Grey's Anatomy Review: Head-Standing Fun

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Bad outcomes. There risk looms over all of us, but what happens when you grow fearful? For Cristina, it means getting booted off a spinal surgery.

The latest installment of Grey’s Anatomy, "Poker Face,” featured all the residents outside of their comfort zone. So sit down and get ready to dig in to the latest adventures at Seattle Grace.

Oh, Oh, Owen. Cristina and Owen avoided talking by hooking up. All over the hospital. Conference rooms, on call rooms, dirty texts during surgery. They had it all going on, even in front of Webber. Poor Richard. Not once, but twice, did he catch his replacement getting it on. At least it was hot and dirty, you know, stand on your head type of sex.


No Neuro = Happy Marriage. So it looks as though the “not working together/not talking about work” idea is working out for Mer and Der. This is the couple fans have spent the last eight seasons rooting for and loving. I could not have been more pumped to see the two of them back to themselves. Meredith knows her man. She sent Lexie with the scans and Derek realized how great he had it when Mer was on his service. Hopefully these two can get their work lives back together enough they can each practice neuro. Girl is a genius and she deserves to work in the field she wants to.

How cute did Meredith look in her baby pink scrubs? Even if she was an embarrassment to her friends, she just proved it was another field at which she excelled. 

Who else has been waiting for the run in between Mer and Bailey? Miranda ripped in to Mer for helping on the trial, and from the looks of things, that tension is going to spill over to next week.

Case Load. Two cases were front and center on “Poker Face.” Callie worked with Cristina to rebuild a neck and Derek and Lexie operated on one of Mer’s new mothers for a tumor. Both were pretty great. I didn’t realize it until this episode, but I do miss the Callie/Cris time. These two are pretty funny together and are both bad asses. Let’s team these two up together more often. You hear that, Shonda?

The butterfly tumor was one of the most emotional and satisfying cases in recent episodes. They Grey’s formula is back to its original version and boy does it work.

Unhappy Callie

Kepner. Push over. Chief Resident. April finally stood her ground against the other residents and let them know who is boss. Loved the deeper, trying-not-to-be annoying, voice. Karev nailed it when he let loose on her in the hospital. 

The Callie/Arizona/Sloan relationship has taken a backseat so far this season, but that doesn’t stop them from bringing the funny. They say be careful what you wish for, don't they? Callie’s wife and baby daddy as cooking buddies is hilarious. For those of you McSteamy lovers, make sure to check out the latest spoilers. Looks like our boy might not be lonely too much longer.

Poke-Her Face

Joe’s Makes a Quick Appearance...Again! The docs are back to their old ways and for some, that means ending the night at Joe’s Bar. Who else is with me in wanting this to happen way more often?

Overall, another solid episode from Grey’s. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you miss Jackson or not even notice he wasn’t around? Are you glad Mer and Der are getting along again? Sound off below, don’t forget to check back for the official Grey’s Anatomy Round Table and get an early look at next Thursday's episode HERE.


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I love me some Calzona


Derek did want to talk neuro at home at the end, but Mer held firm and said No even though she already knew about the success. So instead of talking work they made out instead woo hoo!!!!!


bailey is getting on my nerves she was'nt this way with izzie she encouraged and protected her while w meredith she's going too hard on her.I would want meredith to be focusing on neuro she's a natural on it I hope she does'nt stay in OB she's way too talented for that.


I'm glad someone else thought how on earth Der completely missed that fact that the butterfly tumour patient had give birth and suddenly became his patient,when her scans were from another hospital.
I really don't want Lexie to take over Mer's role as a assistant neuro god in waitng to a nuero god. But Der, Callie, Webber and Bailey don't have any 5th year resident. I can see Mer ending up in general surgery, cos Shonda doesn't make things easy for Mer


I will begin with quoting a comment by pc (oct. 21, 11:36pm) "It was terrible seeing women kissing. It was not beautiful and not natural... Some people ate still trying toons right and teach their children some values."
WOW... I suggest you rehearse Lucia Torres' speech to her daughter from the episode White Wedding. It will be prepare you in case your son marries a man and/or your daughter marries a woman. You will devastate them based on your definition of " family values".


