Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Love, Loss and Legacy"

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Welcome to our weekly Grey's Anatomy Round Table discussion!

Our official Grey's Anatomy review broke down last night's episode, "Love, Loss and Legacy," in detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff writers Courtney Morrison, Sean McKenna and Christina Tran have gathered for a Round Table Q&A to further discuss the many goings on at Seattle Grace/Mercy West:


What was your favorite scene/quote from the episode?

Courtney: Favorite quote had to be Sloan once again defending Lexie... ”Don’t count out Lexie Grey until you meet her. She’s smart, she’s beautiful, she’s perfect.” So are you McSteamy, so are you.

Sean: I’m all about those small moments like the simple look between Meredith and Cristina. It says something of their lasting friendship and ability to say everything while saying nothing at all. Those two are such a team.

Christina: I loved the itsy bitsy spider + MerDer + Zola scene. I might've shed a tear.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table - depreciated -

Debbie Allen guest starred as Jackson’s mother. Would you mind seeing more of the genius that is Catherine Avery?

Courtney: I thought Momma Avery brought some fun to the hospital and wouldn’t mind seeing her show up again. Maybe a run in with her baby boy’s girlfriend... could be a lot of fun. Plus she makes for a good sparring partner for Sloan.

Sean: Yes! Her presence is a strong one and rather fun to watch. She says what she thinks and her scenes were a positive addition to the episode. Plus, if she ever gets to meet Lexie? Oh, that will be something to see.

Christina: Most definitely! She obviously made a huge impact at SGMW, and I'd love to see her interact with her son's "smart, beautiful and perfect" girlfriend.

Bailey’s Big Decision - Ben or Eli?

Courtney: I’m going with Ben. He waited for her, he even went Off the Map (see what I did there! Ha, I had to). Even though Bailey wasn’t ready for a relationship with him, she still thought about it. That’s more than she can say for Eli. Ben is right, it definitely has something to do with him.

Sean: Don’t let him walk away! Pick Eli! Oh, okay, I’m a little biased because I liked Daniel Sunjata in Rescue Me. That said, I see sparks with Bailey and Ben. Now, when will those two get together?

Christina: Ben! Although Bailey didn't want to admit that her break up with Eli had anything to do with Ben's return, we know what's up. It can only be a matter of time 'til the B&B are back in business. 

Bailey on the Couch

Will Meredith and Derek get Zola back? Do you want them to?

Courtney: I love my Meredith Grey dark and twisty, but between a miscarriage, the loss of her adopted baby, and trouble with her marriage, I’m not sure she could take it. I’d be good with the two of them getting their girl back, as long as it doesn’t take over their characters. Keep the story somewhat in the background like they do with Sophia.

Sean: I’m not sure, but I like to think that in the world of Grey’s Anatomy, everything will work out right for those two. I think Zola will have a huge impact on their relationship future either way. Hopefully the experience brings them together rather than pulls them further apart.

Christina: I completely agree with Courtney. MerDer totally need and deserve baby Zola. Plus, I want to start using the term McFamily.

Who’s the most underused character of Season 8 so far?

Courtney: Callie for sure. She used to have all these great friendships with Mark and Cristina and even Teddy. Now when you see her, its for a few minutes and it is usually with Arizona. I’d be good with even seeing her do one of her rough and tough surgeries.

Sean: I agree about Callie, but I also feel Lexie has barely been in any episodes. She appears for a moment or is mentioned, but really she just isn’t there. And she’s dating Jackson! Why all in the shadows, sister Grey?

Christina: Callie has certainly been the most underused. Last season it was all about Calzona. That really seems like a decade ago though.


Another solid episode! I am really enjoying season 8 so far.
1. When Cristina says to Alex "How small are your balls" And he replies that meredith didnt talk to him for weeks so his balls are pretty small. LOL. I adore Alex/Mer friendship. Also LOVED Cristina with baby Zola. Poor Owen.. Watching that broke his heart.
2 Absolutely loved her. She's HILARIOUS. When she told April she needed to get some I was rolling with laughter.
3. BEN BEN BEN! I HATE ELI. he's all about sex and their "relationship" grosses me the heck out. Ben is sweet and they have a real connection.
4. Honestly? I know its mean but I dont think they are ready for a baby yet. They have issues to work out still. And I'm not a baby Zola fan.
5. Calli and Arizona really annoy me so I dont care that Callie is underused. Personally I would like to see even less of them lol


hello !! i'm rather new to grey;s anatomy,but i'm glued to it. i'm watching all the seasons from a web page page from argentina,rhough i live in israel, with subs in spanish or english. i love/hate all characters,but there's one that has become a pain in the ass: lexie cutie,she just rubs me rhe wrong way. way too sweet,roo goody=goody/ tell me,is she going to go on like forever? i'm on the 6th temp and i really hope her contract expires sooner than later !!!!


