Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Put Me In, Coach"

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Welcome to our weekly Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our official Grey's Anatomy review broke down Thursda's episode, "Put Me In, Coach," in detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff writers Courtney Morrison, Sean McKenna and Christina Tran have gathered for a Round Table Q&A to further debate, discuss and dissect the goings on at Seattle Grace/Mercy West:


What was your favorite scene/quote from the episode?

Courtney: My favorite scenes definitely consisted of Meredith and Cristina playing and drinking in the outfield. Favorite quote has to go to Teddy though: "You have to go back to the beginning to understand the end." That's what the show has been doing this season, getting back to the basics and it is absolutely paying off.

Sean: Aside from Derek wearing his Bowdoin gear (my hometown represent, what what!), it would have to be Lexie throwing the softball at Sloan’s new love interest. That girl can throw.

Christina: I loved all of the Surgeons in the Outfield scenes. Best quote, though, was Lexie’s: ”I thought she was stealing second!” The only thing that was safe was Lil Grey’s green eyes and killer arm.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table - depreciated -

2. Derek’s patient underwent a risky first time surgery. If it was you, would you take the risk?

Courtney: It would really depend on the situation. If I was the patient that Derek had in this episode, then yes. They said she would never be able to get better so it's worth the shot. Besides, anytime Derek is faced with an extreme challenge he always pulls through. Aren't TV doctors the best?

Sean: Well, Derek has a pretty good track record, so if it was him conducting the surgery, I’d be more inclined to. Sometimes the greater the risk, the greater the reward.

Christina: Me? No way. I’m simply not McDreamy and only slightly color outside of the lines. Derek, on the other hand, is passionate and pulls off miracles by taking risks. I always love his medical cases.

3. Who is the most bad ass surgeon at Seattle Grace - Derek, Cristina, or Callie?

Courtney: Given the chance to vote for Cristina in anything, she is usually my choice. But this time, I have to go with Callie. She doesn't often get the coolest or life saving surgeries but the ones she does get are awesome. I mean, you saw it. She rebuilt that guy's smashed hand! Remember the girl from one of the earlier seasons who was bent over all the time and Callie fixed her? She's done some insane stuff. She may be a bone breaker but she is definitely an artist.

Sean: Is this a popularity contest? Callie certainly knocked it out of the park with the smashed hand, but pretty much every surgeon at Seattle Grace has his or her own style of bad ass-ness.

Christina: Tough question because it’s all relative ... it just depends on the day, case, challenges, etc. If I had to choose though based on the previous episode alone, I’d go with Callie, the artist. She has always been able to connect with her patients and is purely awesome. Heck, she rebuilt a smashed hand. That was so cool and amazing.

Whistle Blower

4. Has Alex redeemed himself for selling out Meredith?

Courtney: Meredith has forgiven him so it looks that way. The best part about him going down to the family court is that he didn't tell anyone. He wasn't doing it to get back in everyone's good graces. He was doing it because he believes Zola belongs with Derek and Meredith. He is a great peds doctor and that is where he belongs. In my world, Alex redeemed himself when Zola was taken away and he was the one to comfort Mer.

Sean: Meredith doesn’t know what Alex did and I’m glad that he didn’t jump up to tell her either. That wouldn’t spell redemption, just a chance to get off the guilt train. He may be abrasive and arrogant, but the guy has a heart and he’s willing to go above and beyond. In my eyes, he’s on the fast track back.

Christina: Definitely! I loved that he took matters into his own hands and pulled out all of the stops for the McFamily. Even better, he worked selflessly and silently showing he was trying to make amends with Mer.

5. The love triangle is back. What do you want to happen between Mark, Lexie, and Jackson?

Courtney: First, let me say that Little Grey is the luckiest girl on the show. She has the two hottest guys in love with her. Okay, so she makes a better fit with Sloan. They do have better chemistry, despite their age gap. You don't see the sparks between Lexie and Jackson, although he is probably the better guy for her. I would like Mark play the field for a bit now that he's back in the game, but not with the eye doctor. End game - Mark and Lexie. 

Sean: I’m kind of surprised how googly eyed and jealous Lexie was towards Sloan. I thought things were good with her and Jackson. It almost seemed too quick too soon and frankly, not fair to Jackson at all. He even recently left viewers with the notion that he loves her. Now, it’s hard to see their relationship headed in a positive direction anymore. So is it really a love triangle?

Christina: I’ve been shipping Slexie since day one. Goodbye, Jaxie.

What do you think? Share your responses in the comments below!


