Harry's Law Review: Changes We Believe In

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Thank you, Paul McCrane! In a single episode, the actor restored my faith and enjoyment in Harry’s Law. He directed "Queen of Snark" and also made a brief appearance as Puck, who is now a defense attorney.

Should this have been the season premiere? I can see that argument, considering the information presented here should definitely have been delivered prior to the three-week long opening arc.

I knew the moment I saw Puck that there was hope, and when Kim Mendelsohn (Camryn Manheim) turned up just a short time later, I was fully engaged and excited. That excitement peaked when Tommy walked past Adam. Or, sorry, “bug."

At the Defense Table

Speaking of Tommy, we may have seen a more tender and soft side of him during the murder trial, but he was back to his normal level of sarcasm, wit and third person references this week. When he printed the bill for Adam, after giving him advice on how to be a better lawyer, I had flashbacks to last season when he snapped the picture with Adam and printed it for him to take with him.

Corddry and McDonald have the potential to be this show's version of Laurel and Hardy; they play so well off each other. The latter's ability to deliver the fast one-liners makes you want to love Tommy. And hate Tommy. The former’s prowess, meanwhile, to run off on tangents makes Adam the ideal chocolate mixed with McDonald’s peanut butter.

We also got to see a feisty side of Cassie this week. A lot of us witnessed the potential during the murder trial, so it was quite satisfying when she turned and handed Ollie some candy and hushed him like a child. Then again, she was very subtle with Tommy, so now I'm interested to see where she goes. 

Adam and Harry did great job of discussing the frustrating elephant in the room: all this season's changes. I hadn’t realized how much that simple acknowledgement of the differences would affect my willingness to embrace the new office, new staff and everything else that is a 180 from this spring.

Sadly, one of those changes was the exit of Jenna (Brittany Snow,) who is off to New York to live her dream of working in shoe fashion. On the flip side, we did gain Ollie as a full-time partner, much to Adam’s distress.

Overall, I hope I’m not alone when I say how much I enjoyed this episode. It really felt like we got back enough of what was missing in the last few installment, and it makes me excited for the future of the show. NBC must feel the same way, as it has ordered six additional episodes.

What did you think of this week’s offering? Do you think David E. Kelly and his team have found a balance of the changes?


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I agree with the majority. Bring back the old format!!!! It was unique and original!!!!!


I miss the old format for Harry's Law. Please! I miss the laughter, the characters and the humorous writing style.


Please bring the original charaters back with the that special humor that made Harry's Law worth watching. I looking forward to the funny episodes that made Harry's Law a joy to watch. No! I don't like the new format.


i feel cheated when i tuned in to watch this show i never even saw promos for it. WTH where they thinking i thought i had missed like half the season when i suddenly found it flipping channels. This show has lost direction and is now headed for cancellation and it was the producers fault for not sticking with their guns. For people that say this show is pushing liberal agenda i have one suggestion jump of a bridge! that way you wont have to live in a world where there is freedom of expression also this liberal views you speak of are nothing new to this show in fact they where even more abundant season 1.


Lost me the new season. Just another big office show with high powered attorney. I don't want to see the lesbian bullying garbage, I liked the small town people who couldn't afford attorneys in an urban office. Don't like Tommy Jefferson and Oliver.........sad to see Malcolm and the receptionist leave....now it's another LA Law, Bostol Legal crappy show.


I'm disappointed at the new season as well. It now looks just like Boston Legal, with so many familiar faces from that show.


What happened to Malcolm? I don't like seeing cast members leave who were great characters and essential to the shows success.


I am very disappointed in the changes in this show. I would like to know why David E. Kelley decided to take a unique, interesting, show that not only brought up some key issues in our society today but also had humor, drama and a very interesting dynamic among the characters and change it into just another law show.....blah blah blah. We have enough law shows, cop shows and hospital shows that are all providing a similar venue.....what's wrong with something a little out of the box? And, I am not sure how the story line has explained these changes..... I wont be watching it any more. It competes with 2 other great shows, so I will watch them.


Have to agree with most of the comments so far. I just watched the latest episode and can't believe we have lost another of the original cast. It isn't the same. I will give it a few more weeks and hope that they learn the error of their ways and return to the original format...PLEASE?!


This article makes sense. It nicely explains everything. It brings in the new members nicely. They are going to be a rockin' team! This season is only going to get better. I like it better then season one.

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Harry's Law Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Cassie: There's nothing against the law for accepting a life insurance policy, it's just considered...
Adam: Beyond repugnant [looks at Tommy]
Tommy: BUG!

Adam: Tommy I don't know what to say.
Tommy: Then say good bye.