tired of Chair and seeing Chuck act so pathetic.


As much as i want there to be another Dan/Blair kiss, i have a feeling this could be a Chuck/Blair kiss, but that doesn't necessarily mean that its a good thing for Chuck/Blair fans. It does say that the scenes between her and chuck will make Dair and Blouis fans happier than chair fans.


go dan thats how you win blair's heart by writing u had sex with her in your book and then publish it *roll eyes* people said that dan wrote something that will make blair swoon in his book and this is all we got? im sorry but this is just pathetic for his character. blair has rejected him so many times so enough is enough. Dan deserve someone who will want him back. him chasing a girl who obviously doesnt want him just makes him look needy and desperate(which is why i find him so unattractive) and since dan likes "damsel in distress" woman then maybe he can go save someone who wants to be save like Ivy(that girl looks like she needs to be save) because serena and blair do not want to be saved esp blair it makes her look weak and its an insult to the real "Blair waldorf" because she is not a weak person.


dair fans they said the kiss was hot not awkward and greasy so it cant be dair.


Hope it's a DAIR kiss. But it will be CHAIR followed by a slap. I think the writers are thinking the Chuck/Blair game needs a rest for the time being. I think this kiss will be Chuck's beginning of therapy and trying to make up for his mistakes. But I also think Blair was serious about taking his advice when he let her go and is moving on. I would love to see DAIR explored a bit further. It's fun to see Dan's admiration for Blair, their friendship was one of the biggest highlights of last season for me.


The hot kiss is followed by a SLAP ??


comme on! can be dAn. Well i hope im wrong!

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