1. favorite scene is the Medical Conferences & big argument between Der/Az/Alex/Mer/Owen, I think the director is good
2.I like Dr.Catherine Avery doing mentor thing , not only playing Jackson's mom, Debbie Allen's been GA regual director since s6
3.I care less about Bailey’s romamce,God, who believe the story?


to be honest, i found it hard to believe in the MerDer scene, altough they got patrick dempsey to say "hey zo" and sing the spider song and both of them did a good acting job,I still found it hard to buy it. I dont think it was because Zola isn't actually theirs, maybe it was because we didnt get too much MerDer with zola, actually being parents, we only got a few scenes with Mer and zola and Derek holding zola, we didnt get to see them as a real couple looking after zola, waking up during night to take care of her,or derek being a loving husband and father... I dont know, I think its hard to believe in the misery of these parents loosing a daughter when we didnt never see them being parents and developing a real conection and relationship with baby zola...


@Jamie I think that Jackson's father is Harper Avery's son. He married Catherine who picked up the last name of Avery when she married Jackson's dad. They may be divorced now because she hit on Webber during the show. Jackson is obviously biracial - light skinned with green eyes. Catherine cannot be Harper Avery's daughter because Jackson is carrying the last name of Avery, which would be his father's last name.


ritorna il valore dell'amicizia,l'affetto e la condivisione al dolore di Meredith da parte di Cristina ed Alex.La Bailey poca credibile nel menage a tre,fastidiosa ed presuntuosa nella sua avversione a Meredith,ha perdonato cose ben più gravi ai suoi specializzanti,e non rispetta neanche la volontà del suo capo.La scelta di April a responsabile è una cantonata gigantesca,infelice e inappropriata La scena topica di tutta
la puntata per me è sicuramente quando Meredith parla con Derek e lo convince a non entrare in sala operatoria-lui ascolta solo lei ,è lei che ha il potere di farlo riflettere e calmare, la guarda ed è comunque ammaliato dalla moglie subisce la forza del suo amore anche quando non riesce a perdonarla


I wonder if Lucy will return now that Charlie's Angels has been cancelled.....


Favourite Scene: Insy Whinsy Spider at the end bought a tear to my eye, and also the painful elevator scene with Mer leaning on Der when the door's opened and they saw the social worker, the death stare Der gave her was so powerful it also showed the SW that they still love each other. Debbie Allen was a breathe of fresh air, liked all her scene's especially where she set April up in the bar, freaking hilarious. I'd say definately bring her back, maybe she could be a shoulder for Richard when Adele passes on got a grave feeling that is coming. Bailey well i'm on team Ben he is much better the Eli. Although all this hatred between Mer and Bailey is getting on my nerves think ep7 is gonna see the blow up on the baseball field. Mer/Der/Zola i'm preying everyday that they will get there little girl back, like i said before that powerful elevator scene showed the SW she was wrong and she is now hated by the two of them. Let's hope that death stare gave her a change of heart to in and bat for Mer/Der at the custody hearing which is no doubt coming up. Also think once Zola is back with them we will see the Shepherd family reunion i'm guessing ep 10,11 or 12. Most underused character this season, don't think anyone has really been underused they have all had scene's at once point or another, and well Lexi hasn't been underused Chyler asked for extra time off which was granted. Like the season so far keep it going.


i want me some more Arizona and Callie!!! i think Zola issue will only resolve when they will know if Ellen or Patrick or both will stay or go. i think a lot depends on that. don't care about Lexie, Jackson and Keppner is downright annoying. i think all the best quotes came from Mark, all of his lines were priceless.


@jamie Use of "coloured" along with the old "I am not a racist" makes @Dr CerrenoMD sound like someone out of the 1960s. Guess that term is still used in the year 2011 in whatever foreign country this person lives in. Glad you cleared it up for her/him.

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