Grey's Anatomy Review: Batter Up!

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The latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy was anything but a strike out. It was a nice, light hour - following a few heavy episodes - and moved things forward for our favorite docs. So grab your glove and get ready to discuss "Put Me In, Coach."

Cheering on the Team

You’re My Person. Meredith and Cristina stole the scenes with their BFF fun and I loved every second of it. From the start of them laying in the outfield to them getting drunk in the middle of the game, these two were the picture of what a best friends should be. Plus, we really haven’t seen them that wasted together since the parties that used to go down at the Grey house. Classic Meredith and Cristina.

Kudos to Sandra Oh once again. She can bring the serious, the drama, the tension. But she can definitely show up the rest with her insane smile and laugh. The girl is awesome. Case closed.

Richard: Baller

The Big Game. The best part of the episode stemmed from the surgeons attempting to play softball together. The only thing that could have made this better was more time. dedicated to it. Teddy’s terrible pitching, Bailey and Mer having a blow out in the field, and Chief Webber calling time outs were just small pieces of a great puzzle. The game led to some important things that we must discuss:

  • The Bailey/Meredith blow out. This has been awhile coming. Bailey is rightfully mad at Meredith, but these two work best on the same side. Webber is right, Meredith has clearly made mistakes but it is not Bailey’s job to rub them in. Time to move forward. Either way, they are both incredible doctors who can do better... together. Bailey has been seriously miserable lately and it was time Meredith stood up to her. 
  • I didn’t think these actors could look any better in a uniform than they do in their scrubs. I was clearly mistaken. Who else is with me in thinking that Henry and Avery should wear a hat and uniform every episode?
Poor Henry
Speaking of Avery... Things came to a head for the hot doc love triangle with Jackson noticing Lexie being bothered by Sloan and his new girlfriend. The writers must have been paying attention by giving this man a new love interest, but where did she come from? All of a sudden Mark has a new girl from Seattle Pres and Lexie isn’t having it. Little Grey has a serious arm, and chucked that ball at the eye doc. Funniest part of the hour, hands down.
Alex, The Silent Saver. Word got to Alex that the courts want Lola’s medical records to transfer her. Taking matters into his own hands, he went looking to the family courts to get some answers and took no credit for the court date Mer and Der will be getting. He took a big risk going to the judge. Is he now a great friend or just a bigger idiot? The cases were pretty great, too: Derek pulled off another miracle and Callie proved once again how awesome she is.
O and H
Overall, an instant classic Grey’s episode. Anyone with me in thinking the softball game should become annual? Do you prefer the funny or did you miss the drama? Without a doubt, we are in for some heaviness next week, based on this preview. Sound off and let us know what you thought of and don’t forget to check back for the weekly Grey’s Anatomy Round Table. 


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Very good and entertaining episode. Drunk Meredith and Cristina were the best! Loved Meredith giving Alex a little kiss at the end. Meredith's and Bailey's blow out was a long time in coming. I hope they can work together.


The show is getting boring. I think they are running out of material. It would be much better with a fresh set of interns each season. And what's up with dissing Administrative Assistants. It's a respectable profession and an honest days work that still gets no respect.


This was a great episode!!! It had so many very great moments
Henry & Avery really rocked those caps.
Henry is definitely my favorite guy to watch in every single episode he appears in.
Yang in the OR guiding Keppner was a gem of a moment.
Alex was superb and I like that brother & sister thing he and Mer have. So he messed up, family do that sometimes.


This episode made me realise why I love the show! it was so classic GA and this season so far has been great :D loved this episode,those two getting drunk in the middle of the game and the fight with bailey made me laught so hard. also i'm surprised with Owen, kinda loved him too, being the "coach". and Mcbastard is turning into McDreamy again :) i'm so happy :D


Loved this episode. It was fun and lighthearted. Cris and Meredith scenes were fantastic. Cristina's faces during the Mer/Bailey confrontation were hilarious. Love Mer and Cris as besties. Alex rocked!! What he did for MerDer was the best. He is not the heartless person he trys to be. Loved Derek and Meredith at the end at the baseball game. They have so much chemistry and are adorable together. Love the MerDer chemistry. Hope she goes back to neuro soon! Bailey and Mer scenes were great. Loved the green-eyed Lexie. Hoping she and Mark get back together.


I don't really care whom Lexie ends up with, she has zero chemistry with any man on the show. Maybe she should become a lesbian.


Loving the Lexie/Avery/Mark triangle. I hope it heats up!!

Priyam srivastav

the best was when Christina says "Your mom would be so proud" and then they burst out laughing! Ellis Grey must have rolled in her grave when Meredith said her mom's hypothesis was wrong! Also Callie saying "dont worry its her boob, she's in great hands" and then snorts, was such a throwback to old Grey's episodes!!
This episode made me reseal why I love this show!!!


If it wasn't possible to be any more so, I LOVEEEE Alex. How flippin CUTE was he to go out and pull out all stops for Mer Der and Zola? How adorable was he at the end!! I feel sad for Jackson, but Mark and Lexie are what I root for!


19 Comments and no one picked up that the reviewer Courtney Morrison used Lola when her name is ZOLA!!!!!!!!!!! I hope its a typo cuz she's just tooo damn cute for you to forget her name!
Love what Alex did, altho he will never be off the hook for doing what he did to Mer. Never.
That whole sloan getting a girlfriend thing is so contrived, I just rolled my eyes. Who care, he's gone from this awesome mc steamy to mc vomit.
Derek needs to see dr wyatt for anger management. Seriously.

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