Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: Mr. Mom Does His Thing!

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Mark Sloan as Mr. Mom? That's bound to be a total disaster ... or comedic gold. Or sweetly awkward.

Perhaps a little of all three? In this clip from tomorrow's episode of Grey's Anatomy, we see the plastic surgeon regaling his daughter with tales from the O.R., while fielding a call from the vacationing Calzona.

He's got it under control, he assures them. Yeesh, do they have to call every half hour?

Maybe they do, based on what happens moments after those words escape his lips. Check out this sneak peek from "What Is It About Men" and try not to exclaim "awww" too obviously if you're at work or school:

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Oh Evelyn... LOL... your comment made my day! Grey's tonight will make my evening! hehehe. I absolutely love this program. Every story line has its ups and downs but in true Grey fashion, I'm pleasantly surprised every week... Callie is the reason I started watching but not the only reason I became a fan. I hope to see more of the joys and disagreements all three may encounter co-parenting together.


Its a little disturbing for someone to read reviews of a show they stopped watching five years ago then write negative comments. It wont make me stop watching it but i will question your sanity.
Do the negative comments make people feel better?


I think the actual clip is hysterical. As a mom, I've had things like that happen- and nothing, short of putting your kid in a bubble, is going to protect them from everything. I love the whole dynamic- what Mom doesn't call every 20 minutes the first time she leaves her baby home alone?


@Jon Coates Then why even bother coming here?


Can someone tell me what it is called on youtube please?


Wow that's a lot of negativity! I personally am not Mark's biggest fan but I think this is a v. funny scene - even if Sofia does out-act her on-screen Dad ;) Eric Dane is a good actor, and his comedic skills work to his advantage in Grey's, he doesn't have to be the forever brooding McDreamy type! Looking forward to more scenes with Callie, Arizona, Mark and Sofia :)


Mark wasn't made ​​to be a father.
When he appears on screen is a waste of time. He even has its own story, Shonda had to invent this story that he had a daughter with a gay couple for him to have some importance in the show. Sophie is lovely and I like to see her with their moms.


I stopped watching this show about half way through the second year when the usual lazy Hollywood practise kicked in and the show became a soap opera melodrama. The sooner its gone off the air, the better

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