Grey's Anatomy Sneak Preview Clips: A WHAT Transplant?!

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Last year, we met the distinguished Harper Avery, grandfather of Jackson. Now, Debbie Allen comes to Grey's Anatomy this Thursday as Jackson's mother, and it doesn't take her long to make a splash.

Impressing Catherine Avery, who arrives to perform a groundbreaking transplant surgery - you'll have to see the first clip below to see what that entails - becomes a high priority for the scrambling surgeons.

Who will thrive? Did Jackson really encourage Lexie to leave town to avoid a run-in?

Meanwhile, Arizona and Alex find their hands tied with a confidentiality issue when a familiar patient comes into the ER, Bailey's love triangle intensifies, and Meredith tries to hold out hope for Z's return.

Take a look at the sneak peeks from "Love, Loss and Legacy" and comment below:

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i very much agree. i will never be able to feel the same about them, i was always irritated with him a little but she was no saint and i thought that he wasn't sooo terrible but now the damage is destructive.
i wrote more details about it all in the forum, i think i managed to sum it up. check it out:


@farsia2010 - I kind of agree. I've been a fan of MerDer for a long time, but I really dislike how he's treating her (I mean, making her give up on her dream and talent at being a neurosurgeon because he's mad at her??). Even if he does pull his act together and act like McDreamy again, I'm not sure I'll be able to like him with this history. It's sad! I mean, they are *the* relationship of the show!


Der acting out his anger over the lack of Zola is getting tiring. Mer seems to be coping with McAss but it's annoying me lots!! I need lighthearted happy MerDer very soon cos MerDer being at odds is really getting me down:(((


i don't want MerDer to get back together, she deserves better, he hurt her too damn often over the course of the show and this is the last straw! nothing can make him McDreamy in my eyes again, he is an ass and the next time sth will happen he will throw her under the bus again, he always does!!!


M n D will survive after these obstacles ,and he will be McDreamy again ,hope so


1) Kudos to the writers for coming up with yet another piece of medical history. Kepner... overenthusiastic much?
2) Glad to see happy Teddy is actually funny, too... As for Bailey... *sigh*, what are you doing?
3) Jackson's mother is witty, smart, up to date, too. I like her. As for her conversation with Sloan... did anybody MISS the flirtatious air and sexual tension around them? DILF has found a little action it seems.
Is it true though? About Lexie being out of town? Wow! Yet another episode where Chyler Leigh is nowhere to be seen.
4) The storyline is taking a toll on me. Derek is taking a toll on me. There, I said it.
Writers, please make him dreamy again?


Performing the transplant case is interesting which should be more in S8
Mer,Der are worry about sick zola's a boring story,(she'll be getting better and bring MerDer go back together, right?)
Baily get in the triangle roamnce? is it a jork?who believe in this love story?sorry no defence!!
Terry & Harry hold a home party is ok, but I want to see all couples social life, no need know who's baily boy friend??


@ Meredith McDreamy, totally agree :P
Derek has to patch things up with Meredith before they can get Zola back, thats how they lost her in the first place. If he can't fix things with his wife, he's only making it harder for him to become a father.


Glad to see more exciting medical stories. Honestly, for me the medical stories are what keep me coming back. Good characters are just icing on the cake. I just hope they resolve this one. I was disappointed not to see the bloody zombie nurse not resolved!


why are all of you so mad at mcdreamy when you know that everything between them is going to be ok? you all know how grey's is, don't you? seriously, i don't wanna be a docuhe, but you've to think beyond that. this is just the begining, we've to wait and see.