Grey's Anatomy Review: Head-Standing Fun

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Bad outcomes. There risk looms over all of us, but what happens when you grow fearful? For Cristina, it means getting booted off a spinal surgery.

The latest installment of Grey’s Anatomy, "Poker Face,” featured all the residents outside of their comfort zone. So sit down and get ready to dig in to the latest adventures at Seattle Grace.

Oh, Oh, Owen. Cristina and Owen avoided talking by hooking up. All over the hospital. Conference rooms, on call rooms, dirty texts during surgery. They had it all going on, even in front of Webber. Poor Richard. Not once, but twice, did he catch his replacement getting it on. At least it was hot and dirty, you know, stand on your head type of sex.


No Neuro = Happy Marriage. So it looks as though the “not working together/not talking about work” idea is working out for Mer and Der. This is the couple fans have spent the last eight seasons rooting for and loving. I could not have been more pumped to see the two of them back to themselves. Meredith knows her man. She sent Lexie with the scans and Derek realized how great he had it when Mer was on his service. Hopefully these two can get their work lives back together enough they can each practice neuro. Girl is a genius and she deserves to work in the field she wants to.

How cute did Meredith look in her baby pink scrubs? Even if she was an embarrassment to her friends, she just proved it was another field at which she excelled. 

Who else has been waiting for the run in between Mer and Bailey? Miranda ripped in to Mer for helping on the trial, and from the looks of things, that tension is going to spill over to next week.

Case Load. Two cases were front and center on “Poker Face.” Callie worked with Cristina to rebuild a neck and Derek and Lexie operated on one of Mer’s new mothers for a tumor. Both were pretty great. I didn’t realize it until this episode, but I do miss the Callie/Cris time. These two are pretty funny together and are both bad asses. Let’s team these two up together more often. You hear that, Shonda?

The butterfly tumor was one of the most emotional and satisfying cases in recent episodes. They Grey’s formula is back to its original version and boy does it work.

Unhappy Callie

Kepner. Push over. Chief Resident. April finally stood her ground against the other residents and let them know who is boss. Loved the deeper, trying-not-to-be annoying, voice. Karev nailed it when he let loose on her in the hospital. 

The Callie/Arizona/Sloan relationship has taken a backseat so far this season, but that doesn’t stop them from bringing the funny. They say be careful what you wish for, don't they? Callie’s wife and baby daddy as cooking buddies is hilarious. For those of you McSteamy lovers, make sure to check out the latest spoilers. Looks like our boy might not be lonely too much longer.

Poke-Her Face

Joe’s Makes a Quick Appearance...Again! The docs are back to their old ways and for some, that means ending the night at Joe’s Bar. Who else is with me in wanting this to happen way more often?

Overall, another solid episode from Grey’s. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you miss Jackson or not even notice he wasn’t around? Are you glad Mer and Der are getting along again? Sound off below, don’t forget to check back for the official Grey’s Anatomy Round Table and get an early look at next Thursday's episode HERE.


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OMG! One of the best episodes ever! Glad to see my Calzona girls get some screen time and action, no pun intended - who am I kidding, total pun! I want to say over the top! but I don't want to jinks it cause I know there's plenty more home life bliss coming their way so... pretty damn excellent and grazing the top of AWESOME! Now, I loved the episode in general. It had comedy, sarcasm, banter, bit**ng, romance, sex, drama, secrecy, heck - it had all the things that made me fall in love with the show and become addicted! I was laughing and enjoying it from start to absolute finish. Did they leave stuff hanging in the air and more questions I would like looked into and answered? Of course! But that's part of its magic. In true Grey's fashion, they left more things unresolved to then solve them and detail them down the road. "Journey to Discovery" sort of thing. I'm just going to enjoy the ride no matter where it goes... I trust the creator, I trust the writers and I especially trust the actors/actresses and characters being portrayed. Highly doubt the people involved that invested so much time, energy and passion into this show to make it awesome for us each week would let it become bogus... and No I don't think it's bogus. I think it rocks! I love it so much I watch each episode more than once. Like the old refrain, if you have nothing nice to say, just don't say it at all. Positive criticism is different because it allows one to grow from it and be better but if its negative and down right mean, it helps no one. Just makes you more bitter.


