Gossip Girl Video Contest: Create the Best Tribute to Dair!

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Gossip Girl can't always give us what we want ... but now you can!

TV Fanatic is asking fans of the show to create the best YouTube tribute video to Dan and Blair, the unlikely couple (or relationship, depending on your view) that has built such a following over the past year.

Before non-Dair 'shippers lose their minds, not to worry - this tribute video contest is the first of many! It will be followed by Chair and Derena tribute video contests with the same rules, and possibly more.

The first contest, however, is all about Dair. Here are the rules:

Dair Sleeping Together

Dan and Blair will be together forever ... at least in your tribute videos!

  1. Create a tribute YouTube video dedicated to the cute couple pictured above. You must submit your own video, rather than simply recommending another one that you like to us.
  2. Videos must be FIVE minutes or less. Other than that, you have full creative control!
  3. To submit an entry, send a private message to this link.
  4. Registered users only may do this. Login or register.
  5. U.S. residents only are eligible for the iTunes prize (see below). But if you are an international user who wishes to enter for Dair pride alone, feel free! You can still win.
  6. By submitting a video to TV Fanatic in this contest, you retain ownership but grant us permission to post it on our site and within our video system.

Entries must be submitted by Friday, November 18. The following Friday, November 25, our editors will post the top five entries and let YOU VOTE on the winner!

The video with the most votes by Friday, December 2 wins.

The prize: Your video will be featured on our homepage, Twitter, and Facebook pages, allowing your work to be seen by millions of Gossip Girl and TV fans.

AND you get a $50 iTunes gift card!

Have at it, Dair fans ... and good luck.


how does one vote without a link????


I wonder how many ppl submitted videos?


i love Dair videos!!!! awesome!!!


I can't wait to see the DAIR videos! I want a real DAIR realtionship SO BAD! I watch every episode waiting for Blair to realize that she is in love with Dan too deep down. I will keeping daring to DAIR!


Dan and Chuck saw a movie together. Does that mean they're soulmates now? I'm fully expecting Dan to come out of the closet any minute now and profess his love for Chuck.


@A you summed it up for me. i completely agree.


@Kendalf um do you mind not trashing dair. who cares if they're not dating. i like both dan and blair separately, as friends and together because they are fun to watch, they are hilarious and they actually do realistic things like go to museums and got to the movies. when did chair ever go to the movies? i like this side to blair too and i would love dair to happen. i also like chuck for the first time in four years! but i don't want chair to happen - i just think they have fizzled out as a couple. so guys, check out my vid please and comment dair fans: http://youtu.be/0f35bj2wm9I would love your feedback. xx


i made a dare to dair contest vid: check it out everyone. i'm spreading the word; http://youtu.be/0f35bj2wm9I might postpone my studies and create one anyway... anyone got any song ideas? ;)


Watchng movies and going to art museums is boring. Do you even know Blairs character beyond the scheming n sex with Chuck? She LIKES going to watch movies. She LIKES going to museums. She LOVES debating about them over coffee. PASSION and Chemistry doesnt have to based on sex, which seems to be what you are implying here. People need to start appreciatng Blair as a whole instead of characterisng her as just a manipulative, scheming sex fiend who is eternally in love with some bad boy. Jst because you find watchng black and white movies and museums fun n exciting, dont assume the characters o writers do for that matter. Dan can make her happy. Just because you only see chair it doesnt mean we do. Sure Chuck makes her happy, then hurts her twice over. Be patient and wait for your ship if thats whats bugging you so much, because accordng to you it will happen.


@Kendalf The fact that they never dated doesn't mean it won't be happening. Besides, Dorota confirmed Blair's happiness and contentment during the episodes D and B were out and abouts. And in case you haven't notice, GG tryna pair all the individual character in the show and killed it if it doesn't work. But why prolong D and B? Why do they have to explore the deeper friendship Blair is giving? Is it because B is in denial? You know B says alot but some of it are not true.


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