Grimm Review: Brewing with the Enemy

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I had assumed Grimm’s pilot would be a little harder to follow than this.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t expecting a Fringe-esque universe with branching storylines, utter confusion and more alt-words than you can shake a stick at. I was, however, expecting Grimm to delve more into the mythology that’s taking shape, in particular with Nick’s family. But the premiere did offer a fun, focused, and well-paced romp through a fairy tale, quickly streamlining and integrating the story into an easy to follow procedural case.

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The characters are well drawn and fun, tool. Nick is believable as a leading man and shares chemistry with the entire cast, especially Eddie and Hank. That does lead me to my one biggest complaint about the episode: the ease at which the characters take a “just-go-with-it” attitude.

Of course, in a show like this, some things just have to be accepted, but Hank doesn’t question Nick more than once with all of the random suspects and locations he parades by. Nick doesn’t wonder, nor does he barely freak out, at seeing these creatures. Seriously, we all know you’re a cop, but you can be scared of terrifying looking things, Nick. The TV Fanatic critic Nick certainly cringed a few times.

Nick even drops his suspicions about Eddie almost instantly after he cracks a few jokes. Your aunt just told you you’re supposed to slay these things! Getting a beer with the enemy is probably the last thing she wants.

For all of those quibbles the ending did leave me wondering and wanting to know more. I’m glad to see Aunt Marie will be sticking around for more than one episode as Kate Burton is a fun actress to watch and I hope with that comes more story about Nick’s home life.

While Grimm is certainly well placed on Friday nights, it’s hard not to wonder if the show is still too niche for NBC’s flavor of broadcast (however minimal its footprint might be at this point). While Supernatural’s ratings are beginning to wane, only time will tell if those potentially fatigued viewers will migrate over to Grimm or if Chuck’s audience will stick around.

All speculation aside, Grimm offers a fun and darker take on fairy tales compared to its closest competitor, ABC’s Once Upon A Time, which might end up working for them.

Other thoughts:

  • I will never be able to listen to Sweet Dreams the same way after listening to Red Riding Hood get torn to shreds. I will have it on repeat for far too long.
  • For as dark as the show is, there’s still a sense of whimsy and lightness with the bright colors and environments.


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I loved it! I'm hooked, can't wait till the next episode.


I did not like this at all. After 20 minutes I was so bored that I actually turned the tv off.


i don't love it. it's basically supernatural. when i saw the opening i was like woah, flashback! i think i like once upon a time better. the av club pointed out that once upon a time is magic, they can do whatever they want. with grimm, why is this happening? does it happen everywhere? like, what exactly ARE they? i'd rather just watch fringe. which i will DEFS be doing


This show has possibilities and I liked the reformed wolf as a sidekick too -- but whether that will pan out isn't clear yet. I would like to see him work on cases ... but his boss is the ultimate evil? and there's some big V-like conspiracy below the surface? Is that going to be the thrust of future episodes? I will watch again, but only could give the episode 3 stars for mostly the same reasons as the reviewer, I guess, and I do want to like this show. It just didn't settle the matter with the pilot.


I enjoyed the pilot. There was a lot to explain to set up the series and I thought they did a good job of that without overwhelming viewers and leaving room for the show to grow and deepen. The procedural format may not be for everyone, but it might be a good way of keeping "Grimm" from falling into the two most common traps of mythology shows: (1) getting so caught up in the importance of the characters/shows/myth that it stops being fun; and/or (2) creating a myth that's so complicated it's practically a full-time job to keep everything straight.


love the show! read all the Grimm brothers' books and can't wait how they interpret other monsters from their tales. good actor picks fr the roles but i wish his aunt didn't have to die, she is one bad ass auntie and the actress is charismatic enough to grab attention. but she will have to die or his road will be too easy and he also needs to inherit all the powers from her.
the reformed wolf was great and Nick was desperate for answers and he was his last clue left to save the girl. besides by that point he probably was so dazed with everything he was grasping at straws just to see that there is at least some rhyme or reason in all these craziness.
i don't want t start comparing it to other shows just yet, i want to see where and how they will move forward, but i don't watch Fringe so i am not in a position to compare with that anyway. Although i like the detectivy feel of it in comparison to Once Upon a Time (though i loved that show too).


I loved the show, I haven't ever read the books or anything, but loved the show, will be there every Friday to see how Nick handles his new found life.... :)

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