Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: My Office is Where I Am!

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After another strong episode last week in "Take the Lead," Grey's Anatomy airs its much-anticipated all-boys installment this coming Thursday. One of the boys in question? New Chief Owen Hunt.

In a clip released on Access Hollywood, Owen lays down the law with Bailey about how it's gonna be with him in charge, and suffice it to say, some of his new policies may not go over smoothly.

Check out the brief sneak peek from "What Is It About Men" and comment below:

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Bitch + Bailey = Pure Comedy.
Back to the basics.


I love Miranda Bailey but she has only been an attending for a year. She has miles to go before she's ready to become a chief of surgery. And she needs to get over herself on that one. My two cents :)


i so agree with too because just becasue she didnt get the chief job doesnt mean she wont get it in time like what happen with the chief resident she got it in time... so she need to calm her pussy so yeah cool down


I love Owen as a open-minded chief and hate Baily like a spoiled child

Greys anatomy 1 fan

at the greysfan (right below me) your right bailey is and your comment says everything. and uklass bailey is jus small and her face scares ppl


bailey's a bitch. there is a line & she crossed it. who the hell she think she is? & she been an attending for only like what? a year? she is not even the head of general surgeon. im not really a fan of owen but at least he was the head of trauma before, derek doesnt wanna be chief, only sloan or owen has it, but sloan an ass so owen it is. u dont go to work today & expected to be president next year. the vp get to be president, there is a protocol u have to follow


I think Bailey intimidates all the attendings, and Owen won't be able to do anything other than get her on his side. I think Bailey will be really set her sights on getting rid of Meredith, cos it's all Mer's fault that Webber resigned to save Mer's job. That'll be unforgiveable to Bailey, especially as far as she's concerned Der has kicked Mer off his service, so why would any other attendings want to work with Meredith to get the surgeries she needs to qualify as a surgeon


I like Bailey and don't like Owen.


Bailey will come around. She's still an incredibly talented surgeon, so she'll be fine. We all have to learn to get along without the people who mentor us. On another note, could Owen Hunt be any cuter?


there is not much that is innovative or fresh about the male characters on grey's anatomy, they're just sterotypical manly men. only george was the exception. they challenge ideas of feminity on this show with their female characters why cant they challenge ideas of masculinity with their male characters?

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