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With strong delusions of adequacy, "Sins of the Father" offered us the conclusion to the three-episode story of Eric Sanders murder trial.

I so called it on Roseanna Remmick! Not that I should be happy because that means the show has gone into cookie-cutter and predictable mode. 

When she walked in and a defense witness was sitting alone in her office I knew we had taken our final step into the realm of her being insane. What District Attorney is going to interview a defense witness without defense counsel (or some other lawyer) being there? Oh, that's right, the one that wants to witness tamper (sigh).

Korn in Court

On the flipside of the coin from unrealistic, predictable, writing, we have the fine nuances that are needed to write a scene to appropriately use (and explain) gallows humor. As usual, Molina was brilliant, from telling the joke about the tigers to when he was having dinner with Harry in her office the night before he took the stand.

If you didn’t catch Molina explaining it: gallows humor is a type of humor that still manages to be funny in the face of, and in response to, a hopeless situation. You know, much like my reviews of Harry’s Law this season.

Honestly, given the changes, was anyone really surprised with how the trial ended? That after three full episodes dealing with the Eric Sanders case, it ended with a summary dismissal instead of Harry using her charms to convince the jury that Eric was innocent?

Watching Bethany walk out at the end of the episode cinched it for me. I miss witty Harry. I miss energetic Adam. I even miss arrogant Tommy and cute but annoying Jenna. Season One Harry would have never taken this long to figure out who was the real criminal.  

For the record, I don’t need to see anymore scenery of Cincinnati, slow walks with music, or montages of trials in the court room. Come on, Mr. Kelly, I asked you to get off your soapbox about the legal system. Stop recycling old LA Law and Boston Legal ideas.

Given the ratings drop from last year and from the premiere to last week, I’m certainly not alone. I wonder how long NBC is going to ride along with these changes before it pulls the plug on the show.

That being said, because this was the last part of a three-part arc (that started with the new format), I’m trying my best to reserve any lasting judgments until after next week's episode to see how Harry and her team do with a new case.  

Here is hoping that next week brings us back a little of the show we all loved!


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I am in New Zealand, and have watched 2 of the 3-episodes opening Harry's second season. Harry's Law had it's flaws in the first season, but contained an alluring & original charm via it's palpable setting and character development - these set it apart from all the other Kelley law shows. It's become pedestrian and distant, I can't FEEL it any more. I can see Kathy struggling to feel her character any more. I'm going to take it off my watch list.


We're three episodes into the new series here in Australia. And no, it's not the same show as last season, but personally I'm still enjoying it because of the quality of the acting. Kathy Bates is still bringing the qualities that made me interested in watching to begin with.


Harry’s law was a hit and an award winner last season. Now this season the moving the time slot and then the total revamping from a quirky, unique, charming show is a bit confusing. Did someone in power want to torpedo it and make it fail? While the new show may have been successful if it had come out with this script and cast out of the gate. But, the fan base was loyal to the ‘Shoe Store Law Office’ along with each of the original cast and original charm. Very, very confusing. Take a success and trash it?! Someone didn’t like someone! (And the network is needing some successes!)
Don’t get it…perhaps network politics! Maybe another network can pick it up and let it thrive!


I love Kathy Bates. As long as she is on the show I will continue to watch. I think it is good to try different things. I also like the DA. Ms. Smart and Ms. Bates along make for a must see TV.


I absolutely loved the show last season! The new Harry's Law is just like any other law show now. I miss the unique small cases. No longer a fan!


name of the song at the end of this episode


Loved the Kathy/Jean Smart trial. This show really gripped me. Lets hope Kathy meets many more opponents during the upcoming trials. She is a stand alone lawyer...leave J.Smart for other endeavors.


I was glad they added the final scene. I would have not wanted me or anybody else to think a violent murderer had been set free because of a demonic, psycopathic DA. But I am glad to know an innocent man was not convicted because of a perfect set-up.


Sorry, I am not waiting around. Just took this show out of my recording schedule. I struggled through the ridiculous three-show sequence all the way to the mindless ending. Everything that made this show lovable and believable is gone. Now it is one more "big lawyer" story with no creative novelty. Bye, Harry!


I personally liked the changes in this new season as i considered the first season rather tamed and melodramatic. I have to say this 3 part story constantly reminded me of the "Going Home","Pre-Trial Blues" and "Mr Shore Goes To Town" 3-part arc which featured Patrick Dempsey in the final season of The Practice. Alan Shore defended his close friend (Dempsey's character) in a murder case and won, but only after that realized his friend actually did it. Don't mind Kelley pulling something from Practice or BL and certainly don't mind Spader guest starring as opposing council :)

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