Overall, I enjoyed the episode but the lack of insightful writing is really starting to bother me. Let's start with the positives... Did anyone else notice that Meredith was the only resident that took a risk? Callie and Teddy came down on Cristina and Alex because they were playing it too safe and Meredith encouraged a husband to support his dying wife's decision to overgo a risky surgery so she could live longer. A part of me is pissed that no one was around to see that Meredith is not allowing the 5th year pressure to get to her. Another part of me isn't so concerned because we are beginning to see glimpses of kick ass Meredith and as long as that continues, everyone will see it soon. Love that Meredith was convinced to run labs on her mother's trial even if it was by force (Kepner) and by guilt (Richard). A part of me thinks Meredith will end up successfully assisting with this trial because, whether she wanted to or not, it's her mother's work and she's one of the few people capable enough to complete the task now that Richard is out of the running. I could be looking into it too much but it's a thought that crossed my mind. I love that Arizona and Mark have become friends and that they are a supportive family unit with Callie. I hope it remains that way and there's no unnecessary drama there. Love that Derek is still suffering the after effects of agreeing not to allow Meredith in his OR. He should man up and end that lame agreement ASAP. It's sad that Owen and Cristina are using sex to avoid talking but it was hilariously played this episode. I wonder when the walls will come crashing down around them and they're finally forced to face the music. The negatives.... Bailey is being a pain in the a$$ for no reason. What Meredith did was FAR less reckless than what Izzie did to Denny yet Bailey coddled Izzie after it happened and once she returned. What gives her the right to play judge and executioner for Meredith? Izzie could have killed Denny. Meredith's action did not kill anyone. I can't wait until Meredith tells her to mind her business and back off. I hope she really gives it to Bailey next week (BTW, I love Bailey but the attitude towards Meredith has to go because it makes no sense). If Derek is half as intelligent as I think he is it's hard for me to believe he had NO idea Meredith asked for the consult via Lexie. Umm, let's review the evidence.... a. The patient just had a baby.
b. Your wife is on the maternity rotation.
c. Your wife's sister, who has been failing miserably on your service, miraculously becomes aware of this case and brings it to your attention.
d. The husband is dead set against it but later changes his mind and you never ask yourself why? What motivated him?
e. You come home and tell your wife you had an awesome much so, that you're willing to break the rule and talk about work....and until this point, she's been DYING to talk neuro...and she says no and is able to resist the urge to discuss your great day and awesome surgery? REALLY??? Maybe Derek needs to see a brain surgeon because that sequence of events has Meredith written all over it but he has NO CLUE...... That is very poor writing. I was waiting for the moment for him to say thank you or you saved a life or something that indicated that he knew Meredith helped that family. That's just poor writing in my opinion. At least he isn't treating her like crap this week but when, exactly, did he become so warm and loving again? I felt like I was watching Jekyll and Hyde.


Thank you to the one who mentioned how rude Callie and Arizona can be when it comes to getting privacy! I hated it when Callie came in and threw away what Mark and Arizona had been cooking, and then told him to leave...with only a slice of pizza. He should have asked for a beer! And Arizona thought Callie's antic was hot?!?1? They are both too annoying for words. Secondly, I am over the coldness between Meredith and Derek. Let's move on, please. I am hoping that Meredith will get a make-over, so that Derek will notice her more. Hopefull? I am sick of seeing Meredith sporting the same hairstyle, since season one. And lastly, bring Alex back to himself! I miss Alex.


I liked seeing Meredith and Derek all lovey-dovey again! It'll continue to take time, but ultimately, she needs to be back on his neuro service. Same with Cristina and Owen. I love them as a couple, and I know the abortion makes things a little weird between them. I hope the writers keep them together (I think they will), and I can't wait to see how they progress as a couple. Last thing: why is it that Callie and Arizona always have to be rude to someone to get some privacy? I'm not the biggest Callie fan, but I remember them being so anxious to get Cristina and Owen out of the apartment in season 7, while Cristina in the midst of her PTSD. And now, Callie is "pleasantly confrontational" with Mark about needing time alone with her wife. Sure, it wouldn't be Grey's without those little dramatic moments, but it would also be nice to see more moments with these three having simple discussions about their interesting parenting dynamic. Just my two cents.


It really would have been great to see how Meredith and Derek got back together, one minute they don't speak and the next their kissing in the hospital and Merdith is in pink scrubs. When is she getting back on Derek's service, lets be honest she is the only one he can work with and she knows him so well and if truth be known she is a neuro junkie as well as him. Pleasse make Mark a whore again all this cooking and playing daddy is a little annoying,lets get him back with Lexie and have some fun. Time for Chief Webver to come back, he is the only chief of SGMW, Owen is not Chief material he is too busy having sex with Cristina, looks like Cristina is getting above herself with surgery, she is a kick ass surgeon lets get her back on track. Alex needs a little luck on his side, his career has always been up and down with him, but since he ratted out Meredith his medical career is sliding downhill fast, he really tried with Zola, give him a break. Bailey, Bailey, Bailey lets drop the holier than thou attitude. The Chief does not owe you an explaination for his decision.


Really good episode! The theme of the bad outcomes was a really good one this week -- especially how it affected Cristina and Alex's performance. Not usually a fan of Calzona but I thought this was a really good episode for them. Mark and Arizona were so entertaining to watch as they discussed each meal of the day but Callie telling Mark of was great. I liked the Grey dynamics we saw between Meredith and Lexie this week. I really missed Lexie so it was nice to see a lot of her in this episode. It was especially nice to see Meredith helping Derek and the like but still respecting the deal that they had with one another. At least they're marriage is in a good place now. Bailey still seems to have a lot of issues toward Meredith but hopefully she'll get over them eventually. And as for April, she was the only annoying part of this episode for me. I laughed almost harder than Cristina and Meredith did at her attempt at authority and continued to laugh at each attempt. Sorry, but it seems that no matter what, this character is just meant to be annoying.

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