1. Fave scene. Mer Cris being totally oblivious to the softball match, and getting drunk. Nice and lighthearted. The fun GA is back, great to see those two not taking the hospital rivalries seriously. 2&3.I still miss Mer not being by Der's side whilst he does the surgeries. I hope we get to see Mer, Alex, Webber and Mark doing kickass surgeries too 4.Alex was very mindful of Mer's not talking to him for weeks when he 'screwed up her life'. Alex worried about not telling Mer when Zola was readmitted to the hospital. He knew she'd be mad at him for not telling her. Alex is back at Mer's house, and Mer has been on civil terms with him all this season. We often see the docs helping each other without an acknowledgement of what they've done to help someone. MerAlex have a kind of brother/sister relationship, which for me is one of the things I really like about GA. 5. Megga reaction from lexie about Mark's new gf. It'll hurt more if the gf lasts for more than a few weeks. But Lexie was the one who walked away for her own good, she was very hurt by the obvious connections mark would have to Sophia and calzona. If Avery puts up with Lexie's jealousy he must be in love with her. I'm on team Slexie, just don't see the sparks of hotness between Lexie and Avery


5. couldn't agree more, Mark and Lexie are the couple and this isn't a love Triangle it never really was. Jackson couldn't even say the words to his mother while M/L have both declared their love for one another and even after six months of being with Jackson lexie is still as deeply in love with mark as she ever was before. Jackson needs to take the little dignity he has left and realize it's always going to be mark and him becoming a plastic surgeon isn't going to change that fact. like someone else said Avery is no Sloan nor well he ever be. EndGame = Mark/Lexie!


There were too many great scenes to pick just one. Bailey and Mer going at it. Teddy's speech to Cristina. Callie's antics in the outfield and the OR, which is why I think she's the most badass. Cristina is too but lately she's been too cautious and afraid. Callie has never retreated from a surgery. I love that we got badass Callie back. But my favorite scene has to be Lexie hitting Mark's lady friend. We knew that she still loves him. She just needs to grow up and get over the baby thing. It's not like he has sole custody. Slexie all the way.


I argee with some of the writers on all questions.. The only different I have is My outlook on the love trangle.. It seem like the Meredith, Derek, and Finn all over again just with different story lines... Think back to season 2 and 3.. I don't know the out come of this trangle but if she's anything like her sister I feel bad for Jackson because he is going to be hurt in the end.. However, he knew she loved Mark before he started dating her that only different between Finn he was blinded a little bit by Meredith.. Think about it the Grey women they don't really go for the good guy and Finn and Jackson or good guys.. I guess we just got to wait and see..


My favorite scene, besides the Lexie hitting Mark's new squeeze, was Arizona tripping over her own feet trig to play catcher. That and Callie's "rovinrovinrovin" outfielding. Too cute.


I'm so happy that lexie and mark are again in the storyline,seriously this couple has one of the best chemistry on the show,it's really sad that shonda stopped their scenes and Interactio. And put lexie with Jackson,really hope shonda will see how many fans loved lexie scene and reaction and she will give us back this couple


1. Best Scene was the confrontation scene with Bailey, Mer, Christina and the Chief! That was awesome. Bailey and Mer have a good chemistry together and it was amazing! I love how Bailey says I beg your Pardone!
Lexie hiiting marks gf was a good scene esp since I hated her character on gossip girl and she got of scott free there plus the comment she made about lexie was mean! 2. I would probably let someone as good as derek do the surgery. But I believe that if its your time, its ur time. 3. Callie has always been bad ass and ballsy. She did that thing with the polio man, fixed the crooked spine, wanted to rebuild the legs of the homeless guy. She even got the old guy to walk. 4. He is doing good, but alex has been an ass way to often. I am not letting him off the hook yet. 5. Mark and lexie is the end game.. Pretty boy is nto mark


1. Favorite scene definitely goes to Lexie throwing that ball straight to Mark's new girl. You have to love a girl that's got a good hand and can show it! 2. Probably. Derek's the best neurosurgeon around so why not? 3. I have to say Cristina just because I've seen her succeed and really take risks enough times on the show. Callie does have the cooler surgeries but I think Cristina is more bad ass. 4. Definitely. The fact that he went through all of that trouble despite the risks on himself show a lot about his character and how much he cares about Meredith. More than that, he didn't say anything to anyone about it so it really was about doing something for someone he cared about rather than gaining points for himself. A very selfless act that he did which shows how much depth there is to this character. 5. Bring on Mark and Lexie! I think I've waited long enough to see these two together again. Personally, I want Jackson to end things with Lexie just so that it's a clean and honest situation. I would hate it if Lexie went around flirting with Mark and all that while she was still with Jackson because that would be out of character. I want Jackson to end things and Lexie to realize that it's Mark that she really loves. Give her the time to watch the person she loves be with someone else and then bring them back together.


This was a great episode and i have loved this season so far! I really do hope Mark and Lexie get back together. Jackson needs to bow out while he can. Alex is so sweet for doing that for them. Im so happy for MerDer.

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