Grey's Anatomy Photo Preview: "Heart-Shaped Box"

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This week on Grey's Anatomy, Seattle Grace takes on Seattle Presbyterian in softball. Check out ABC's Grey's Anatomy promo and photo gallery for this can't-miss team-building exercise.

On the November 3 episode of Grey's Anatomy, the doctors become nostalgic when George O'Malley's mother returns for medical help after a botched surgery at a neighboring hospital.

Seattle Presbyterian, perhaps? It's unclear, but it should be interesting to see how she's received in any case, and whether she sheds any new light on George and his family members.

Meanwhile, the residents are inspired by a medical miracle - a harvested heart that continues to beat outside the body, and a new pediatric fellow excites Arizona and makes Alex feel threatened.

Jackson lets his suspicions about Mark and Lexie interfere with his work, and Henry and Teddy have their first marital fight. Click to enlarge images from "Heart-Shaped Box" below ...

George's Mom
The Men of Lexie Grey
Jackson and Alex Photo
From the Observation Deck
Keeping a Positive Outlook
Lexie, Derek and Patient
Doctor Teddy Altman
Lexie Bangs
Der and Lexie Pic
Hen and Ted
Ted and Hen
Look at This Pic!
Callie Smiling
Callie and Mrs. O
Mother of George

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@Kate my apologies forgot about the VHL.
Oooooo one hot steamy bedroom scene, is it gonna be longer then 30secs lol woooooowe mcbaby time, embracing the future? mmm i like the sound of that already :-).


Did no one notice Alfre Woodard is in this episode? Hello, wonderful actress can't get a shout-out every now and again. Can't wait to see her and George's mother in this episode


It's so great that George mom is coming back! Looking forward to her scenes with Callie and Bailey, they were always good together.


"...and whether she sheds any new light on George and his family members." George is dead. You can't shed any more light than that. ;)


@Aussie Henry still has VHL.


Henry only has diabetes why would that kill him? unless he goes into a diabetic coma from a hypo. I think it's great that they are showing a story arc about a serious medical condition in today's society, but don't think they need to kill him.
yes definately the wrong grey on Derek's rotation, but there butting head's is hilarious.
As for Henry wanting to be a doctor, i know alot of people who have serious medical conditions that study to be doctor's it's generally to understand more about there own conditions. Come on let's face it the nurse's know nothing now do they? It's just the nurse that will save the doctor's butt when anything goes wrong with no credit generally in that circumstance, but you will always get the i'll ask the doctor thrown back at you. (yes i am a nurse, and i say back to them go ahead they will tell you exactly what i just told you word for word :-))


I love Teddy and Henry! They're so adorable together. I think the Henry-wants to be a doctor can happen in real life. Strange to see on TV but it can happen. He's been in and out of the hospital, surrounded by doctors most of his life, now he has a doctor for a wife and now he has plenty of doctors for friends. It's as if he has front row tickets to watching how these doctors save lives and he himself is a living proof on how amazing these doctors are. I think that is inspiring enough to make someone want to be a doctor. But, I think the writers won't pursue this wanting to be a doctor thingy. It will just be a mini twist.


Well, I'm glad they are bringing her back to just give us a happy ever after or just ever after tale of family life without the father and George.We saw them be upset with his death and then the funeral but didn't really see them again so I'm glad they brought her back to bring closure to that chapter, but I do hope it is just to finish that and not to have a re-occurring story. Lexie needs to just stop playing games and make a decision. She is clearly still in love with Mark. She needs to just deal with that instead of stringing Jackson along.Jackson needs to wake up and smell the Folgers! No one is that blind when it comes to things like this! Wake up man! Just like Mark did, he needs to just let her go and let her make her own decision on where and whom she wants to be with.


I'm loving Teddy & Henry. They are so cute together. Can't wait to see Alex's peds rival. Is Arizona Heads of Peds again? Stark seemed to just disappear either that or I missed something. Some people are right. Why are they bothering to tell a story about a dead character. Yes George was great but he's gone. They need to get over that. Focus on the characters now like Bailey, what the heck is going on with her or Richard & Addel. Would love to see someone or something from Arizona's past or Teddy's.


I for one am happy at the idea of seeing georges mom! Why be rude about it? If I remember correctly and I DO we met averys mom what a week or two ago. George was a wonderful beloved character and it broke my heart when he died! im glad that shonda is revisiting it instead of just forgetting about him. In lexies words, get laid and get happy!!!!

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