Addressing the homophobic comments in 1 line cause that's all the imbeciles (look it up in the dictionary, your picture is probably beside it) deserve - people who are that pathetic and stuck in the dark ages are never EVER going to change their pigheaded opinons, so no amount of 'your an idiot, grow up' - is ever going to permeate their thick skulls. And back to the important thing, the episode! Loved the Calzona moments. Mark needs to cook more - alone! The scene with Cristina Owen and the Chief in the On-Call Room was hilarious! I'm liking the new bad ass April! Shame Sarah won't be around for the whole season to develop it! But hey baby comes first! I thought we'd see a bit of Ben and Bailey :( Loved the guy who didn't want the heart surgery - missed his name on the credits! And I can foresee heartbreak for Teddy if the mice are getting sick, I hope not!


jodief1, SR is no the first producer that shows us a gay couple on tv, so please don´t give her the credit. Actually, the first kiss between men was in Dawson's Creek (Kerr Smith and the other I don´t remember), or so I read. Then it came ER, with Kerry Weaver finding out she is lesbian (what a surprise, so does Callie in GA!). And other shows like L´s world, Queer As Folk... so SR is not exactly original.
For everyone who doesn´t want gay couples kissing: I don´t care if two women kiss, if they love each other, what do we care that they are two women, or two men?


As much as I hated Derek being pissed with Mer, I actually didn't see this tenderness between them coming. Yeah, OK, there was a hint over the previous episode, but for me it didn't feel real, the day before Derek is detached, then Zola is sick, and so voila', Love again...Just I didn't like the way the writers managed the whole story there, between Mer/Der.
I love Alex, I mean, he is an asshole, but he is awesome being the Bad Guy!!!Kepner's character is so boring...almost annoying!


It would seem MerCris and Alex are all going to have a difficult 5th year. Avery's comment to Mer about 'how the mighty have fallen' was below the belt, and has made me dislike him even more. I hope he gets his comeuppance, and even less screen time. He's an unnecessary character IMO once Lexie is back with Mark.
Kepner did eventually get through to Bailey she was resposible for Mer being in the lab, but Bailey really is getting OTT gunning for Mer. Bailey's not chief resident, she's not chief of surgery. She's running a clinical trial that she inherted from Webber who found the idea in Meredith's mom's diaries. Mer is wasted in OB. Cris and Hunt are having sex all the time so as to avoid talking about their feelings about the abortion. It's not over as an issue for Hunt who still wants to be a dad. Sloan will have a gf next week, lexie is gonna be jealous!


It was terrible seeing women kissing. It was not beautiful and not natural.
People always trying to compare being black is like being gay. Its not no comparison.a man and woman can fall in love regardless if your are black or whte but being gay is an unnatural act. Put that crap on a gay channel. Some people are still trying to live right and teach their children some value.


I thought this episode was great although the scenes with Derek seemed rushed, like they could only give him a certain amount of minutes when we had to listen to April time after time. The story line with the couple and the baby and the mother has a tumor was great but it seemed like they rushed it. Get rid of April and Teddy. The scene with Karev mimicking Kepner was just hilarious. And Meredith getting her badass going was great. The continuity of the stories is what the writers have problems with. Meredith and Derek can barely look at each other and then the episode opens with them kissing and you think what happened. Christina has an abortion and her husband took about two minutes to get over it. Yet other story lines go on forever in to a big snooze fest. If the writers can't do it, they should hire someone who just looks out for that, maybe one of the fans because they seem to know it better than the writers, better than Shonda, oh but she is off making a new show.


Sooooooo glad to see Meridith and Derrick on the same page again!!! Now, why can't we magically bring Denny back from the grave, Day's have done it at least 100 times!!! Then get that Izzie girl back, best story line ever on Grey's!! The chief rocks! Yes, Bailey is alittle crabby these days. Let me say this again: Let's load a slow boat to China: On it; Owen, April, Owen, Teddy, Owen and it's ok to take Mark along too , right away. Also people {and correct me if I'm wrong} but Callie's name is not Calzona, it's Callyopie, right? {sp?} Love Callie and Arizona together but didn't need to see the on screen kiss either. Nor did i need to see Owen and Christina doing it in every part of the hospital! Hope she learned to "finally" use protection, for God sake!! Looove Lexie, but I don't think her bangs are attractive on her. I look forward to Grey's every week and maybe some day we will see Merideth and Derrick in a white gown and tux!!!


Didn't notive Jackson was missing...oh well. Can we make April go missing? Please? Only thing that really annoyed me last night is nthat, even though MerDer are back together (yeah!) where was the make up? Last week Derek hated her and couldn't look at her; this week they were all lovey dovey and everything was great. Really? I want apologies. I want more than two seconds of make up sex. Come on!


So I have a weird question, I live in South, but when I visited the western part of the US I had the beer that is featured on the show, but can never find. Does anyone know what its called, so I can find the distributed?

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