Hart of Dixie Review: The Other 1%

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It seems impossible that Hart of Dixie had this in mind when it filmed "Faith and Infidelity," but the episode ended up depicting a stark contrast between Bluebell and Manhattan. Consider:

While thousands Occupy Wall Street in the latter, protesting against the a system that rewards the wealthy 1%, the lesson Zoe learned in Alabama this week was based around a very different 1%, that sliver of hope where cynicism falls prey to optimism.

Lemon and George

Was it a bit saccharine? Absolutely. But that's Bluebell for you. There may be sniping here and STD-based controversies there, and the rumor mill may churn faster than it does in the headquarters of Us Weekly, but the message has been the same every Monday night:

This is a calm, loving place in which to reside. Everyone really does mean well and almost every problem really can be solved over the church pancake breakfast.

In this regard, Hart of Dixie is unlike any show on TV. It's not trying to shock viewers on a weekly basis (every single fan had to know the minister wasn't cheating and Zoe would be proven wrong, right?) with twists or turns or cliffhangers. It's simply dropping us down in a southern town and giving Zoe a medical case of the week to tackle. It lacks the technology of CSI or the occasional gore or Criminal Minds, but at its core, this is a procedural.

And that's mostly refreshing. One doesn't need to think very much when viewing. You can just sit back and enjoy Lavon's positive attitude, George's smile, Zoe's one-liners, Wade's singing voice. You can hope Zoe finally gives in and hooks up with her neighbor, too, while wondering how she resisted last week when he rarely wore a shirt and this week, when we learned he's actually the sensitive son of a drunken father.

Still, I can't help it. I could use some kind of ongoing storyline, some sense of urgency each week, as opposed to yet another episode concluding with Zoe discovering something else about Bluebell she actually loves. It's getting a bit repetitive and predictable.

And, man, Lemon is getting more and more irritating. She shudders at the concept of tapas and big cities and just comes across as close-minded and ignorant. Typically, the stereotype works the other way: northerners scoff at southerners and assume they are all the same. But Lemon continues to prove that both sides can be biased. What if George does want to move back to New York one day, Lemon? Would you not go with him? Maybe it would make you realize that while pancakes on Sunday morning are delicious... so are scrambled eggs at 4 a.m. after a night out.

Perhaps, though, Lemon is more afraid of George leaving her than she is of him leaving Bluebell. In which case, allow me to say: do it, man! You two are nothing alike. You want a wide road to help with transportation; she wants to re-cover a bridge to help her standing in some stuff club whose members wear big hats.

Complaints about Lemon and the similar nature of each episode aside, I do look forward to spending time in Alabama every Monday evening. I just itch for a bit more sometimes. Maybe Lavon can find me a powder for that.


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Lemon is absolutely ridiculous. As someone from Georgia, I can say for sure that no one in the South talks that way. The actresses on this show need to be taught how people in the South actually talk. It's most definitely not like Scarlett O'Hara from the 1800s. I love the show and certain characters, but something has to be done about Lemon.


it reminds me of gilmour girl which i loved and miss very much, and i gotta say team wade aswell, but LOVE lavon hes quite a fitty am i only one who thinks this?

Uncle jackass

@R, I think you hit the nail on the problem with writers and producers concept of romance. For the most part they assume that given no scenes together and dialogue off screen that they can portray an attraction and chemistry to another character. I feel that the scenes between Cassie and Adam on the Secret Circle feel forced; although I do see a bit of chemistry. Wade and Zoe have tons of scenes together and naturally are building quite a bit of chemistry so far. On the other side, Tucker and Lemon are the oddest couple in the world; exactly how did they meet?


Lemon and her friends seem like 'Stepford Wives' to me. 100%. It's silly. She is such a snob and so close minded. What I want to know is how do the writers expect us to believe that George and Zoe have some strong attraction when they hardly ever have interaction? And he pledges his love to Lemon this week. I find it funny that people want Zoe and George, but they hardly ever talk and in my opinion about 0 spark.


I agree with Ash! HoD is a breath of fresh air to the CW (and television in general) Its a show that can be watched by a variety of people. It blends the good elements of Everwood with a sort of private practice vibe and has some good actors.
I like Zoe and George, very well written characters that have a great chemistry and rapport. Lemon can be irritating but her character serves her purpose and if we get multiple seasons of the show then I am sure that we will see her change into someone more agreeable. Its not so predictable as one might assume. It has a bit of intrigue. Lavon clearly has feelings for Lemon who likewise has feelings for Lavon. We need to know how this happens, who things developed, why did she not tell George to stuff it when he came back? There are many unanswered elements that we can look forward to.


I like Wade more and more each week. Team Wade FTW!


Lemon's attire is very much over top.. No one in Bama dresses like that unless they are ''alternative'' or something.Now maybe on Sunday to church with a hat but thats just being fabulous. Yes, lots of pancake b'fats and S'berry festivals and AL/AU football. Their attitudes are stop on though, people in Bama, do believe in the best in people. They do have faith in something( there are a lot more humanist/atheists Democrats in Bama than people realise though) There is usually a town drunk or 2. The beauty shop is a good gossip centre, so is the corner store and half an hour before church. I am sorry but most of Bama is ran on Nuclear power, has extremely high speed internet, the roads into most towns are fairly wide and the heat does make people do crazy things. Frankly, Lemon character would be more than likely come from Georgia ( old money) than Bama (old money). Even in the upper crust of Alabama society no-one behaves like Scarlet O Hara. Are the women tough, yet well mannered ( very much so) will they crawl across broken glass for hospitality ''ABSOLUTELY''. Will those same women eat you alive if you cross the line'' You bet". Of course, my view may be a bit skewed, I spent 5 years in H'ville, Madison, Decatur Alabama.. Working as a contractor and if my spelling hasn't given it away I am British. I loved Alabama so much I had to marry one of their fore breathing, red heads and move her to the big city of London with me. Let me tell you something, they LOVE HER here..


I want zoe and george. I like lemon.


Please find a way to bring back Rose! she was awesome with Zoe and Wade.


Hart of Dixie seems like a breath of fresh air. Rachel Bilson plays Zoe so well, it is funny seeing her tackle being a doctor as she gets awkward around any sign of emotion, like in the church while she was trying to comfort the reverants wife, Lol. I do agree though that something does feel like it is missing. I know they are only 5 episodes in but; Lemon needs to have more to her character, she is way to annoying so its hard to understand/believe someone as relaxed as Lavon is in love with her?
The relationships between Zoe, Lavon and wade are fun to watch i just hope Zoe hooks up with wade and not George tucker, he is so cliche and his relationship with Lemon is also hard to believe, again probably because we dont know why she is the way she is. I also would like to see Zoe relationship with the other characters develop further.
All in all still enjoy watching, look forward to see how she continues to try and fit into Blubell.

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